15+ Fireplace Tile Ideas for a Beautiful Home [AMAZING !!!]

For those who want to transform their living room into something cozier, the following fireplace tile ideas will be the right thing to get. This is how you can bring the best touch to your fireplace by using the inspiration that you find from those ideas below to give you a better look and even more beautiful touch to your living room by having a little change to the fireplace.

The following ideas will provide you with various designs and look that will bring a totally new feel and look to your living room. Although bringing a new idea to make your living room look different only by having a certain addition or changing to your fireplace tile, you need also to consider several things before you bring one or more ideas inspired by the following ideas below.

It important that you know how a certain idea will change your living room significantly. It is also important that you pick the right idea to blend in your current interior design in the living room. You don’t want to bring something that will not match the design you already have in your living room.

Do you have any idea in your mind to bring it to your fireplace? If yes, there are plenty of options of ideas that you can find to be modified as you have your own idea to combine with one or more of these fireplace tile ideas below. This is the key to how to bring the best fireplace tile touch to your fireplace. The following references will tell you more about why and how you will bring the fireplace tile to your house.

Reason to Use Fireplace Tile

Reason To Use Fireplace Tile

When you decide to bring a fireplace tile to your house, you need to clearly understand why it is important. Some of the reasons below will provide you the explanation you need so that you will be sure to pick this idea to your fireplace.

For instance, you might consider a fireplace tile because it will give your living room a beautiful décor. There are also various options for material, color and also styles. Further, tile will also provide you another benefit like it is inflammable so that it will be very safe to choose this material for your fireplace.

Another reason is that it bears extremely hard temperatures generated by the fireplace. When you choose this tile material for the fireplace you will find that it creates the barrier that will make it is even saver to have a fireplace in your house.

How to Choose the Best Tile?

How To Choose The Best Tile

Choosing the best tile for the fireplace is challenging. You will find various specifications including its application, style and also price of each type of tile. This is why you should pick the best to help you get the right touch for the living room interior. since there is no fixed or standard type for tile, you might find it confusing to get all choices.

However, it is not a hard thing that you can’t yourself. You need only to consider these several things below. When you choose the tile, you need only to find the tile that will fit the style you have currently in your living which will meet your budget. It is more important than just choosing the tile with the best material.

Another important thing is to consider where you will put the tile. The position of the tile in the fireplace will help you pick the right style and material. It needs different tiles when you decide to pick the tile for the hearth or surround the fireplace.

Other than those things above, you need to consider the following thing to pick the best tile. You need to consider the right color, the size and also the print of the tile that you will bring to your living room. This is an important part that you need to consider very carefully because it will also lead you to transform the focal point of the room so that it needs to be very careful and thorough.

Fireplace Ideas for You

Fireplace Ideas For You

The following ideas will provide you with several options for fireplace inspirations that will bring your living room into a different room. Find out which one of them will fit your fireplace and living room.

1. Simple Fireplace Tile Ideas

Simple Fireplace Tile Ideas

For this idea of fireplace tile, you will need only a simple thing to your fireplace: simple decorative tile. You can use it for the entire fireplace décor and also the mantle. This is how you will make the fireplace as the focal point in the room while making it look classy. In this idea of fireplace tile, you need to make it simple instead of exaggerating the fireplace detail.

2. Glass Mosaic Fireplaces Tiles

2. Glass Mosaic Fireplaces Tiles

It is said glass mosaic for the fireplace that you need for this idea so you need only this kind of glass tile with mosaic detail for the fireplace. By adding this glass tile, you will bring a calm look into the room. The combination shapes and patterns of the glass tile make it possible to bring this kind of look. You might find it usually as the part of the kitchen and bathroom, but glass tile will also look astonishing for the fireplace

3. Tiles Frame

3. Tiles Frame

You might not even think to bring this kind of idea to your fireplace, but it will work. It is a simple idea that will completely change the look of your fireplace. You need only to bring the tile to as the frame for the fireplace. For this use of the tile, you need to pick the tile which is heat tolerant tiles. However, you can still different kinds of design of the tile to help you.

4. Fireplace Tile Pattern

4. Fireplace Tile Pattern

The pattern of the tile may also be the focal point of the fireplace. Since the pattern is the focus of this idea, you need to pick the right tile with the pattern to be brought to your fireplace. One thing that you can keep in mind is to find the glass mosaic tile that will match the furniture detail in the room. This is how you can pick the best tile with a pattern to your fireplace by using the inspiration of fireplace tile ideas.

5. Ceramic Fireplace Tiles

Ceramic Fireplace Tiles

Another important thing that you should consider for your fireplace is the ceramic tile. The ceramic tile will bring the plain look to the fireplace. The benefit of this tile is the way it will maintain the brick warmth. You can also bring a different kind of color that will be perfect for your budget.

6. Terra-cotta Fireplace Tiles

Terra Cotta Fireplace Tiles

For some people, bringing terra-cotta detail to your fireplace might be uncommon. However, it will bring a modern twist to your living room, the thing that you can’t get in the other idea of fireplace tile. You can get this detail of terra-cotta to bring a different touch that will make your living room look rustic. This is how the complexity of the thickness, formats, and tones of the terra-cotta will make it possible.

7. One Toned Fireplace Tile

One Toned Fireplace Tile

Have you ever thought to bring this kind of idea to your fireplace? You can use this idea together with the same color as the tile. The white tone will be the solution that you can get for your fireplace as you can bring the white color tile as the neutral detail on the fireplace to amplify one-toned touch on the fireplace. This is the best idea for the fireplace with an ornate mantel.

8. Marble Fireplace Tile

Marble Fireplace Tile

Marble tiles will bring a different touch to your fireplace that you can have from those fireplace tile ideas. However, you need to know that this kind of material will give the room a certain touch. It will bring eternity to the design that you bring to the room.

Although it will only a simple touch to your fireplace, this simple touch will bring an elegant, timeless, and luxurious appeal that you can’t have in the other material. This is the uniqueness of marble that comes together with the versatility to bring a significant change to your fireplace.

9. Porcelain Fireplace Tile

Porcelain Fireplace Tile

Porcelain is the material is known for its versatility. People usually choose porcelain as the complement to metal accent, leather furniture and also the stainless-steel kitchen. Yet, you can also have it as the fireplace tile detail. It is a perfect option for any touch you want for the room whether modern or traditional look that you are going to bring to your living room.

10. Herringbone Fireplace Tile Pattern

Herringbone Fireplace Tile Pattern

Another idea that you should consider for your fireplace is the herringbone tile pattern for your fireplace. To bring this idea to your fireplace is easy. You need only to find the tile that will let you get this herringbone pattern. There are tiles with this pattern with heat-tolerant features so that you don’t have to be afraid that will tear off.

11. Traditional Fireplace Tile Ideas

Traditional Fireplace Tile Ideas

The traditional touch with tile on your fireplace can be a great idea that you can apply. You can bring this idea by having a brick-inspired fireplace design that will provide an authentic character to your living room. It will provide you with tradition and warmth in detail.

13. Granite Fireplace Tile Ideas

Granite Fireplace Tile Ideas

Another option of material that you can have among those fireplace tile ideas for your fireplace is granite. This is one of the best materials that you can have for your interior as they will add a natural touch. It is also the material that will generate a modern look. However, it is also possible to get a romantic and rich look by having a certain type of granite such as the red granite.

14. Pebble Fireplace Tile Texture

Pebble Fireplace Tile Texture

What do you think about pebble for your fireplace? It will bring amazing touch to your fireplace by having it applied properly on your fireplace. This detail of pebble will give your fireplace a contrast that will add flair. The other advantages that you can have from pebble material are its durability and heat resistance that will make it the best material for the fireplace, especially for the hearth or mantle area.

15. Mosaic Fireplace Tiles

Mosaic Fireplace Tiles

Another option of tile idea that you can have for the fireplace is the mosaic tile idea that will provide a contemporary look fireplace. This is the way you can make the fireplace the focal point in the living room. Moreover, you can get various options of tile that will bring a different look such as vintage look to your fireplace.

16. Across the Border

Across The Border

Among those fireplace tile ideas, this idea will be a different idea that will combine large and small tiles to bring something different to your fireplace. By using those two different sizes of tiles you can make a border. The smaller tile will create the border of the outside larger tiles. This is how you can make the fireplace look stunning.



There are various fireplace tile ideas above that you can apply to your fireplace. Besides its main function to bring warmth during the winter, the fireplace may be the focal point in your house with essential detail that makes your interior look even more astonishing.

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