40 Most Stylish Home Office Ideas ( Small / Big Space, Design and Decor ) You Should Try

Home Office Ideas – If you work from home, you definitely need a personal sanctuary. Decorate it by yourself will make you find the things that are really comfortable for you. Great home office also helps boost your creativity while you are working at the desk. Here are some home office ideas to crave out.

Artistic Home Office Design

home office ideas

for those of you who have a profession as a writer or designer, this home office is perfect for you. with the all-white nuance coupled with bright knick knacks will make your work more enjoyable and can help look for various inspiration in nature or books.

Colorful Storage

home office ideas

Sometimes, you may get distracted by clutters at your home office. To make it clutter-free, you are strongly recommended to store all your files in the colorful boxes. Then, put them in the shelving units.

 It is better to choose bright colors instead of dark ones. Surprisingly, scientist found that a wide variety of bright hues increases your happiness level. What a nice health benefit!

Versatile Vintage

Contemporary-looking stuffs might bore you. It means you must spice up your home office with vintage things. They are not only unique, but also functional and classy. First of all, you have to buy vintage table in salmon hue.

versatile vintage

It will be used as your office desk. Moreover, shop a beige-colored church pew and outfit it with feather-down Victorian-styled pillows.

Rustic Writing Nook

Your office’s ceiling also must be concerned. Install cedar wood planks on your ceiling. The wooden ceiling surely creates an quiet atmosphere. Plus, it fantastically solves noise issues.

Place small desk and antique chair in the middle of your home office.

rustic writing nook

The combination of wooden ceiling and vintage chair is too fabulous to be true. As a bonus, wood planked-ceiling take your normal ceiling to dramatic height.

Make It Long

make it long

Tiny space is a problem? It is indeed wrong. Despite your home office is relatively small, you can use the lengthy desktop. Go to furniture store and purchase wide computer desk. 

There are 2 advantages of having long desktop. First, you are able to store a lot of your office supplies.

Second, working on multiple projects at the same time becomes easier.


Charming Workspace

charming workspace

A home office can be set up in many areas, including mudroom. To create an awesome workspace, you are suggested to shop pine barstools and table in second-hand store.

Then, put an industrial desk lamp on your pine table. Moreover, stash your documents in punched metal fire sorter. Trust me, your home office will look so amazing.

Room with a View

room with a view

You may be the one who like seeing beautiful view from inside the home office. So, why don’t you decorate your workspace? Replace your windows with glass see through windows.

Place sofa in front of the fireplace. After that, position the pine table and black armless chair behind the sofa. You absolutely won’t get bored anymore.

DIY Workplace

diy workspace

You have various project. However, you find difficulties to memorize them. Luckily, you can make your DIY calendar. It is such an interesting way to remind what you shall do in a month.

Create a calendar by purchasing black-colored chalkboard. The next step is write down your weekly agendas on paper tags and make wooden letters.

Bright Red

bright red

Red is usually used to represent the characters of passionate, energetic and courageous. That’s why you have to bring red-colored stuffs to your lovely workplace.

I recommend you to install red wall-mounted desk and place an antique red soda fridge. It will successfully adds a pop of color to your own office.

Smooth Sailing

small home office ideas

Do you have a love for sailing? Go for this idea, then. First of all, you must put old nautical lamp on your desk. Moreover, hang up your favorite racing pennants on the wall.

To bring another element of sailing, use metal pegs to hang up hats from several world sailing clubs. So fantastic!

Rustic Workplace

rustic workspace

This idea seems to regain its popularity these days. Sure, you could turn your home office into rustic-styled one. When you go to the antique shop, you must purchase vintage typewriter and puzzled map.

Then, place pine table and low wooden stool in the corner of your workplace. It is gonna be super chic for sure.

Clean and Simple

small home office ideas

Small home office room? No problem. By implementing this idea, your tiny workspace will always be clean. For the desk, it is made of an unused door and salvaged pipes.

Decorate your floor with blueprints and build glass boxes in the wall. The glass boxes helps frame the blueprints. What a unique wall decor!

Sitting Pretty

sitting pretty

Your office chair shall not be ordinary. Because there are plenty of elegant chair to beautify your home office. For instance, a grand high back chair works best as office chair.

The function of high back chair is to give luxury vibes to your workspace. Guaranteedly, you feel so cozy when you are sitting on this chair. Say goodbye to backside hurts!


Antique Decor

Antique Decor

Although you live in modern home, it does not necessarily mean your home office must be contemporary too. Add the antique nuances to your favorite sanctuary by buying rolltop desk.

Do not hesitate to feature it with your hand-sewn bunny. The other handmade cotton toys like blanket and bib work as well.

Oversize Desk

oversize desk home office

Of course, you enjoy working when you have an oversize dining table as the desk. Because you are able to put many things on it such as your laptop, smartphone, desk lamp, book, document and a cup of coffee.

If your home office’s level is pretty low, shop an oversize desk soon. Outfit it with rolling office chair.

Studio Office

studio office

This is incredibly excellent. Mini studio and home office at the same. Create your own desk by topping 2 same size desks with the custom box. A wider office desk is done.

Certainly, you get the extra space to store your important files. After that, place floor lamps near your customised desk.

White Workstation

white workstation

Whether you are a claustrophobic or not, it is seriously worth trying. Paint the wall and built-in ledge in white color. Shop white-colored sofas, shelves and table as well.

This idea transforms your small space into visually larger home office. As the effect, you can constantly feel comfortable.

Smart Use of Space


Not everyone is having spacious home. However, it should not stop you from being creative thinker. A guest room wonderfully performs as your workstation as well.

The curtains, chalkboard-painted wall and kilim rug become good delineators. Furthermore, place a light office desk and metal net chair. That’s all.

Stairway Landing

stairway landing

The space under stairway tends to be overlooked. It is such real treasure for setting up home office if your space is not roomy. Despite its size, the final result impresses you.

First step is furnish your stairway area with simple desk, metal net chair, working desk lamp and triennale ceiling light. Your home office undoubtedly looks very inviting.

Whimsical Writing Room

whimsical writing room

There is nothing more playful than this workspace. Fortunately, it can be easily done by yourself. Install a wooden swing on your office’s ceiling. Be sure you use strong swing ropes.

Feature the swing with pastoral-styled oil painting. These 2 things give warm touches to your white office. Wanna take a short break? Just sit on the swing and enjoy your playtimes.

An Artistic Space

an artistic space

To create an ecletic home office, position the ebony desk in the corner of the room. Then, place leopard print accent chair and minimalist floor lamp near the desk.

For decoration, you can hang up monochromatic photo and African feather headdress on the wall. At the end of the day, you will get marveled with your artistic workspace. It is seriously worth the effort.

A Pop of Color

a pop of color

You may get bored with your home office, it means the time to bring new color especially if yours is all-white. For example, you can install or paint the desktop in vibrant color.

Blue is the best one due to its benefit. According to the research, blue enhances your focus and makes you more relaxed.

Office Nook

small home office ideas

Definitely, you can create a functional workspace in your kitchen. Use built-in space off in cooking area to position a desk, chair and small storage cabinet. Purchase those fixtures in black and white colors.

For the desktop, do not hesitate to pick citrus-hued ceramics because it adds a pop of color to your home office. It truly saves a lot of spaces.

White and Bright

white and bright

No matter the size of your home office, choosing white and bright-colored furnitures is indeed clever. For walls, you are urged to paint them in white color.

By incorporating white throughout your home office, it seems to be much larger than its actual size. Moreover, it looks sunny and airy which is good for your working environment.

Refined Living

refined living

You can magically turn your office into glamorous one. First, place gold metal desk with mirror-top in the middle of the room. To emphasize its upscale style, feature it with a transparent chair.

For furnishing, you are recommended to purchase a white shag rug, gold deer head, and a white feather down pillow. These are so enchanting!

The Focal Point

home office ideas and space

Minimalist workplace is not a big problem, as long as you add distinctive element to it. Hang the accent wallpaper above your desktop. The color of the wallpaper depends on your personal preference.

You will get 2 real benefits by using wallpaper. The home office looks more lively and gorgeous than before. Plus, it is a wallet-friendly idea.

Renovated Texas Cottage

Renovated Texas Cottage

Do you like simple things in the world? I bet you will love to give this idea a try. Place a little table between two windows covered in white curtains. Position a small white metal chair in front of the table.

Your home office is gonna be perfect if you furnish it with wire mesh display grid and vintage typewriter. It ends up in maximal style.

Old Favorites

old favorites

Old is gold. This is the reason why you do not need to hesitate purchase old-fashioned furnitures. Go to an antique store, then buy a pine table and wooden Jasper chair.

To make it more visually appealing, install pendant light on the ceiling. For old-looking walls, paint them in Portabello color.

Fine Antiques

fine antiques

If you own a farmhouse, it will be much nicer to set up antique-themed work sanctuary. First of all, place a vintage roll top desk with additional top drawers.

Let antique vase and taxidermied pheasant sit on the desktop. Furthermore, attach the clip-on brass lamp on your desk. These are remarkably stunning.

Pretty Patterns

pretty patterns

When your workstation is filled with neutral-colored furnitures. You have to go an extra mile by incorporating colorful items to your home office. So, it does not look boring anymore.

Hang bright patterned drapes under the ceiling. In addition, you can place the vibrant rug on the floor. Working time is going to be more interesting for sure.


home office ideas

You may hesitate to add quirky accessories to your workplace before. This idea will turn your workplace into the extremely unique one. Best of all, it is  still budget-friendly.

Place white desk and leather office chair in the corner of home office. To make it more stunning, decorate the wall with oversized paper flowers in various colors. Trust me, you won’t be stressing out about your work.

Coordinated Metals

small home office ideas

Use metallic accent color is such smart way to transform your area into upscale and tribal-looking home office. First thing first, decorate your office with mettalic gold arrows and artwork.

Pick metallic clip-on lamp and sit it on the desk. Plus, do not forget to paint your walls in charcoal color because it fits perfectly with the accent.

Be Bold

small home office ideas


When it comes to workspace’s color, people always choose neutral colors because they are “safe”. You must not follow this rule if you want to add cheerful vibes to your workstation.

Get this idea started, by using floral wallpapers, luxe draperies and vivid hues in your workspace. I guarantee that it would be strikingly beautiful.

Whimsical Study Space

Whimsical Study Space

You can not focus on what you learn without having cool studying area. Before adopting this inspiration to your space, be sure you have prepared long high desk, family heirloom and some swivel high chairs.

If you want to give strong whimsical statement, install the industrial light bulbs and vintage ceiling light. Moreover, vintage typewriter and clip-on desk lamp should be incorporated into your studying area as well.

Living Room Office Area

living roomm office area

Tiny space? Sure, it does not matter at all. Because you are still able to set up the office in your own living room. Place marble-top desk in the another corner of living room.

Then, outfit the desk with hickory chair. As the result, your workspace looks larger when living room is unused. It is also such space-saving idea and worth trying.

Attic Office

attice home office

Recently, you can tuck your home office into playing arena. It is really helpful when the jobs bore you. First step to do is paint your wooden walls and ceiling in white color.

After that, showcase all your vintage collection such as old mailboxes, antique office supplies and dollhouses. This workstation will help you take a break in super fun way. Of course, you feel its unique and playful atmosphere. As the effect, this area keeps you enthusiastic throughout the day.

Black and White

black and white

Still undecided about your home office’s colors? Go for black and white. Start your DIY project by displaying photos with binder clips and pushpins. After that, place black-colored desk and chair.

Keep it simple, by using white color throughout the workspace. Choosing black and white theme never goes wrong. Because it is versatile and pleasantly creates an old style. Plus, your home office will look visually cohesive and harmonious.

Dual Functionality

dual functionality

As small home owner, you get confused about your home office’s location. Do not worry! Tuck your closet into an awesome workstation. First of all, pick an adjustable seat.

When you do not use the chair, slide it under your desk. Make sure your desk is narrow, so it is easy to stash in closet. For the desktop, choose melamine one. So clever!

Handmade Approach

handmade approach home office

If you have a hobby doing handmade projects, this idea is highly recommended. Make your own desk and bookcases. The sizes depends on your needs.

To make the white rug more attractive, you can paint it in lovely floral design. The handmade touches are not only unique, but also timeless. Although handmade project is quite time-consuming, it is surely satisfying.

Thrifty Office

Thrifty Office

Set up your workplace using stuffs from thrift stores is so exciting. Make sure you have bought antique pine table, cowhide rug, vintage typewriter, low stool and chrome lamp before.

To bring thrifty vibes to your home office, you need to paint your wall in black chalkboard color. When you are on budget, this idea is a must.

Simple Sophistication

small home office ideas

Unused second-floor landing area? Set up this home office is a way to go. Place customised desk under third stairway. Outfit the desk with black gooseneck lamp.

How about the chair? Thonet chair is the best companion. Moreover, put some photos on your desk as decors. By doing this idea, your stairway landing can be used efficiently.

In conclusion, horses for courses. So, choose the idea which you adore the most. Hopefully, those home office ideas inspire you to create your dream workspace.

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