53+ Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Beginner Guides

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Even though you are not good at cooking, but kitchen cabinet is one of the most important part of the house. The place is where you make delicious food, eat together with family, and also talk to each other. For these reasons, kitchen should look nice, comfortable, and cozy.

Cabinets and closets become the focal point of a kitchen design and also how well you organized your kitchen. Designing a good cabinet and closet is undoubtedly an important investment to make.

The kitchen design does not have to be the trendiest or the most up-to date, but it should fit the characteristic of the house. If it is possible, find a kitchen design that will always look fresh and last for years. Here are eight most recent kitchen closet and cabinet ideas.


Kitchen cabinet ideas and inspiration

Colored kitchen cabinets

Colored Kitchen Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to get a new and fresh look of old kitchen is to apply new color. You can hire people to do the color change but you can also work yourself to save more money. For contemporary kitchen, you can use darker shade of wood tones for a classic look. However, you can also use neutral colors for a modern and classy look such as:

  • Grey – grey becomes more and more popular these days. The color gives the modern living environment vibes with touch of industrial elements. But if you worry that grey can sometimes get boring, you can always add combine it with other colors.
  • Blue – this color has various influences on the kitchen. Even though it is the same blue, but different finishing gives different impression. It should not be a big problem especially if the color fits with the house décor.
  • White – white is a long lasting color option for kitchen. The color does not get old easily and it perfectly fits most home styles. However, it is always a challenge to find a good surprise of white. You can always play with your creativity such as choose high gloss white or combine sterile white and warm wood décor.
  • Black – besides white, black is also an ageless color option for kitchen. Dark shade is great especially if you have large kitchen as it will creates glamorous and dramatic look. If you have structure-rich kitchen and cabinet, it is better to go with high-gloss color. But if the kitchen cabinet features flat doors, dark matt paint will make it look better.

Unique kitchen cupboards

Unique Kitchen Cupboards

Everyone wants a distinctive look for the kitchen. If you are up to the same purpose, timber should be the best option. Timber cabinet gives fresh look and for the best finish, try to look for timber with actual striped grain. The grain stipe improves the appearance and the overall visual for the kitchen cabinetry.

Glossy kitchen cupboards

Glossy Kitchen Cupboards

High gloss adds elegance to the kitchen and cabinetry. You can choose any color that you like and then add gloss to finish the look. The glossy look makes it easier to clean the kitchen and keep it tidy. You can simply use wet soft dust cloth to clean and enhance the color at the same time. Plus, the reflective surface area helps lighten up the tones of the cooking area.

Two-tone kitchen closets

Two Tone Kitchen Closets

The two-tone kitchen format is the most common option in mot household. The combination of two color allows you to highlight or hide certain areas. Choose one shade for the lower closets and different color for the top cupboards for a fresh and complementary looks.

If cannot decide the right color combination, it is always a better idea to go with darker and deeper shade for lower cabinet and brighter tone from the same shade for the top cabinet. Instead of combining two different shades, it is always better to go with real two-tone to match with the closet color. Be careful not to go with too much color for the same kitchen as it will make it looks too active.

Modern rustic kitchen cabinets

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic and classic styles always give the inviting feel to any kitchen. It does not have to be a countryside house, but you can also pull the modern rustic look in city housing as well. For this look, try your best to find rustic cooking cabinets and cupboards with high-design ideas. The design of modern rustic cabinet combines with the recent modern and up to date kitchen appliances produces a welcoming, warm, and modern-day kitchen area.

Whitewashed wood cooking cabinets

Whitewashed Wood Cooking Cabinets

Whitewashed wood has been a popular kitchen design in top Europe kitchen design for many years. The whitewashed wood look gives a bright impression to the kitchen without adding any paint. Plus, the natural wood grain design makes the design speak itself.

Drifting kitchen cabinets

Drifting Kitchen Cabinets

The drifting cabinet style makes a memorable yet simple kitchen design. When the design is used for the lower cabinet, it showcases the flooring. The design also creates ergonomic and functional appearance considering that lower space storage is hardly used for those who have back issues. Plus, the proper lighting will also highlight the drifting cabinets and gives modern sense.

Bamboo kitchen closets

Bamboo Kitchen Closets

In the last few years, bamboo has become a popular material for kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Compared to other wood options, bamboo is considered more environmentally friendly as it does not involve in deforestation. For kitchen design, bamboo cabinets come in two styles which are Shaker-style and slab-door.

More Kitchen Cabinet Style Ideas

Kitchen decorating is indeed a daunting task because it does not only a matter of making a beautiful but also a functional kitchen. Everything in the kitchen should function nicely. However, having a kitchen and cabinet decoration is always a great idea to make the space even nicer. Speaking of kitchen design, cabinet and cupboard are indispensable part regardless the type of model and design that you choose.

Kitchen cabinet design includes the model and also the material as well as coating that you use to complete the look. Renovating kitchen area means that you have to pay attention to the cabinet design as a whole part. There are lots of factor to consider when preparing for cupboard and cabinet renovation. The flooring, position, color, material, finishing, and such thing should be included into consideration. Here are some cabinet and cupboard design ideas to help you get the best inspiration.

Retro Kitchen Cabinets

Retro Kitchen Cabinets

Retro design never ends. You can adapt the retro kitchen look with the right cabinet and color options. You can choose a black or dark colored cabinet for both lower and top cabinet. Combine the dark tone cabinet with blue patterned backsplash. To top it off, you can add red lampshade, red stool, and other red accessories. Do not forget to apply the same shade of blue for the table to perfect the retro kitchen look.

Color Kitchen Cabinets and finishes

Color Kitchen Cabinets And Finishes

As aforementioned above, different finishing gives different impression even from the same tone. If you want to have a sleek and tidy look, choose bright color and glossy finish for the cabinet. The glossy look reflects the light which then creates bright atmosphere.

Painted Kitchen cabinet

Painted Kitchen Cabinet

Painted cabinet will never get old even though there are other modern options available. The painted cabinet gives a simple look for the kitchen. You can simply change the color of the pain whenever you get bored with the old color.

Pastel blue kitchen cabinets

Pastel Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Paster blue is a good alternative for repainting kitchen cabinet. The soft pastel color gives bright impression for the kitchen. You can combine the color with white, tile-pattern backsplash for a brighter look of the kitchen.

Black and white kitchen cabinet

Black And White Kitchen Cabinet

If you do not want to interfere with too much color or brighter color, you can always go with the classic black and white. The combination of black and white creates a trendy and modern look of the kitchen. You can use the black color for the cabinet and white for the counter and backsplach. The white color will shine bright as a contrast to the black cabinet and creates wide illusion. To top it off, use dark color flooring to match it with the lower cabinet.

Glass-door kitchen cabinet

Glass Door Kitchen Cabinet

If dark colored cabinet seems too much for you, glass-door cabinet design should be a good option. The glass-door cabinet allows you to see the inside of the cabinet. Unless, you are a super tidy person, it is better to avoid the see-through cabinet design because it will showcase everything inside it. Chance is, everybody will know if you rarely tidy up the cabinet thanks to the glass door feature.

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Another option for kitchen cabinet is an open display cabinet. In this design, your plates and cup collection will be displayed in the top cabinet. You can use brighter color for the upper cabinet and wood style for the lower cabinet.

Contemporary kitchen cabinet

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet

Contemporary kitchen cabinet is a good option if you love a modern and minimalist look. The cabinet does not include intricate pattern for both the surface and handle. Plus, the color choice for the cabinet varies from earthy tone such as brown to neutral tone such as white.

Bright yellow kitchen cabinet

Bright Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

Yellow kitchen cabinet gives the bright impression for the kitchen. It makes the kitchen looks large and alive with one color. You can match it with white or softer yellow tone for a nice combination.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet gives the sleek and professional looking kitchen. This kind of cabinetry is very easy to clean. Stainless steel material is also very sturdy and can lasts for years.

Red kitchen cabinet

Red Kitchen Cabinet

Red cabinet may not be people’s most-favorite option, but the color creates instant joy to the house. Choose bright red tone with matte finish to make it looks nice. You can also combine it with other neutral shade such as grey or white to balance the color.  

Green Kitchen cabinet

Green Kitchen Cabinet

Green is the calm color that you can use for the kitchen. Instead of using neon green hue, it is better to choose soft green. The green cabinet is a perfect combination with wood pattern flooring and black ceramic table and counter.

Orange and Grey kitchen cabinet

Orange And Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Who said that orange cannot be used for cabinetry? As long as you pair orange with other color such as grey, it can instantly brighten the kitchen. The combination of orange for the upper cabinet and grey for the rest creates a balance in the kitchen.  

Country style kitchen cabinet

Country Style Kitchen Cabinet

If you are thinking of remodelling the kitchen, do not directly discard the cabinetry. You can turn the old cabinetry into country style kitchen. You can recycle the old cabinetry into an open shelves cabinet style.

Kitchen cabinet designer photo

Kitchen Cabinet Designer Photo

If you do not want to play too much with color and pattern, you can simply choose the cabinet designer style. Use white for the majority of the cabinet and use pastel blue to balance the color.

French country cabinets

French Country Cabinets

French style country cabinet is still the favourite in most household. The high cabinet style is combined with cream shade to give the clean and sleek impression.

Dark wood kitchen cabinet with pattern backsplah

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet With Pattern Backsplah

Wood shade will never go out of style and if you want different style of wood cabinetry, you can go with dark wood. The dark wood cabinetry gives the exclusive and high class look. You can combine it with orange pattern tile for the backsplash to balance the dark color of the wood.

Cherry kitchen cabinet

Cherry Kitchen Cabinet

The cherry kitchen cabinet is another good option to wood-style cabinetry. This design is a nice choice if you do not want the dark shade of wood. The brown shade with wood grain pattern for the cabinet makes the kitchen look beautiful. You can also combine it with wood pattern flooring to make the complete the cherry design kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet design ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

If you want a luxurious and glamorous kitchen design, you can go with all chrome or stainless steel cabinetry. The entire cabinet is made of chrome or stainless steel to create the sleek and luxurious look. Complete the look with the same tone for counter and flooring.

Pastel painted kitchen cabinets

Pastel Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Pastel painted color is a good choice to create a calm kitchen area. Use cream color paint for the cabinetry and combine it with darker color for the counter, flooring, and stovetop.

Kitchen cabinet refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you want to change the look of the kitchen, you can shift the placement of the cabinet. Choose a big window to face the cabinet and let the natural light comes in. The combination of natural light and wood cabinetry creates a fresh and healthy kitchen.

Kitchen pantry ideas

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

If you want a different style of cabinetry, the open pantry style is a great choice. The open pantry style allows you to showcase the spices collection. Put the spices collection in uniform bottles, gives the name of each spices, and showcase it. This open pantry ideas will impress your guests.

Two-toned kitchen cabinet

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet

Two toned cabinet is a good option for small kitchen. With color combination, you can create a wider impression for the kitchen. For example you can use white for the upper cabinet and dark grey for the lower cabinet. Depends on the color, the two tone cabinet can create certain impression for the kitchen.

Custom kitchen cabinet

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

There is no better way to have a unique kitchen besides custom cabinet. Self-customizing kitchen cabinet allows you to have a unique kitchen design. You can also customize the cabinet to fit the shape of the kitchen.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet

Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinet

If you do not want to completely customize the cabinet, semi-custom kitchen cabinet can be a great option. You can choose the glass door for the open cabinet and regular cabinet for the lower part.

Tall kitchen cabinet

Tall Kitchen Cabinet

If you have small kitchen and want to make it look wider, choose the tall kitchen cabinet style. The tall and slim cabinet design with glossy finish creates the illusion of wider kitchen.

Contemporary bamboo cabinetary and kitchen

Contemporary Bamboo Cabinetary And Kitchen

Bamboo cabinetry will never go out of date. You can combine the bamboo cabinet with contemporary stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Craftsman style cabinet

Craftsman Style Cabinet

The craftsman style cabinet gives the high class look for the kitchen. The combination of varnished wood cabinet and black marble countertop creates a good balance for the kitchen.  

Cottage style cabinet

Cottage Style Cabinet

Cottage style cabinet combines the patterned cabinet and pastel color. Both combination creats a beautiful kitchen view.

Mid-century modern cabinet

Mid Century Modern Cabinet

Mid-century cabinet will never go out of date. Combine the mid-century design with the modern touch and you will get a beautiful kitchen area.

Khaki backsplash contemporary kitchen

Khaki Backsplash Contemporary Kitchen

Khaki color creates a calming ambiance to the kitchen. You can combine the color with contemporary cabinet design and the similar tone for the flooring.

French-country kitchen style

French Country Kitchen Style

French kitchen style features pattered cabinet and curtains. Instead of using upper cabinet, it uses a tall cupboard with glass and curtain for the door.

Classic kitchen cabinet

Classic Kitchen Cabinet

Classic design always wins, including the classic kitchen cabinet. The classic kitchen cabinet features glass door cupboard and round table in the centre of the kitchen.

Green tile backsplash kitchen

Green Tile Backsplash Kitchen

If you want to add color to the kitchen but do not want to go bold, you can use green tile for the backsplash. Use a cream colored cabinet to combine with the green tile backsplash.

Kitchen wall cabinets

Kitchen Wall Cabinets

If you do not want to play much with the color, you can focus on the kitchen cabinet. To get a full function of the cabinet, you can use the wall cabinet style with small compartment inside.

Modern Grey Bamboo kitchen ideas

Modern Grey Bamboo Kitchen Ideas

Grey bamboo is another good option for a modern-look kitchen cabinet. Combine the grey bamboo with contrast color flooring to create the focal point.

Modern white kitchen cabinets

Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

White is a versatile color for cabinet. You can combine white with modern kitchen cabinet to create a sleek and clean look.

Replacement kitchen cabinet

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet

The old style of wooden cabinet is a great design for most houses. You can combine the design with modern kitchen appliances and create a beautiful look.

Open kitchen cabinet

Open Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinet does not always need door. The open-style cabinet is a good option to showcase your collection of plates and cups.

Outdoor kitchen cabinet

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Outdoor kitchen cabinet usually works great with tiles backsplash and wooden cabinet.

Oak kitchen cabinet

Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Oak cabinet creates a clean and dynamic look for the kitchen. You can combine the beautiful oak cabinet with dark colored countertop to create focal point.

Mission style kitchen cabinet

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinet

The mission style cabinet features all wooden cabinet and the same tone countertop.

Stock cabinet and contemporary kitchen

Stock Cabinet And Contemporary Kitchen

The stock cabinet combines wooden cabinet and big windowsill.

New kitchen cabinet

New Kitchen Cabinet

The new kitchen cabinet style is suitable if you have small kitchen. It combines wooden cabinet, pattern tile backsplash, and contrast color flooring.

Distressed kitchen cabinet

Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

Distressed kitchen cabinet features lots of intricate pattern for the cabinet and counter top.

Frosted glass cabinet

Frosted Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinet is always a good thing to create the illusion of bright and clean kitchen.

Pine wood kitchen cabinet

Pine Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Pine wood is a good option for kitchen cabinet. The brown wood color gives a good combination to grey marble countertop.

Rustic kitchen cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

The rustic kitchen cabinet allows you to have raw finished cabinet. It gives a shabby chic impression.

White shaker cabinet

White Shaker Cabinet

White is never a bad choice for cabinet. It gives a clean and calm look on the kitchen.

Brown tone with unfinished cabinet

Brown Tone With Unfinished Cabinet

This is another rustic cabinet idea, but with darker shade of brown. The unfinished wood cabinet becomes the focal point in the kitchen.

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