Best 35+ Kitchen Flooring Ideas & Pictures For Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen Flooring Ideas – Homeowners need to choose the perfect kitchen flooring ideas for their kitchen in order to set the right mood for cooking. It has been said over and over by many experts in home designing, that a kitchen is the heart of a house.

It’s said so because the kitchen is the busiest room in a house. It becomes very active for people who are looking for food or drink to enjoy. It’s also become the most active room in a house where there are some important activities happen in the kitchen.

So, it’s crucial to take care of your kitchen design to make it comfortable and supportive to the related activities. You can keep it updated and improved for handling the right mood for anyone who is around.

There are some important elements of kitchen you need to manage well. They are kitchen cabinet, kitchen islands, kitchen counter, kitchen floor, etc. This time, let’s focus on the kitchen floor. Kitchen floor design would really give a lot of impact on the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Well, you may need to pay attention to the kitchen floor design. There are some kitchen flooring ideas you can explore in this article. I believe you will be inspired by some of them in order to make your kitchen great again.

Types of Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Here are some of the most used types of kitchen flooring you can choose based on the design and style of your kitchen:

– Concrete

– Stone

– Rubber Flooring

– Timber Laminate

– Plastic

– Tile

Some designer chooses to have different approaches to the kitchen flooring ideas. They choose to have it ergonomic with these alternative options. They are bamboo, cork, plastic, timber, rug ceramic, and wood laminate.

The kitchen flooring ideas that are provided on this page would cover all types of flooring. So, here they are:

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Let’s take a look at the products offered for your kitchen flooring ideas (in alphabetical order) and also evaluate their pros and cons.

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring
bamboo kitchen flooring ideas

Instead of wood, try this alternative option of wood. Bamboo is an amazing kitchen flooring product. This is perfect for you who want your house to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo flooring is such a clever option.

The material might no be easy to get and quite expensive, but it’s worth it. Besides of its friendliness to the environment, bamboo also has a better toughness compared to other natural products on the market.

Choosing a bamboo flooring for your kitchen is a smart move you’ll have in designing your kitchen. You have to consider the brand of your choosing in purchasing the bamboo flooring. Make sure it has the longest service warranty feasible.

Because some bamboo could be dented easily, you have to be careful in choosing the bamboo. I suggest you need to get the bamboo flooring from trusted brand or store.

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpet Kitchen Floor Ideas
carpet kitchen flooring ideas

Most homeowners might avoid using carpet in the kitchen. Some designers also don’t recommend carpet or rugs to be used on the kitchen floor. It has been told so because there will be a problem with cleaning and maintenance of the carpet.

Hang on to that thought. There’s actually a solution to that problem. If you want to have the impression of carpet or rug in your kitchen, you can choose to have this rug ceramic tile. It’s designed by Flor.

It’s not made of a fabric or actual rug, it’s made of ceramic. You know what makes it more interesting? This rug ceramic tile is replaceable. You can clean it at another place by removing all of the ceramic.

While you cleaning the ceramic, you can replace it with extra ceramic tiles you’ve already prepared. So, it’s important to have an extra box of this ceramic tiles. This flooring has modern-day shades and textures that would support the artistic atmosphere in the kitchen.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

The concrete kitchen flooring is not the same as the stones or rocks kitchen flooring. A concrete kitchen can be made up based on the design but rocks or stones is more natural. The contemporary appearance is what interest people to have this in their kitchen.

What can be frustrating about this flooring is its color tone. It’s only got one color tone that sometimes difficult to match with other colors. The safest way is to combine it with basic colors like white black and brown. It can’t go more colorful than that, I guess.

Some finishes might be pretty helpful to give the concrete the personalized appearance. You can mark it by tarnishing, stenciling, waxing, and polishing. If you love the concrete flooring, you can consider having it installed in your kitchen.

For the record, this type of flooring is not recommended for a house that is located in chillier climate. But, you can add a radiant floor home in order to heat the floor up but it would cost more of your money.

Cork kitchen Flooring

Cork Kitchen Flooring

This kitchen flooring has a unique structure and cushioned feeling for the underfoot. It’s a good option for kitchen flooring because of its attractive structure. It’s an all-natural insulator that against the noise and temperature level.

It will always be clean because it has an anti-microbial feature that comes from the ceraceous material inside the cork. This material will ward off pests and bugs. This cork ceramic tile is also a nice option for the DIY project if you want to save your budget.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

This clean and white kitchen is having a laminate wood kitchen flooring. The laminate flooring looks stunning with all white concept. The shiny look of it makes the kitchen feel more comfortable than ever. As you can see, the lighting reflection on the floor creates its own impression of great kitchen design.

People like to have laminate wood kitchen flooring for their kitchen because of its ergonomic characteristic. This flooring is also cost-effective and long-lasting. A lot of misuses can be withstood by the leading layer.

The padding below can be excluded if you want, but you will throw away its soft, ergonomic feels. This kind of wood flooring is easy to install and available in various styles. For your modern-look kitchen, laminate wood kitchen flooring is the recommended option.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring

Rubber Kitchen Flooring

Originally, a rubber flooring is not designed for a kitchen. It’s perfect flooring for garage or warehouse. Well, since the kitchen is a very busy room, there’s nothing wrong with having rubber flooring.

Rubber is actually quite comparable with cork, but rubber has a wider range of colors and designs. You can easily set the rubber down on your kitchen floor. The adhesive-free material and high-grip homes make the installation a lot easier.

It’s mostly used as a short-term flooring upgrade in an apartment or condominium. The non-slip surface is a great feature of this kitchen floor. The material is durable, making it ideal for many activities in the kitchen.

What makes this rubber is better than the other is its darker colors. It helps you hide the oil discolorations better than any other flooring. For you who’s not okay with the smell of fresh rubber, this rubber flooring will be uncomfortable for you.

Stone Kitchen Flooring

Stone Kitchen Flooring Ideas

There are a lot of stones design that can be ready to make your kitchen flooring outstanding. Choosing stone pattern as the kitchen flooring would turn your kitchen to be an earthy kitchen. Your kitchen will be really close to nature.

It’s a great feeling to have the nature really close to your way. It’s a perfect flooring for a house that is located in hotter areas. If it’s installed in cool areas, you need to include the sub-floor radiant heat for heating the floors up in the winter.

I personally don’t recommend to have stone floors in a cool area of living. Before the stones are expertly installed, you have to choose the stones yourself or let the designer choose it for you. Make sure the all stones are in the similar texture and colors. You don’t wanna get the stones differ dramatically, right?

Wirebrushed Wood (& Wood-Look) Kitchen Flooring

This flooring would provide a weathered wire-brushed look to your kitchen. This concept of kitchen flooring will add character to the kitchen without even looking unfinished. With this flooring material, the dirk will be hidden really well. There’s no need to clean your floor every time.

This is very popular in the recent years in a world of textured flooring. The imperfections and character of wire brushed floors are pretty. It becomes one of the reasons people choose this for their phenomenal kitchen.


Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Looking for a budget-friendly kitchen flooring? this might be a good option for your kitchen. Vinyl kitchen flooring is quite friendly to your budget. By applying this kitchen flooring design, you can save some of your money for anything else.

Vinyl kitchen flooring is also one of the most waterproof options for the flooring. Unlike floor tiles which are easy to install, this vinyl floor needs to be installed by a specialist. Why? Installing it need some advanced equipment, tools, and skills. So, this is not gonna be a DIY project.

Check out the vinyl kitchen floor in the photo. It has a wood-look design that gorgeously shines up the room. It makes the ordinary kitchen to be way better. It’s not gonna be the same kitchen anymore. It tends to be installed in a shower, so the ability to waterproof is no doubt.

Wood Kitchen Flooring

Wood Kitchen Flooring

It’s not a laminate wood or just a wood-look vinyl. It’s an actual wood. The floor is actually made of actual woods. It’s one of the most kitchen flooring idea that people used in their kitchen. People trust this flooring because of its simplicity.

It’s pretty much like the coziest floor design for some people. The textured pattern of the wood would be based on the grain and age of the wood. In order to make it suited for a kitchen, a wood flooring need to have special treatment.

The wood flooring for the kitchen should be added with an additional layer of coating. It’s done to keep the timber well-sealed. People love to have this kind of flooring idea because of its eye-catching, and resilient look.

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum’s current appeal is primarily as a result of its charm as a green flooring choice. Linoleum is considered eco-friendly since it’s made from 100% natural materials as well as does not deplete forests. It’s made mainly of linseed oil, rosins as well as wood flour. Due to the fact that linoleum is made up of all-natural products, it creates no adverse wellness concerns throughout production, setup, use or disposal. The antiseptic residential properties of natural linoleum stop bacteria from increasing, so you frequently see all-natural linoleum floorings in numerous hospitals.

Dark Walnut Floors

Dark Walnut Floors

Wide-plank walnut floors tarnished chocolate brown bridge the design gap between traditional and modern in this large kitchen. A word of care: Walnut is softer compared to other wood flooring and also more conveniently damaged by high heels as well as dropped meals. A satin polyurethane coating provides the flooring an abundant, refined shine as well as assists downplay any denting.

Slate’s Classic Look Holds Up

Slate's Classic Look Holds Up

A popular flooring choice for heavy-traffic locations, slate has a thick, smooth structure that makes it resilient, moisture-resistant, as well as impervious to the majority of spots. These house owners chose slate tiles for the kitchen’s heated floor since they radiate warmth efficiently. They additionally need little treatment and suit both vintage and also contemporary designs.

Go Rustic with Travertine

A travertine floor was the inspiration for the rustic interior design of this kitchen remodel. The tumbled surface is one of 4 alternatives offered for travertine (the others are polished, sharpened, and also brushed). Toppled travertine appears like old rock pavers, however in this kitchen the floor is heated by induction heat for contemporary convenience.



Update your existing floors with a whitewash surface as well as stencil pattern. Making use of a pattern on the floor includes a special home flair– as well as conceals most of the old floor’s imperfections. To ensure your effort lasts, layer the floors with polyurethane every few years.

Brick It for a Bold Look

Brick It For A Bold Look

In-kitchen nooks are fantastic for casual household meals due to the fact that the food could go from kitchen to table in seconds. Right here, a white table and also environment-friendly chairs create a cottage-chic area, completely compatible the block floor. Laying the block in a herringbone pattern adds added passion, or even a contemporary panache to the cottage area.

Slate for Rugged Texture

Slate For Rugged Texture

The abundant blue cabinets in this kitchen was motivated by the colorful slate floor tile floor in blue as well as corrosion. Slate is a popular flooring selection because of its longevity, slip-resistant appearance, and natural shade variations. Since it’s a permeable natural stone, slate flooring requires a protective sealer.

New Spin on Brick

New Spin On Brick

In order to give your brick flooring a fresh brand-new life, you will need to paint the cabinets with a strong color. The tan and brown color of the brick flooring looks perfect as the base of this kitchen. It’s even more stunning when it’s combined with the low-key sea eco-friendly design of the cabinets.

It’s good for the kitchen in vintage style. A little touch of rustic from the flooring would make a good accent for the atmosphere of the kitchen. The durability and simplicity of this flooring are similar to other tiles.

Style Underfoot

Style Underfoot

A traditional checkerboard pattern underfoot includes a city, designer-style edge to this home kitchen. The black and white plastic ceramic tiles include a visuals side to an or else neutral kitchen. Plastic floor tiles are a budget-friendly kitchen flooring choice as well as be available in a variety of colors.

Hidden Treasure

During a significant improvement, property owners opted to make use of recovered and also bleached white oak floorings throughout this home. The color as well as surface of the oak flooring offers a rustic and also care free feel and look to the kitchen.

Notable Brick

Notable Brick

Antique block flooring brings enchanting structure to this kitchen and also consuming location. The block flooring is an unusual contrast to the typically styled kitchen as well as modern acrylic chairs surrounding the table.

Mixed Classic Materials

Mixed Classic Materials

In this kitchen, ceramic floor tile flooring gets an added dosage of rate of interest and also design by integrating it with oak planks. Unanticipated yet resilient, both of these kitchen flooring products will certainly stand the examination of time.

Casual FinishCasual Finish

Honed-limestone ceramic tile flooring and granite counter tops have the very same natural colors seen outside the kitchen windows and specify the color design for this kitchen. These elements complement the room’s farmhouse design.

Think about a sharpened or matte coating if you pick limestone kitchen flooring. This kind of surface offers the area an extra kicked back feel and look. It likewise conceals scratches, calls for little maintenance, and offers more grip when wet.

Affordable Options

Affordable Options

Soft eco-friendly and also lotion vinyl floor tiles were a cost effective choice for this kitchen’s floor, freeing up the budget for upgraded devices as well as various other coatings. Beyond securing the kitchen floor, soap and also water is the simplest way to keep vinyl looking brand-new. Sealing plastic flooring secures it from stains, which are virtually difficult to eliminate.

Warm Cherry Flooring

Warm Cherry Flooring

It’s not always about the material, the color of the flooring can also decide the feeling of the kitchen. Talking about the color, kitchen flooring should have a warm color that would be supportive of kitchen activities.

As you can see, this kitchen has Brazilian cherry flooring is based on the velvety white cabinetry. This bright and ventilated kitchen looks comfortable with warm cherry flooring. Actually, this timber originated from Brazil and well-known for its abundant burgundy color.

This timber will be well-saturated with water, just like any other kinds of timber. The highlight of this flooring is its warm color. That’s the reason why designer love to have this under the kitchen furniture.

Contemporary Block Color Kitchen Flooring

Contemporary Block Color Kitchen Flooring

For those of you who enjoy the clean lines of home furniture with contemporary designs, you probably want to consider choosing the basic strong block of shade to be the kitchen flooring. Even though it doesn’t have variants in color and tone, this ceramic tile offers a clean background for a sleek modernist look.

In order to get right look of the kitchen with this flooring type, it will require a high gloss coating on the tile. It would give a very extravagant visual. Beside high gloss coating, you can also use a matt coating in order to warm and soften the surface.

Black and White Checkerboard Floor Ideas

Black And White Checkerboard Floor Ideas

You may often see such black and white checkerboard floor ceramic tiles in a restaurant or a cafe. It’s considered as retro 50s style design. Well, it’s actually deserved a spot insider your kitchen. It’s actually a good option for a modern kitchen flooring.

For a kitchen that is decorated with hints of gray, upgrading the floor to be in black and white checkered will be dramatic. The grid development should be in much less active because it would kinder to the eye.

Applying a checkerboard ceramic tiles is a brilliant way to bring the timeless explore the 21s century. In other words, let’s back in time.

Create a subtle feature with parquet

Create A Subtle Feature With Parquet

Actually, parquet is just another type of wood. But this time, it’s pretty different. You can pick a fragile parquet if you want to provide a nod to a functioning floor without even getting over the top. The parquet design can be laid as specific blocks. It can copy by synthetic wood planks that are easier to suit.

You can balance the brown color of the parquet flooring with white furniture. They will make excellent companions. The white furniture will let the cozy timber tones get radiated through. If you have the dining table in the same room as the kitchen, the parquet flooring will look as stunning as this photo.

Paint the floorboards

Paint The Floorboards

For a modern look, you can choose the repainted white floorboards. It’s one of the most expressive kitchen flooring ideas. It has an intense artwork that freshens up your kitchen. It looks really light and shiny.

If you are lucky, you may get a wood beam of lights. Do not paint over the wood beam of lights, it would offer a natural wood finish that expresses beautiful heat.

Slate Kitchen Flooring

Slate Kitchen Flooring

The slate blue floor with corrosion is really something that highlights the room. In fact, that abundant blue cabinets was there because of the floor design. Choosing slate flooring for a kitchen is one of the most popular choices recently.

People love to have this in their kitchen because of its longevity, natural shade variations, and slip-resistant appearance. If you want to install it in your kitchen, you have to prepare for the sealer. Slate flooring is a permeable natural stone that will need a protective sealer for installation.

Hexagon Tile Kitchen Flooring

Hexagon Tile Kitchen Flooring

This kitchen has a busy flooring pattern you can get behind. It’s a combination of hexagon ceramic and vinyl tiles are just looking so perfect.
Historically, Hexagon tiles began its popularity in the early 20th century. This catchy flooring design offers a classic, vintage look when combined with subway wall tiles.

In the recent years, this Hexagon is great for ultra-modern, almost futuristic appearances.
This type of flooring concept will be perfect with sharp lines, super clean, blacks and grays, whites, and a minimalist decoration. You can call this flooring as a new futuristic wave of hexagon flooring for the kitchen.


Although flooring is not the most crucial element in the kitchen, its existence is very significant. It decides the whole atmosphere of the room. Kitchen flooring ideas are the basic ones that we shole consider when designing a kitchen.

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