43+ Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas and Design Decorating Minimalist

Laundry room cabinet ideas – A couple of things can give a laundry space a completed look along with a good laundry room cabinet idea. Laundry space with a nice cabinet will keep bottles of soap, conditioner products, family cleaners, and different items in a safe place.

If your laundry room belongs to a mudroom that is built outdoor which is used as an approach to your house every day, this cabinet can make your laundry room concept look special.

Instead of providing storage capability, the cabinet will embrace Associate in Nursing charm to your laundry space. There are some furniture producers that provide abundant deeper cabinets made notably for laundry space.  

You may hire a specialist to construct customized cabinet for your space if your budget arrangement permits. The specialist can design and put the cabinet on a concept as your household’s necessities as well as the space measurements.

You would possibly go along with basic above-counter cabinet, or choose a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to make some items like brooms, mops and other items out of sights.

The Best Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Somehow, you only need some inspirations that can make your laundry room look more incredible and awesome. So, you may consider these following laundry room cabinet ideas for laundry room remodeling as you wish.

  1. Sweet Laundry Room Design

Sweet Laundry Room Style

This can be the basic concept of a new laundry remodeling that looks elegant and attractive because it uses a neutral accent.

All you need to do is to pick a neutral accent and we would recommend you to choose white accent on each corner of the room, especially the cabinet. The cabinet should be attached to the wall.

You can also choose the hanging cabinet to store some small items while the bottom cabinet is used for storing big items. Meanwhile, you can put the washing machine on the other side. Anyway, this concept is perfect for a minimalist laundry room with a limited space.

  1. Cubbies Laundry Washering

Cubbies Laundry Washering

A cubby laundry washering is a really good concept for such a small cabinet room that has a few items. In this laundry room cabinet idea, you only need to arrange the whole items orderly.

First of all, you need to pick a small cabinet that you can put near the window. Meanwhile, you can use a big washing machine that you put in the corner of the room.

The top side of the machine can be used as a folding surface made from wood. In addition, you can put a small sink above the cabinet. For theme selected, you can try to use a white accent in the whole parts including the wall accent.

  1. Weathered Laundry Room Design

Weathered Laundry Room

It is an incredible laundry room cabinet idea that applies a special arrangement on its items. In this case, you only need two main items, the cabinet itself and the washing machine.

But, we would like to recommend you to use dual high cabinets that you can place between the washing machine. So, the concept is to make the washing machine in the center while the left and the right side will be your cabinet. Meanwhile, you can pick a white accent too if you want to make it look more natural and elegant.

  1. Blended Laundry Room

Blended Laundry Room

The blended laundry room idea is a perfect choice if you have a very large space in which you can put some big items inside. You can mix some different colors into one while you can use some washing machines all together with the cabinet. The cabinet itself will be the frame of your washing machine. It can be made from plastic or it can also be made from wood. Meanwhile, the other side will be other cabinet or storage. You can put it near the window to make it more elegant. For the theme selected, you can choose a flexible theme that uses different accents on several spots.

  1. Camel Laundry Room Decor

Camel Laundry Room Style

This camel laundry room decor idea is so incredible and it is also suitable for an apartment laundry room. This modern laundry room cabinet idea brings a huge cabinet into a big space that also uses two big washing machine. The hanging cabinet makes the room look more functional along with the modern washing machines in gray. This concept is actually perfect for house laundry cabinet, but you need to select the best accent to make it more adorable. You must not forget to add a surface which you can use for arranging your items.

  1. Traditional Open Laundry Cabinets

Traditional Open Laundry Cabinets

This is an amazing laundry room cabinet idea that uses some traditional items. This cabinet may look too small, but it is so elegant and old-fashioned when you idea some bamboo basket for your storage. Simply, you can build a large hanging cabinet with some shelves. You can build a doorless cabinet so that you can grab your items instantly. Meanwhile, you can keep the door on the other side to keep some items that you may not use regularly. It looks more perfect when you put the washing machine under the storage.

  1. Brown Laundry Room Design

Brown Laundry Room Style

Brown laundry room idea brings a different accent to make the room look more rustic despite it uses some modern items. You only need to prepare a small space for the laundry room remodeling while the brown accent can be taken from the wood material or you can repaint the wall and the cabinet in brown. This laundry room cabinet really looks so sleek and elegant while you also do not use a very large cabinet. Moreover, you can also use a built-in cabinet that is designed near the window. Though it is a bit difficult to redesign, you may call a specialist who can help you do it.

  1. Modern Laundry Room Storage

Modern Laundry Room Storage

If you do not like a rustic laundry room or the traditional one, then you probably can pick the modern idea. This modern laundry room cabinet idea brings some modern items that blend every accent into an adorable concept. In this case, you can just choose two small washing machines with a silver accent while you can put a small cabinet on the wall in white accent. The modern laundry room uses a simple arrangement but it looks complete when you also build a rack or a hanger room. The best part of this laundry room is the use of a basket under the cabinet where you can grab your items easily once you want to wash your dresses.

  1. Pastel Laundry Room Decor

Pastel Laundry Room Style

This is an incredible cabinet idea for a simple laundry room that looks so small. In this case, you can still put a huge cabinet on this small space, but you need to utilize the top area from corner to corner. So, this laundry room is actually completed with a big cabinet that is made from wood. You also need to add big storage to put some baskets. Moreover, you also can add a sink with a beautiful countertop. Meanwhile, the washing machine is placed in the middle of the cabinet to make the appearance look attractive and full.

  1. Home Blue-green Laundry Room

Home Blue Green Laundry Room

This is the most elegant laundry room cabinet idea that uses the beautiful accent on its wall and the cabinet. You can try to use a blue-green accent that looks so nautical and luxurious for such a big apartment laundry space. Meanwhile, you can keep using a white accent for the cabinet while you also need to use a built-in cabinet with a small rack. This cabinet looks so incredible because you also put some decorative items to make the room look more beautiful and awesome. For a perfect match, you have to choose white washing machines which can make the room concept look extraordinary and modern.

  1. Retro Laundry Room Design

Retro Laundry Room Style

Retro laundry room cabinet idea brings a classic concept that uses several rattan baskets with a simple cabinet. Basically, this laundry room does not use a big cabinet, but it only uses a rack made from iron with some levels. Meanwhile, you have some rattan baskets to store your laundry items where you can also put them on each level of the rack. Moreover, since your room is too small, you also can use a small washing machine with a wooden surface for dress folding area. Addition some decorations can also be a good choice and it is all your decision to pick your own concept.

  1. Corner Laundry Room Furnishings

Corner Laundry Room Furnishings

The corner laundry room cabinet idea uses the corner of your room as the storage. You do not need to have a big cabinet on this concept, but you can simply build some small racks in the corner of the room. Thus, you can put some laundry items on the rack. You need a bigger rack that has some levels on the other side. You may choose if you prefer wooden rack or stainless steel rack. Meanwhile, your washing machine will be perfect if you put it near the window along with a simple sink next to it.

  1. Grey Laundry Room Mud

Grey Laundry Room Mud

This laundry room concept is also perfect for such a minimalist space, but you still want to use a big cabinet. Simply, you can build a large cabinet on both sides of the wall. Meanwhile, you can pick a gray accent for the wall color that is combined with a white accent applied to your cabinet. The cabinet itself is divided into two parts. The first part is a cabinet with doors while the second part is a cabinet without doors, it is simply a kind of storage to put some laundry items.

  1. Green laundry Room With Stainless-steel Washing

Green Laundry Room With Stainless Steel Washing

It is a beautiful laundry room cabinet idea that is combined with modern washing machines. Simply, you can buy a washing machine, but make sure that you choose the stainless steel one to bring a futuristic accent. Meanwhile, the cabinet used is designed with a green color along with the wall accent. You can try to apply a big cabinet to this room, but you are recommended to use a hanging cabinet to save space. You may also add small storage next the washing machine to make it look more incredible.

  1. Baskets Around the Washering

Baskets Around The Washing

Building a cabinet can be a good option when you want to have such a nice laundry room. But, when you have no time to build one, why don’t you try to choose basket around the washering? This concept is not only adorable, but it also looks so functional because you use some baskets made from plastic material that you put them into a special rack. Using this basket concept, you can save more space so you can put some washing machines in the room. Lastly, you can also build large windows with clear glass to add more lights when you do washing in the daylight.

  1. Dream Fuchsia Painted Laundry Room Walls

Dream Fuchsia Painted Laundry Room Walls

This may become the most favorite laundry room concept that is ever made because it uses some special items with adorable accent touch. Basically, this laundry room is used for many activities, so you can build a laundry room that is combined with a dining room. All you need to do is to put a special cabinet in the corner and pick the small cabinets. Meanwhile, you can pick a washing machine and then place it near the dining table. The dining table should not be too big in order to save space. For the color selected, you can combine some accents such as light gray, black, white, and gray. Anyway, this concept will be so much perfect for such a minimalist home that needs more space.

  1. Black and Little Laundry Room Design

Black Laundry Room Style

It is a perfect choice for remodeling your large laundry room to become more functional and full. A black accent selected is so much perfect for a big laundry room cabinet idea. You can build a very large cabinet made from wood and then choose the dark accent. Meanwhile, you can put a big washing machine in silver color to make the atmosphere become more elegant and futuristic. If necessary, you may also put some baskets on the available racks.

  1. Dark Laundry Room Ideas With Mosaic Backsplash

Dark Laundry Room Style With Mosaic Backsplash

It is still about a black laundry room cabinet idea that uses dark accent along with a beautiful mosaic backsplash. Basically, this laundry room really looks like a kitchen, but it is actually used for washing activities. Meanwhile, the dark accent selected is applied to the cabinet itself. In this case, you can choose a large cabinet which has a built-in mosaic backsplash along with its white sink. The cabinet is also completed with a dress hanging area as well as some baskets to store your laundry.

  1. Gray Laundry Room design Photo

Gray Laundry Room Style Photo

Gray accent is a favorite color that is usually used in many laundry room concept, especially for a modern apartment. This amazing laundry room cabinet idea makes the atmosphere look more elegant and manly despite it uses small cabinet and small washing machines. Somehow, you can add some kinds of storage to put your laundry items. For an extra value, you can combine the gray accent with brown accent. The brown accent itself is applied to the wall of the room.

  1. Wood Laundry Room Design

Wood Laundry Room Design

If you like traditional look, then you may also apply a beautiful laundry room cabinet idea that is made from woold. Somehow, you can build a large cabinet in the room and it is totally made from woold. The interesting part is that you do not have to paint the cabinet and just let the original accent stay on the cabinet. It looks so rustic, but it becomes the most favorite remodeling, especially for those who are bored with modern concept.

  1. Shimmer Laundry Room Design

Shimmer Laundry Room Style

One of the most favorite concept for a modern laundry room is designed with shimmer design that looks so sleek and luxurious in light accent. Simply, you only have to build a large cabinet in white accent and then you add a special island that completes the theme. Maybe, this laundry room concept looks so narrow, but this is the best idea to use the space effectively. Moreover, you can also use three washing machines with different functions. Next, you also can add a simple sink with white backsplash for perfect combination that everybody wants to apply to a modern laundry room.

  1. Chicken Wire Doors

Chicken Wire Doors Laundry

This concept is full of imagination because you are about to use an amazing laundry room cabinet idea for a large space. Basically, you do not need to worry about the size of your cabinet,  but you have to know that it fits your laundry room. Well, it really looks extraordinary when you combine the accent with other accents. Light brown always becomes a good option while you choose gray accent for the wall concept. Meanwhile, you can put your washing machines in the center of the cabinet along with a long built-in table that is connected to a sink system.

  1. L formed Laundry Room Decoration

L Formed Laundry Room Decoration

This laundry room cabinet idea is perfect for a space with an L shape. You do not need to have a large room, but you can simply choose your small space for an L shape laundry room. In this case, you simply put a long cabinet that has a shape of an L. Usually, this concept uses a hanging cabinet with doors. It is also completed with a ground cabinet with a simple backsplash. Thus, you only need to put the washing machine in the middle of the cabinet, but make sure you choose the correct one.

  1. Manly Laundry Room Ideas

Manly Laundry Room Ideas

A manly laundry room is good for a guy who lives in an apartment with a limited space. Basically, the masculine theme is taken from the accent used. In this case, if you really want to make it look so manly, you can try to use a dark accent. For instance, you can choose black cabinet made from wood. It is also perfect if you put a computer desk in this cabinet. So, you can do the laundry while working or playing games on your PC.

  1. Lime Laundry Room Design

Lime Laundry Room Style

This is a nice laundry room cabinet idea for those who want simplicity. You do not need to use a lot of items to make such a lime laundry room. But, you have to make sure that you pick the correct accent. For instance, you may choose a light green accent combined with a white accent. Meanwhile, using a backsplash in black color can also add value to this simple laundry room. Then, you must not forget to put your washing machine in the middle of the cabinet and make sure you choose the suitable color to match the theme.

  1. Black Laundry Room Decorating

Black Laundry Room Style

Black laundry room cabinet idea really looks so manly and masculine. This is a huge laundry room concept that is usually applied to a large house. In a glimpse, you may notice that it resembles a kitchen room, but it is actually a laundry room. This huge laundry room looks so extraordinary in an L shape in the corner. The huge cabinet used is not useless because you can put some laundry items inside the cabinet.

  1. Contemporary Laundry Room Decoration

Contemporary Laundry Room Decoration

Most of the homeowners really wish to have such a contemporary laundry room that looks so futuristic and modern. This is a great laundry room cabinet idea for an apartment. It looks so simple because you do not need to use a large cabinet. But, you have to pick the best accent to make it really contemporary.

  1. Relaxing Laundry Room Ideas

Relaxing Laundry Room Ideas

This relaxing laundry room idea is perfect for those who love the white accent. White accent is the perfect color to make your laundry room look adorable. Somehow, you do not need to use a big cabinet. The best relaxing laundry room cabinet idea is not always huge. The simple one can also make your laundry room more elegant. Anyway, this laundry room concept is really suitable for modern home and apartment.

Vibrant Washering for Laundry Room

Vibrant Washering For Laundry Room

Laundry Room With Marble Flooring and Contrast Walls

Laundry Room With Marble Flooring And Contrast Walls

Coat Rack and Laundry Room

Coat Rack And Laundry Room

Flair Laundry Room Cabinets

Flair Laundry Room Cabinets

Classic and Little Laundry Room

Classic and Little Laundry Room
small laundry room ideas with top loading washer

Stacked Laundry Washered

Stacked Laundry Washered

Laundry Room With Baskets on Wheels

Laundry Room With Baskets On Wheels

Farmhouse Motivated Laundry Room

Farmhouse Motivated Laundry Room

Modern-day and Strong Laundry Furnishings

Modern Day And Strong Laundry Furnishings

Headboard Design Laundry Room

Headboard Design laundry room cabinet ideas

oke, that’s list of laundry room cabinet ideas and design, i hope you enjoy this article.

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