19+ Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas to Make Good Mood

Living Room Color Scheme Ideas – There are so many ways to make your living room look more adorable than usual. Maybe, you are bored with the current color scheme of your living room and really wish to change the atmosphere. Well, it is actually easy to redesign your living room as long as you know what to do. A color scheme is a good choice to create a new fresh nuance for your living room.

Color scheme may consist of several colors that you can apply to some parts of your living. Anyway, the color choice is in your hand and you can pick your favorite living room color scheme ideas just in case you are really willing to change it. Therefore, you may check these following living room color scheme ideas that can inspire you for your new living room concept.

Living Color Scheme Ideas

1. Pretty with Pink

pretty with pink living color scheme ideas
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Most women love pink accent that they can actually apply to their living room too. Pink color scheme is really outstanding when you apply it to your living room window curtain. However, you actually do not need to use pink accent totally.

Maybe, you can also combine it with white color and grey on the wall.

2. Calming Blue Sea

Nautical living room color scheme is a beautiful choice if you like blue accent. You actually do not need to replace your wall paint with blue color, but you only need to add some blue items for living room decoration such as blue sofa pillows, blue vase, blue table, blue rug, and others.

A Calming Sea of Blues

Some of the homeowners may think twice when they have to choose neutral accent for their living room scheme. In fact, neutral is actually not too boring at all. The color combination between white, black, and grey accent can make your living room become more alive and futuristic.

3. The Pop of Color

The next living room color scheme idea that you may apply is the pop of color concept which combines some accents on your living room wall, decoration, and furniture.

Take a blue accent for the wall and put a bright pink artificial flower on the living room table. Meanwhile, you can choose white sofa to give neutral value.

The Pop of Color

4. Neutral is Fantastic

Neutral Isnt Boring

5. Colorful Equilibrium

Colorful Equilibrium

It is a nice idea that you apply colorful equilibrium to your apartment living room because it will make the room look amazing. In this case, the color selection may be important in which you are recommended to pick light accent such as light purple, light blue, light green, and so on.

6. Coffee with Cream Scheme

Coffee With Cream On A Rainy Day

This concept also looks neutral because you are about to use black, white, and grey accents for your living room. Black coffee scheme makes your living room look masculine and it is suitable for men’s apartment room. It will get more value when you can hang some neutral images on the wall.

7. The Harmony of Sky and Planet

The Planet And Sky In Harmony

This color scheme concept for living room brings various accents that resemble dark planets and blue sky. So, you only need to pick some dark accent for the wall accent while you can choose blue accent on the living room furniture items. This will make it look harmonious and outstanding for small room decor.

8. Tranquil City Shades

Shades Of City Tranquility

It brings a very futuristic concept for a small living room scheme idea. So, when you like to choose this accent, you only need to combine white accent and dark accent. This living room scheme concept is really good to be applied to modern apartment that usually has small room and lack of space.

9. Futuristic Old Hollywood Style

Sophisticated Convenience Old Hollywood Style

The next living room color scheme idea that you may like is the futuristic old Hollywood style that brings wonderful light accent from the wall to the floor. Simply, you can pick light brown accent for the wall and put a white large run under the sofa. This concept may look crowded but it still gives more value for large room.

10. Harvest Seasoning  Scheme

Harvest Seasoning And Also Every Little Thing Nice

You can change your living room to look like garden by using some beautiful schemes such as yellow dried leave accent, brown tree accent, and some wooden furniture products. Maybe, you can start with the brown wall accent and then put such a beautiful yellow flower on the table. Meanwhile, you can add more value by putting on a scenery painting on the wall.

11. Rich Princess and Style Icon

Rich Princess, Style Icon

This scheme concept is really cure and suitable for girl’s room. So, you can try to apply this luxurious scheme to your living room. Simply, you can put a wide soft white rug on the floor and then put a glassy living room table that has gold frame. Meanwhile, the white accent is a good idea if you try it on your sofa.

12. Roses in the Cool Twilight

Roses In The Cool Twilight

Though it looks dark, this living room color scheme idea is really good for those who love arts. You can combine the room concept with some paintings on the wall. Meanwhile, you can try to paint the wall with the dark gray accent. It is also good when you pick dark accent for the sofa. Somehow, combining with other colors will not reduce the value.

13. Golden Mid-day Scheme

Cozy Representations On A Golden Mid Day

Gold scheme becomes the most favorite one because it can bring luxury value for any kinds of living room. Though you actually do not use real gold material, it still looks amazing and looks like a king living room. Simply, you can paint the wall will gold or yellow accent. Meanwhile, you can add such as decoration in gold accent on the wall.

14. Calming Coastal Beauty Scheme

Coastal Beauty For A Calming Getaway

Another cool living room color scheme idea that can make your home living room look more amazing goes to the coastal beauty in order to get calming atmosphere. You do not need too many colors for this concept. You may try to take Tosca accent for your living room window curtain. The same accent can also be chosen for the sofa. You can even try to combine it with other accents such as brown accent for a table and wooden chair.

15. Strong Color From Art

strong colors from art

There are many inspirations that you can get when looking for an appropriate color pattern. with the art piece you like or you can find in some museums, you will get the inspiration and enough feeling to apply it to your living room. In the picture found the art has yellow color and its surroundings with the same color. So it’s really comfortable and perfect.


16. Sand as well as Sea Glass Comfortable Coastline Style

Sand As Well As Sea Glass Comfortable Coastline Style

17. Ageless Celadon: Sophistication as well as Zen

Ageless Celadon Sophistication As Well As Zen

18. Earthy Tones Living Room

Earthy Tones Living Room

19. Defining Area with the Accent Wall

Defining Area with the Accent Wall

Accent wall maybe can be the solution for you who want to implement this color scheme to your living room. The accent wall can define your space, but not for the balance of color and brightness. So another thing that we should consider is the addition of light colored carpet and sofa.

The impression of minimalist and rustic will stand out, the solution is we can integrated the color with all component.

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