Luxury Swimming Pool Designs Ideas

Luxury swimming pool designs- Every homeowner wants to have a swimming pool in their homes. A swimming pool is not only built for swimming, but you can also build it to decorate your home page. You can build a swimming pool as you wish. Also, can choose small swimming pools or large swimming pools.

You can also choose the shape of the swimming pool according to your taste. Or build a luxury swimming pool designs inside your house with a variety of features and functions. But, building luxury swimming is a really difficult job, so you may hire a contractor to design and build. In this article, I would like to share with you the luxury swimming pool designs that you can try to build in your dream house.


The Basic Material of Swimming Pool

There are various kinds of swimming pools that you can build. However, you need to know several types of materials that are usually used to make a swimming pool. Some of the basic materials for making swimming pools are:

1. Shotcrete

1. Shotcrete

Shotcrete is a material that can be used to build a giant swimming pool. It consists of several materials such as water, sand, and concrete. By using this material, you can build a large and strong swimming pool.

2. Vinyl

2. Vinyl

A swimming pool can also be made of Vinyl. At present, many contractors offer the construction of swimming pools made from Vinyl because it is known to be more flexible, stronger, and easy to build.

3. Concrete

3. Concrete

Concrete is a material commonly used to build various kinds of construction because you can freely customize it according to your favorite size and design. You can also combine it with several types of tiles to add value to beauty.

4. Fiberglass

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is usually used to build small swimming pools because this material is quite lightweight. Usually, fiberglass swimming pools are manufactured from factories and workers only install them in the space provided. This is the best choice for building a family swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Design

Somehow, when you want to build a swimming pool, you also have to know the types of swimming pools you want to build. Each type of swimming pool design has its own function, so you have to adjust it to your taste. Here are a few types of swimming pool designs:

1. Swimming Pool for Entertainment

1. Swimming Pool For Entertainment

Why do you want to build a swimming pool? Well, the first type of swimming pool is designed for entertainment. This type of swimming pool is usually found in many amusement parks. This swimming pool is also very large and looks attractive. Also, there are so many features added to this type of swimming pool.

This swimming pool can accommodate hundreds of people. The swimming pool also comes with various sizes, designs, and depth.

2. Swimming Pool for Health Spa

2. Swimming Pool For Health Spa

The second type of swimming pool is designed particularly for the spa or sauna. This type of luxury swimming pool designs has a small size and does not come with a lot of features or functionality. It is also not deep because it is not particularly built for swimming, but it is just for spa or relaxation. Besides, this swimming pool is designed in a square shape and usually made from fiberglass or vinyl.

3. Swimming Pool for Lap

3.      Swimming Pool For Lap

This type of swimming pool is usually designed with a square shape and it is also very deep. This swimming pool is specifically designed for swimming competitions. Also, it has a barrier between one swimmer and another swimmer. This swimming pool does not look attractive in terms of design and does not have many features. The swimming pool is not suitable for children because it is too deep.

7 Amazing in Ground Pool Designs

You know that there are a few types of swimming pools that you can build at your home. You can even build a luxury swimming pool designs that has a beautiful view. Most swimming pools are designed in-ground and it comes with various sizes and designs. Perhaps, you can check these following amazing in-ground pool designs just in case you look for inspiration to build a luxury swimming pool designs at home.

1. A spacious pool with a fire pit

A Spacious Pool With A Fire Pit

If you have a large house with a spacious yard, then you can convert it into a pool that looks adorable. It has a special design and does not look like a regular swimming pool. It is really luxurious because it is also featured with a fire pit. This is a beautiful pool that also has an adorable view. The fire pit is designed in a round shape and completed with some sofa to sit. 

2. Spacious American lodge with a large concrete pool

Spacious American Lodge With A Large Concrete Pool

A concrete pool is the best choice if you want to build a swimming pool permanently. You can try a spacious American lodge swimming pool that has an attractive design. It is not like an ordinary square-shaped pool, but it tends to look a bubble. It looks attractive because it is built outside the house with amazing scenery. The clear water even can let us see the ground of the pool. It is a perfect luxury swimming pool designs with fancy design.

3. In-ground pool with palm trees and ocean view

3. In Ground Pool With Palm Trees And Ocean View

This in-ground swimming pool is perfect to build near beaches. If you have a luxury house that has a view of a beautiful beach, then you must have this in-ground pool with some palm trees. Commonly, you can see this kind of pool in many tourist spots like Bali, Hawaii, and the Maldives. Even though you just build a square pool, it will still look adorable because of its perfect scenery. This can be the best family pool with a simple concept.

4. Spanish style in-ground pool with Jacuzzi

Spanish Style In Ground Pool With Jacuzzi

You can also try to build an in-ground Spanish styled swimming pool that looks spectacular in design and view. This is perfect to build at your villa with an amazing city view and ocean view. You can build this kind of pool with Jacuzzi. Some trees around the pool can really add value and beauty to your pool. You can choose a light color around the swimming pool flooring. You can complete it with some chairs, tables, and shades.

5. Massive natural rocks by the pool

Massive Natural Rocks By The Pool

A luxury swimming pool designs does not always come with modern design, but you can also try a natural concept for a better look. You may apply a massive natural rock swimming pool that looks harmonious and stylish. The shape of the pool is irregular and it looks like rocks and water from a waterfall.

You also can choose the original rock color to make it look natural as if you live in a forest near a beautiful river. Also, you can add some decorative trees and lightings to add value to the pool itself.

6. Simple yet elegant in-ground swimming pool

Simple Yet Elegant In Ground Swimming Pool

You can still build a luxury swimming pool designs with a simple design, but it still looks elegant. Also, this swimming pool is not too expensive at all. This is perfect for a minimalist house that still has a backyard. Basically, this pool is just a small pool that has an ordinary design. It looks adorable because it has a nice view. This is a good choice for a family pool and suitable for kids.

7. Customized pool for a spacious large

Customized Pool For A Spacious Large

A customized luxury swimming pool is a good choice if you have a large backyard with some beautiful flowers. The design of the pool is extraordinary with a small water fountain. This swimming pool looks cozy to decorate your yard. Though it is not too large, it becomes the best swimming pool design for today’s traditional homes. It combines several colors that are coming from trees, flowers, grass, and water.

8 Billion Dollars Ideas of Luxurious Rectangular Swimming Pool Designs

Rich people have their own ways to design their luxury pools. Since they have a lot of money, they can add features to their pools. If you have enough budgets to build an expensive pool, then you probably would like to consider these following luxury swimming pool designs ideas.

1. Tropical resort-like pool with an ocean view

1.      Tropical Resort Like Pool With An Ocean View

A billion-dollar swimming pool should be built in the right place. For instance, you can build a tropical resort-like pool with an ocean view. This luxury swimming pool is not only adorable, but it also looks expensive. The pool does look small, but there are a few attractive things around it. It comes with several garden patios with beautiful lighting. The view is just perfect because the pool is located in front of the beach. 

2. Millennial ‘see-through’ house with a rectangular pool

2. Millennial ‘see Through’ House With A Rectangular Pool

Building an expensive villa will be perfect if you also complete it with a swimming pool. You can try a millennial “see through” house with a rectangular pool that looks fantastic and amazing. The amazing look is not only coming from the pool itself, but it is also coming from the view.

Since it is built above the hill, it creates a harmonious atmosphere from nature. This pool is a good choice for millennial who has enough time to enjoy their day off. The glassy house also makes it even look more extraordinary with cozy lighting.

3. Overlooking the city from this rooftop swimming pool

3. Overlooking The City From This Rooftop Swimming Pool

A rich man always has a chance to build an expensive swimming pool, even you can build an apartment building to enjoy a skyline view. This swimming pool costs more than 1 million dollars and it is really large. The view is just adorable because you are on the top of an apartment roof. You can try this idea if you have an apartment building anyway.

4. Above-ground rectangular pool in a modern house design

4. Above Ground Rectangular Pool In A Modern House Design

An in-ground swimming pool is just an ordinary concept. In fact, you can try to build an above-ground rectangular swimming pool that really looks different and futuristic. This pool is made from a glass floor and wall, so the water will be floating on the ground. It looks luxurious because the water looks like transparent jelly.

Somehow, you should prepare a large yard to build this kind of pool. Also, you must spend a lot of money on it.

5. Luxurious backyard pool design and layout

5. Luxurious Backyard Pool Design And Layout

A beautiful swimming pool does not only have good design, but it must also have a good view. You can try this amazing pool that is designed with white flooring and concrete base to make it even more adorable. There are also some additional features around the pool and some beautiful trees to create a cozy and fresh atmosphere.

In general, the pool is not too large, but the yard looks so spacious. Many people love this pool concept because it is not difficult to build.

6. Customized pool at the back yard

6. Customized Pool At The Back Yard

If you want to add a pool to your backyard, it is not a bad idea to apply a customized pool because you can set up the concept. What kind of pool do you want? Most swimming pools are rectangular, but you can create an abstract round swimming pool made from concrete and vinyl.

The base just looks so blue despite it is made from white floor tiles. The brown accent on the top flooring makes it more elegant with a dark lining. Adding a jumping board on the edge of the pool is a good idea to add aesthetic value to this swimming pool environment.

7. Infinite greenery pool

7. Infinite Greenery Pool

You can also build a swimming pool with an environmental concept. In this case, you must build the pool in the middle of the forest. If you have a villa with a green forest view, it will be perfect to apply this infinite greenery pool. This pool is not only beautiful because of its view, but the design is also fantastic.

Well, the pool ground is completed with white tiles while the top flooring is made from wood tiles. This pool is not large, but it is long. This is a pool concept is suitable for a homestay swimming pool to attract your guests.

8. Infinity pool with an ocean view/ a beach view

8. Infinity Pool With An Ocean View A Beach View

A modular house needs a different pool concept so that it matches the house style. Well, you can try this infinite pool which basically has a tiny design, but it is perfect for the beach view. Some of the materials used are made from wood that is combined with concrete.

The pool itself is just built for beauty instead of function. This is the best swimming pool you can make because it doesn’t look so expensive, but it still looks luxurious if viewed from various angles.

7 Interesting Ideas of Lagoon Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Most of today’s swimming pools have a rectangular design, but it is so boring, right? Why don’t you try a different design like Lagoon style for your swimming pool? Well, this swimming pool concept is usually applied to a villa’s pool. Perhaps, you can consider these following lagoon luxury swimming pool idea for your inspiration.

1. Modern swimming pool with the natural environment

1. Modern Swimming Pool With The Natural Environment

Even though you live in the middle of the forest, you can still build a modern house with a luxury pool. You can try this modern pool with a natural environment that looks outstanding and adorable in style and design. The pool has a lagoon design with a concrete base.

Meanwhile, the top flooring is made wood. This wood swimming pool concept is just perfect and compatible with the environment. It looks blue, but it also has light brown and green. Anyway, it is a great combination of a luxury pool in a village area.

2. Ranch house with a backyard pool

2. Ranch House With A Backyard Pool

Even though you only have a Ranch house, you still can have a luxury swimming pool at your backyard. If you have a little space in your backyard, then you can build a nice pool with a modern concept. You do not have to build a big pool, at least it can be a good family pool to enjoy the holiday.

You can choose a typical design rather than a rectangular shape along with its ladder. It is better to choose concrete to save money.

3. Lagoon swimming pool with rocks decoration

3. Lagoon Swimming Pool With Rocks Decoration

A lagoon swimming pool may suitable for a modern house, but you can still combine it with natural stuff like rocks. This lagoon pool is really huge and looks so fantastic. it looks so natural because it is also completed with a small waterfall and fountain. You can use original river rocks that you arrange around the pool. It will be perfect to grow some flowers and plants to bring natural value to your pool.

4. Infinity lagoon swimming pool with a beach view

4. Infinity Lagoon Swimming Pool With A Beach View

An infinity lagoon pool has a very beautiful view because it is built near a beach. This kind of pool is perfect a resort pool that focuses on its design and modernity. Many people prefer this pool concept that is basically not too difficult to construct.

You can use vinyl material or fiberglass for the base. You can also add several decorative items around the pool to make it look more adorable.

5. Peaceful rock falls swimming pool

5. Peaceful Rock Falls Swimming Pool

You can create a peaceful atmosphere from a swimming pool with a natural theme and environment. A peaceful swimming pool is the best design that everyone wants. Besides that, you don’t need to think about the design because you only need to arrange each rock according to your wishes.

It looks so harmonious because it is built in the middle of a forest that looks so green and environmentally friendly. This pool is suitable for those of you who like the rural atmosphere and nature.

6. Swimming pool by the deck

6. Swimming Pool By The Deck

Another cool lagoon swimming pool has a modern design and looks long. This is not a public swimming pool, but it was made specifically for hotel buildings. Guests can soak in a swimming pool that is not so deep. This is also suitable for children. In addition, you can provide a place to sit to rest.

This swimming pool is designed using sturdy materials and the right color combination. Some green trees also add to the beauty of this modern swimming pool.

7. Fun slide on rockfalls swimming pool

7. Fun Slide On Rock Falls Swimming Pool

This swimming pool also looks natural because it was built from rocks taken from the river. In a glimpse, this swimming pool has the design and style of an ancient Egyptian empire with stone arrangements such as pyramid ruins. This looks special because this pool also has a sliding fun for children.

The water flows as if it flows naturally from the mountain. The water is blue like a seawater. The upper floor is also made of neatly arranged stones. The atmosphere is really harmonious because some green trees that grow around the pond. This can be the most beautiful family pool with a traditional concept.

4 Additional Swimming Pool Designs with Brilliant Plans

Speaking of swimming pools, there are many swimming pool designs that you can build for your home. We’re talking luxury pools, so you will only get inspiration for luxury pools of various styles and designs. Here are some examples of swimming pools with brilliant plans.

1. Luxurious swimming pool with mood

Luxurious Swimming Pool With Mood

If you want a romantic atmosphere and provide a good mood when you are at home, you might be able to build a swimming pool that has a distinctive and special style. In general, the pool looks like a normal pool, but it is very beautiful because it is equipped with several illuminating lights around the pool wall.

At night, this pool becomes the most romantic pool in the world. In addition, several green trees also decorate the home environment so that it adds its own aesthetic value.

2. Infinity Jacuzzi with a city view

2. Infinity Jacuzzi With A City View
source: houzz

A small pool called a Jacuzzi can be an inspiration and if you want a small pool in your house. But, this is only suitable for apartment buildings because you have to consider the view. You can try Infinity Jacuzzi with a city view that looks so interesting and fascinating.

The pool only looks like an ordinary Jacuzzi, but you will feel comfortable soaking in this Jacuzzi because the view is very charming. Moreover, you choose the right color combination for your pool design. Try the brick red color that gives a natural and traditional impression or you can also choose other color themes.

3. A health spa swimming pool

A Health Spa Swimming Pool

You might plan to build a spa service and think of a swimming pool idea for a spa. This is the right choice for a spa poo building. It doesn’t have a large size, but enough to fit several people. The basic material of this pool is made of white colored fiberglass.

Usually, you only need to provide a place to put the mini kola. In addition, you can choose interesting color combinations such as brown, gray, and white. This is the basic color for the health spa pool building.

4. A cute Jacuzzi in the garden

4. A Cute Jacuzzi In The Garden

Jacuzzi is a kind of small pool that you can move wherever you want. You can even move your Jacuzzi in the garden. This is one cute big Jacuzzi made of white fiberglass. It is not an in-ground pool because it is built separately from the ground. Kola Mini is like a portable pool made for private spas. This Jacuzzi looks ordinary, but it looks more beautiful because there are several trees around it.

5 Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs

The bigger the swimming pool, the greater the cost of making it. Therefore, for those of you who don’t have enough budget, it doesn’t hurt if you build a minimalist pool behind your house. In addition, a minimalist swimming pool is also suitable for narrow home yards.

Usually, the size of a minimalist pool is about 4×4 meters, but it depends on your taste. Maybe you might consider some of the minimalist luxury swimming pools below.

1. Modern minimalist swimming pool

Modern Minimalist Swimming Pool

The first choice is a modern minimalist swimming pool measuring 4×3 meters. This swimming pool looks luxurious because it is made of fiberglass and appears to float above ground level. In addition, the choice of white color makes this swimming pool look expensive.

Also, there is a parapet made of transparent glass that adds luxury to this pool. This is a small swimming pool where you can find many homes in America. Building a swimming pool is also not much cost.

2. Entertainment swimming pool with a Jacuzzi

Entertainment Swimming Pool With A Jacuzzi

A swimming pool for entertainment is the favorite pool for children. If you have many children, then you can build an entertainment swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. You can build two types of ponds at once. The entertainment pool is particularly built for kids while you can soak in the Jacuzzi.

This becomes the best outdoor swimming pool that offers lots of fun. The pool really looks cozy and it looks even better because it is built in the middle of a forest with a perfect environment view. This pool concept has many features that make everyone happy. You can add several chairs, tables, and other games.

3. Small infinity pool in a modern house

Small Infinity Pool In A Modern House

A modern house without a swimming pool is like a car without an entertainment system. You can live in a luxurious home but you cannot enjoy your free time. Therefore, if you are building a modern and luxurious house, you should consider a swimming pool. You only need to build a small infinity pool for a modern home.

In general, this small swimming pool has a simple design and is rectangular in shape. He looks luxurious because there are some interesting decorations around the pool.

4. Unique pool with wooden deck and brick wall

Unique Pool With Wooden Deck And Brick Wall

A concrete swimming pool is also perfectly juxtaposed with brick walls and wooden decks. You can try this concept if you have enough budget because this might be quite expensive. You only need to build a small pool made of solid concrete with a rectangular shape.

This swimming pool is perfect for a minimalist modern home. You can also apply to this indoor pool if you want. It is better that you build it outside the house because it will look beautiful if there are some green trees around the pool. 

5. “A small piece of heaven on earth” luxurious swimming pool design

“A Small Piece Of Heaven On Earth” Luxurious Swimming Pool Design

Luxurious and modern swimming pools are not only used during the day. At night, you can also swim because the pool is equipped with several lights that look beautiful and add value to the pool’s beauty. This pool was built behind the house even though it has a small design.

The water looks very blue like the sky. For the top flooring, you can use light brown ceramic tiles. In addition, you can also add a barrier wall made of glass that will make the pool unpretentious. This is a favorite choice for home managers in Europe and Asia. It does not take up much space because of its minimalist form.


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