Best Of The Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

A shabby chic bedroom will always look shabby but it still has the beauty that comes from some decorations and items in the room. However, you must find the best design for your shabby chick bedroom. There are so many shabby chic bedroom ideas that you can apply to your bedroom.

You can adjust the color, style, and design according to your taste. Even though it looks messy, if you place a few items correctly and choose a color that matches the theme of your room, the bedroom will still look awesome. In fact, you should deal with some elements that can give a special touch to a shabby chic bedroom.

Usually, this type of bedroom concept is suitable for women bedrooms. How to design your shabby chic bedroom ideas room? Maybe you can consider some of the following examples of shabby chic bedroom ideas for your inspiration.

Twin Bed Shabby Chic Bedroom with A Romantic Quote

Twin Bed Shabby Chic Bedroom With A Romantic Quote

This shabby chic bedroom looks so charming with a touch of bright colors where you can choose white for the main theme. Meanwhile, the shabby chic style makes this room so attractive where you put twin chairs that are functioning as a flower holder.

The beauty of shabby chic rooms lies not only in the bed design, but it also looks beautiful because the wall decorations add to the value of harmony and harmony. Here, you also have to adjust the color of each decoration to white so that it still looks harmonious and homely.

If we compare it to a modern bedroom, a shabby chic bedroom also looks more artistic because it uses some artwork to decorate every corner of the room. Also, this kind of bedroom concept is suitable for such a minimalist bedroom that prioritizes romantic style rather than modernity.

When all have got the right adjustment, then you are free to add a few items to make your bedroom more colorful. For example, you can add a wide rug under the bed, but it still has the same color theme.

Little One’s Shabby Chic Bedroom with Small Bed

Little One’s Shabby Chic Bedroom With Small Bed

A shabby chic bedroom is usually applied to girls’ and adult women’s rooms because this kind of bedroom tends to have a beautiful and white-themed style. Also, this bedroom concept also uses a lot of flower decorations in every corner of the room and looks crowded.

Maybe, you can create a more harmonious atmosphere for your daughter’s bedroom. This girl shabby chic bedroom idea brings the light accent concept to a small bed. Since the bedroom is quite spacious, then you can place some furniture products such as a drawer, bookshelves, small tables, and a learning desk.

However, you also have to adjust the color of each item in the room according to the theme you apply to the bedroom. For shabby chic girls’ rooms, then you can apply light pink and light blue. The light blue color looks beautiful on the wall while the pink looks awesome applied to the bed concept.

The shabby chic style provides its own value even though you only use a small bed. In a glimpse, this shabby chic bedroom looks crowded, but it still looks elegant with the right color choices. The addition of a rug also makes the room look perfect.

Mixin ‘It Up Shabby Chic Bedroom with Luxurious Chandelier

Mixin 'It Up Shabby Chic Bedroom With Luxurious Chandelier

Even though you have a super luxurious and classy bedroom, you can still apply a shabby chic bedroom with a combination of modern and traditional concepts. You do not have to use some old-fashioned furniture products to make it shabby chick-themed bedroom because you can give a touch of shabby chic on certain parts.

In general, a shabby chic style is coming from the cabinet, table, and chair. You can also mix them up so that the shabby chic items don’t look too flashy. If you apply the shabby chic bedroom idea to a modern bedroom, then you have to adjust the colors and themes right.

If you don’t like the color change, then you can add a chandelier in the room so that it will add value to the beauty of the light emitted. Some people maintain a modern style wrapped in shabby chic style so that people will be confused by the concepts they apply. A shabby chic bedroom will usually use white or light cyan in each section. You can even apply this shabby chic color to the flooring, ceiling, and the wall.

Country Style Chic Washed White Paint

Country Style Chic Washed White Paint

It is not a bad idea to apply a chic country style washed white paint theme for your bedroom remodeling. This bedroom looks shabby chic, but he gets a plus because he uses materials that are still good. To make your luxury room look shabby chic, you can change your headboard bed with a shabby chic panel in white.

Also, you can build a small wall mounted cabinet made of white wood. You don’t need to repaint the surface of the wood so it will look impressive. This country-style shabby chic bedroom concept brings a harmonious atmosphere because it is also decorated with some flowers.

This bedroom is suitable for women because it applies a white theme that is so elegant and pure. Basically, if you choose the right color for the walls of your room, then the shabby chic will not look flashy so your room still looks like a modern room.

You can choose white for walls and ceilings. So, this room looks white as a whole which makes it look so charming. Especially if you complete it with white bad sheets and white pillows. Everything will be just perfect.

Shabby Chic Bed Sheet for A Small Bedroom Space

Shabby Chic Bed Sheet For A Small Bedroom Space

Either you have a small bedroom or a large bedroom, you can still apply the concept of shabby chic bedroom ideas. In general, shabby chic bedrooms always use the shabby white colors seen on walls and furniture.

Small bedrooms cannot load many furniture products, but you can still get the theme you want by changing the color of the walls and choosing the right bedsheet. In this case, we recommend that you decorate your walls with special wallpapers with flower designs.

This will look perfect if you choose a bedsheet with the same motif as your bedroom wallpaper. Even though your bedroom is minimalist, you can use a bed for two people. However, the room will look perfect. This is not a big problem because your room still looks beautiful with the style and theme that you apply today.

Besides, you can also equip your room with a number of small items such as small rugs, small chairs, and small side desks. Also, you should place your bed near a window to make it look bright because your bedroom only gets light from the window during the day. At night, you can decorate a room with white lights to get a homely atmosphere.

Dreamy Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Adults

Dreamy Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor For Adults

Most shabby chic themed rooms are made for children, but some shabby chic rooms are also made for adults. However, shabby chic bedrooms are specifically designed for women’s bedrooms. A dreamy shabby chic bedroom can be the best choice for and if you like the classic theme applied to your bedroom.

The concept of a shabby chic bedroom ideas always uses white. In every corner of the room, white dominates so that it looks clean and attractive. You can repaint your bedroom wall in a white accent. Also, the ceiling should also be white as well as the floor. What makes this shabby chic bedroom so attractive?.

Usually, the concept of rooms like this always prioritizes the completeness of furniture. You can equip your room with some furniture products such as side desks, closets, and so on. Shabby chick theme is coming from the items in your room.

It looks shabby despite it being made from expensive stuff because the color really gives an impact on its design. The shabby chic bedroom is always covered with a white bedsheet that looks dull even though it is not dirty. Actually, a shabby chic bedroom is a kind of luxury bedroom in ancient times. Now, people still want the shabby chic bedroom theme because it looks classic in a modern concept.

Cheerful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor for Kids

Cheerful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor For Kids

A cheerful shabby chic does look dull and shabby, but actually, it comes from the color you choose for the theme of your room. You can still make your room look beautiful with some decorations. This is perfect for your child’s bedroom. Your daughter needs a new beautiful room with a classic concept.

This cheerful shabby chic bedroom idea comes with a lot of beautiful decorations for a kid’s bedroom. In a glimpse, this shabby chic bedroom looks usual because it is not completed with a lot of furniture products. There is only a single shabby chic bed with a small learning desk.

What makes is so attractive? This bedroom applies a combination of light blue, pink and white on the walls and ceiling. But, it is not the main source of the shabby chic bedroom ideas concept because the beauty of this room lies in the decoration attached to the wall. There are two wall-mounted photo frame holders on the wall.

On the child’s desk, there are some beautiful decorations that make the room more colorful. You can also add an artificial flower to make the bedroom look alive. The choice of the bedsheet is also very important where you have to choose a bedsheet with colorful decorations.

An Exclusive Feminine Purple Bedroom Shabby Chic Style

An Exclusive Feminine Purple Bedroom Shabby Chic Style

A woman’s bedroom will look beautiful with a shabby chic style. Here, color selection becomes the main role so that the bedroom becomes more charming and harmonious. For women’s bedrooms, of course, you should choose brighter colors like purple.

As you can see an exclusive feminine purple bedroom shabby chic style. This shabby chic bedroom looks bright and sparkling with the application of purple in every corner of the room including walls, ceilings, flooring, and bed sheeting.

However, you don’t have to use purple color as a whole because you can still combine it with other colors. For the bedroom with a shabby chic bedroom ideas concept, the right color combination is white. The white color can be applied to the furniture products such as the bed frame, the side desk, the close, and much more.

If you use a rug, the rug may also be white. To complete this bedroom decor, then you can put some photo frames on the wall or you can make your room more glowing by adding some chandeliers. You can also add a wide white curtain on the window and headboard.

Airy Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vintage Furniture

Airy Shabby Chic Bedroom With Vintage Furniture

The concept of the shabby chic bedroom not only uses several new furniture products, but you can also choose vintage furniture. Vintage furniture has a classic design that looks pleasing with light green and brown.

However, it is not enough to have a shabby chic themed bedroom because you also have to combine it with white. White is the hallmark of the shabby chic bedroom. This white accent can be applied at several points in the bedroom such as walls and floors. Or you can also choose a white bed frame including the white bed sheeting.

This airy shabby chic bedroom ideas is a favorite choice for some people, which is perfect for large bedrooms. In addition, the wide window also supports the unpretentious atmosphere of your bedroom because the room will get enough light that will make some of the items in your room become glowing and sparkling.

It is not a bad idea to add several decorations inside your Shabby chic bedroom. You can even remodel your bedroom wall with vintage colors. Besides, this bedroom is perfect for girls’ rooms that look more girly and natural when viewed from various angles.

Nature Fresh Bedroom Design in Shabby Chic Style

Nature Fresh Bedroom Design In Shabby Chic Style

Basically, all shabby chic bedroom ideas always bring a fresh and natural atmosphere because shabby chic bedrooms apply white in every corner of the room. Some bedrooms need some decoration so that it looks more fresh and natural. For example, you can put green plants in the bedroom.

However, you must ensure that your bedroom gets enough sunlight so that the plants do not die. So, nature’s fresh bedroom design in shabby chick style should apply a white room theme and give a little touch to the decoration. This shabby chic bedroom is actually very simple and suitable for a small bedroom.

This bedroom is also more flexible and you can adjust the color according to your taste. Whatever color combination you want, make sure that you use white on the bed. This is a characteristic found in shabby chic bedrooms. You should also pay attention to some of the furniture products that you use.

In general, a shabby chic bedroom uses vintage furniture that looks old-fashioned but it looks luxurious for decorating a modern women’s bedroom. In addition, lighting is also the main key to get a more harmonious and elegant bedroom with a shabby chic concept.

Rustic Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom Idea

Rustic Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bedroom Idea

A rustic farmhouse shabby chick bedroom ideas gives a very unique touch to the walls and headboard. Since it comes with a rustic farmhouse concept, then you have to use wood material in every corner of the room, especially on the walls. It will be better if you also use wood material for the floor.

The use of wood is the best way to get a classic and traditional design in a bedroom. Meanwhile, for the Shabby chic theme, you can get it from furniture users like the bed, closet, and table. In this example, you can see one interesting thing on the headboard.

The headboard is really elegant and old-fashioned. It brings the value of shabby chic that is so mesmerizing and enchanting. It looks big as a king bed headboard. This is suitable for king-size beds that use large mattresses. In addition, this bedroom also has a lot of decorations on the walls and tables. It is more beautiful because it has two chandeliers that make the room even look glowing in the dark.

Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girls

Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom For Girls

A shabby chic bedroom ideas tends to apply pink and white accent for the design. As you can see in the image, this shabby chic bedroom really looks outstanding on its concept and theme.

The bedroom is also spacious to accommodate a lot of furniture products. There is a big close that is pained in pink color with shabby chic design made from wood material. Meanwhile, the wall accent is also adorable in pink decorated wallpaper.

The use of pink juxtaposed with white really makes this room really glamorous and classy despite it just a girl’s bedroom. Some of the decorations in the bedroom also add to the value of unlimited beauty with a combination of soft and natural colors.

Meanwhile, the floor is made of wood painted in a white shabby chic accent that looks bright when the sunlight hits it. For a bedroom concept like this, you do have to make a window a little wider so that the color tone used is clearly visible. At night, you also have to use lots of white lights to make the decoration more lively and homely.

Classic Huge Shabby Chic Bedding

Classic Huge Shabby Chic Bedding

A minimalist bedroom can still apply the concept of shabby chic with a slightly large bed. Maybe, this shabby chic bedroom looks cramped and crowded because of the use of goods and furniture products. In fact, if the bedroom is a bit more spacious, this bedroom will look more classy and luxurious.

But, it is not a big deal at all because you can still overcome this problem by adding some decorations to the wall. In general, since you apply the concept of shabby chic, you should use white tones on some parts such as walls and beds.

This shabby chic bedroom ideas do look classic because it uses several objects that have a classic design such as lights, headboards, and wall hangings. This bedroom must also have a wide window to get light during the day. The white color that is applied makes the room brighter and sparkling because the light can stick perfectly to every corner of the room.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Bathtub and Exposed Bricks

Shabby Chic Bedroom With Bathtub And Exposed Bricks

If you live in a dormitory or small flat, you may have to build a bathroom next to your bed. This is a cheap shabby chic concept that many people apply to small bedrooms. Here, you can try putting a bathtub to the right of the bed and that is really interesting. Meanwhile, the walls of the room only use brick naturally and you must paint it with white accents.

This bedroom must apply a white color theme to get a shabby chic style with a modern concept. White is indeed dominating at every angle but you can still combine it with other colors, but don’t use dark colors. For example, you can choose purple in your bed sheet. So that the room is not dark, you can also use white tiles for the flooring. This bedroom has become a favorite bedroom for many women because it brings an elegant and feminine concept of shabby chic bedroom ideas.

Floral Pattern in Shabby Chic Style Idea for Small Bedroom

Floral Pattern In Shabby Chic Style Idea For Small Bedroom

Women like beauty and color. Therefore, if you want to apply the concept of shabby chic bedroom ideas to your mind, then you can try a floral pattern in shabby chic style for a small bedroom. This concept is indeed simple because you don’t use a lot of furniture products in the bedroom.

It’s just that you have to use soft colors in every corner of the room and have floral decoration. The floral pattern decoration may be coming from the bedsheet and the pillow cover. You can choose flower-patterned bed sheets with a white background.

Meanwhile, you have to adjust the color of the bedroom with the concept of shabby chic theme which generally uses a white accent. Here, you can give white on the walls and ceiling. Your bed must also be white, especially for the headboard. It will look more natural when there is light shining in this room. It is also not a bad idea to add some decorative items on the walls, tables, and other parts of the bedroom.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Vibrant Wallpaper

Shabby Chic Bedroom With Vibrant Wallpaper
image credit @brightyellowdoor

You can choose a style and design for your room as you wish. A shabby chic bedroom is one of the best ideas for an elegant women’s room concept that you can give a variety of touches to in every part of the room. For example, you can apply a shabby chic theme with vibrant wallpaper decorations.

Vibrant wallpaper makes your bedroom feel cool and looks charming. However, you must choose soft background colors such as light blue, light purple, and white. In fact, the shabby chic style is not coming from the wallpaper, but it is coming from the accent that you use on the bed.

In this case, the shabby chic bedroom ideas must be white to make it look adorable and elegant. Still, white is dominating the color of the bedroom, but this room will be more interesting if you add a big rug on the floor. In addition, the bed frame also looks shabby in bright white. This bedroom is perfect for girls’ bedrooms who want harmony and elegance.

High Attic Bedroom with A Mixture of Shabby Chic and Hippy Style

High Attic Bedroom With A Mixture Of Shabby Chic And Hippy Style

A small bedroom does not always have a low attic. In a certain case, you can choose a bedroom with a high attic and then you can apply a shabby chic theme that makes your bedroom more radiant and elegant. Basically, this bedroom applies two concepts at once, they are shabby chic and hippy style.

The shabby chic bedroom ideas concept always uses white in certain parts, while the hippy style comes from the brown flooring. It looks so classy for a dormitory bedroom because it also comes with a variety of beautiful decorations that give a soft touch to every corner. You can add a table lamp or pendant lamp so your bedroom can sparkle at night.

Meanwhile, you can build a window with transparent glass so that light can enter freely during the day. Furniture completeness also influences the design of your shabby chic bedroom. Choose some furniture products made from wood and painted in white accents.

Grey Shabby Chic Bedroom for Teenager

Grey Shabby Chic Bedroom For Teenager

A shabby chic bedroom ideas doesn’t always have to use white, but you can also apply light gray colors that look more modern and cheerful. Even though it uses a gray accent, it still belongs to a girl’s room because this bedroom is equipped with decorative lights that add to the beauty of the room.

This bedroom looks cramped because it uses a large bed. Nevertheless, it still looks elegant thanks to the lighting and decorations used. Since you use gray, you don’t need to provide lighting from the window because that will make the room look boring.

You can let the lighting of the flickering lights that you put on your headboard. To add aesthetic value, you can display some photo frames on the wall and make sure the images are on grayscale. This bedroom becomes the favorite concept if you don’t like more colors.

Little Queen Shabby Chic Pink Bedroom

Little Queen Pink Bedroom

You can create a beautiful bedroom for your little girl with a shabby chic theme using light pink. This little queen shabby chick pin looks so adorable and looks neat. This is the best shabby chic bedroom for girls with the princess theme locked up in the castle. Basically, this bedroom still uses white as the main accent.

Meanwhile, a table comes in pink and also pink bed sheets. This little queen shabby chic bedroom also looks so cramped and has little lighting. Therefore, you must add lights that will make this bedroom look sparkling. A touch of decoration might be enough to make this bedroom look sweet and pretty.

It really looks luxury for a girl bed despite it doesn’t use expensive stuff. Also, you may add a small rug on the floor that can cover the floor to give a better look and design.

DIY Headboard for Shabby Chic Bedroom

DIY Headboard

A shabby chic bedroom ideas doesn’t always use expensive decorations. You can make it yourself. You can start with the headboard. A DIY headboard is the best choice to save costs. You can use a simple panel to form a headboard. However, you must choose a color that suits the theme of your room.

Here, you can choose bright colors like white or light blue. In addition to the color choices, you also have to adjust the room lighting. To add value to beauty, you can decorate your room with lights twinkling above the headboard. Don’t use colorful lights because it can change the concept of your bedroom.

Since you want a shabby chic themed bedroom, you still use white lights. White color is also coming from the wall and bed sheet. This is the cheapest shabby chic bedroom you could possibly apply for your daughter’s bedroom.

Natural Elements in Shabby Chic Bedroom

Natural Elements In Shabby Chic

If you prefer natural themed bedrooms, then you should add decor to your room in green. Still, a shabby chick bedroom must use a white accent for every corner so that it produces contrasting and sparkling colors. This will also have a big influence on the decoration of your room.

For example, you can add decorative leaves on your headboard in a circular shape. In addition, you can also add flower pots that you place on the table.

The natural shabby chic bedroom ideas concept is truly a favorite choice for nature lovers. Those who prefer a fresh environment will try to apply natural counseling into their bedroom. This shabby chic bedroom is suitable for a woman’s bedroom who wants harmony in the environment.

At least, some items in the room still look modern with a little classic style. People will assume that this concept is very easy to apply. In fact, this theme is a bit time consuming because you have to deal with a lot of things. In addition, you also need to be more creative in trying this shabby chic bedroom idea. The easiest to apply is color selection because you only need to use white as the base color and then you only need to combine it with other bright colors.

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