27+ The Best Sleepover Ideas for Your Wonderful Party

Sleepover ideas – Party is a chunk of our life. It is held to celebrate something valuable like birthday, wedding, graduation, funeral, bachelor, etc. A party can be a simple occasion at home, attended by close relatives, or a luxurious dinner in an elite hotel, inviting some famed celebrities together with a live concert.

In the modern day, when people regard reputation more than ever, the size, guest and location will also considered as a pride and stated their status among the others.  Just look at Hollywood A-list stars. They even rent an island exclusively for wedding, which is broadcasted in national TVs.

Now, we go down to the type of parties available in the country. To be honest, we can’t let sleepover out of the discussion. It is one of the parties we have, held by kids, teenagers and sometimes adults. We also know sleepover as a pajama party.

Sleepover is a party where a guest or some guests are invited to come. It is not only attend and go home afterwards, they also stay for one night at their friend house. Most sleepovers are for birthday party or other special occasion like sweet seventeen, Valentine’s Day, the list goes on.

Some people agree that sleepover is a phase of life for kids or teenagers, when they begin to gain independence. It is also a marking point where they have to improve their social relationship other than families and close relatives.

Other than sleepover, we have a lock in party. The different is, a lock in is held in particular place, and it is not a home. It can be a school or a church.

At the beginning, the sleepovers were separated between boys and girls. But, start from 1990, some parents has begun to allow their children attending co-ed sleepovers.

It means that boys and girls can stay together for one night. As expected, they have split opinions about the trend. Some writers criticized the trend and said that it opened a possibility of sexual harassment, especially for girls. However, girls are the most vulnerable and have higher risk than boys.

But, others have different opinion; they think it is a safer option for teenager as they can watch them out. If the sleepover held outside, it will be more dangerous. We believe both opinions are right, however, they have their own pros and cons and we will let you have the final say. Agree?

Set aside the debates. We are here to give you some ideas on what activities you can do during a sleepover. Most of them are adjustable as we aimed when we made it. It means you can modify the rules, size, based on particular situation. Just be creative and you’ll get the better alternative. Let’s get it started!

Are you confusing when it comes to organize a great party for the kids, tween or teens? If you are a teen yourself and don’t want your parents get perplexed, you should look for great ideas to make your friends impressed. It’s not that easy. Well, you will be stunned as there are some wonderful ideas to pick and choose on how to hold a spectacular and extraordinary sleepover!


We begin with kids as fun can be very simple for them. They can have fun making their popcorn with various flavors in the kitchen. The joy of getting it done will be hilarious. But, keep watching their activity for safety. After that, they can watch the latest cartoon movie in themed pajamas.  


As for tweens, you can give them more interesting activities, such as making custom friendship bracelets in the specific room. If you expect more impressive occasion and experience, you may provide tents for them to camp at the back yard. Just make sure your place is safe from wild and poisonous animals. Furthermore, they love selfies, right?

So, you need to delivers enough lighting as some smartphones are not working well in the dark. Some additional backgrounds will finalize the venue. For the beverage, make sure that no one brings alcohols. One of the games they may play is playing Truth or Dare.

Sleepover Ideas

As we previously said, no need to worry about that. We have listed some for your inspiration regarding sleepover ideas.



The first thing you need to do is looking the perfect and unique design. Besides, you need to give detailed and clear information about the sleepover requirements. It is better to include the directions, exact time and stuff to bring.  You may mention the theme of the party.

Matching Pajamas

Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas is a super fun activity for kids. Please mention this in the invitation to make them prepared. Or you can just give the children the matching pajamas game when they come. Of course you have it well prepared before the sleepover.

Movie Frenzy

In this occasion, you can pick new or old movies. More often than not, they don’t know classic yet amazing movies. Hence, you need to select them appropriately based on their genre. Moreover, consider the time, if the movies are short-timed, it means they can watch several movies in one night.

Comfort them with tons of pillows, cool beverages and snack. Sitting on the sea of pillows, watching fantastic movies while enjoying popcorn in their favorite flavors. What a life!


Popcorn Bar Idea

 No movies go without popcorn on your side. Yes! Make some bar for popcorn, prepare different topping and flavor. If you don’t want to be busy on how to serve their need, you can teach them how to make it on their own, and let them continue. Trust me; they will love to do it. You may hope that they can sleep before sunrise.


Indoor Camping

You have two choices, indoor camping or outdoor camping. If you believe the place is safe and they are not having allergy or something when staying outside, you may choose outdoor camping. Nevertheless, we recommend indoor camping as it is a safer option. Plan the camping well, like having a fake fire pit, provide sleeping tents, blankets, pillows for each kid and accessories like wildlife stuffs to make it as close as possible to wildlife. Add some crazy activities like coloring wall, artificial animals or even tree houses.

Princess Theme

Princess Paradise

Build or just rent a magnificent castle for the children. Yup, this one is suitable for girls, as princess thing, somehow, always attracts them. You need to make sure that pink dominates the decoration and accessories. Again, you may add some lovely activities like an princess election, making crown, or telling wonderful stories to please them.



As the nights creeping in, the temperature is getting colder. So, provide enough housecoats to warm them during the movie frenzy. We believe they love to run inside them.

Star Wars

Star Wars

This is a perfect pick if you have a Star Wars addict in the house. Set up a fully Star Wars themed sleepover, together with other superheroes if you want. Apply proper decoration, give them pre-make Darth Vader mask and print different character for coloring activities. May the Force be with you!

Tea Party

Tea Party

 A little bit classic choice, but you can adapt by using princess themed tea party, and one of the children become the sleeping beauties.  Prepare delicious cookies, remarkable teacups. To top the party, set up some stunning crowns to wear and the color should match the dresses. After the party chit-chat, you can give a kiss for your sleeping beauty before she goes to bed. Lovely!


Unicorn Slime

I strongly recommend this to spend the night. It is a super cool activity and will star in your party! Children love slime because they can from everything they want. Look at how they enjoy the slipping slimes between their fingers.


This will be great for younger children. They need to sit in a circle, one will say a message slowly on their friend’s ear and then delivers to the others. The last should say the message.


Sleepover Tents

You can do this in two ways, one big comfortable tent for all the kids to sleep in over the night. Or, you can provide individual tent for every child. In the tent, they will get sleep masks, pillows, blanket, and headbands.


Friendship Bracelets

Bracelets are always fascinating stuff for both boys and girls. You can ask them to clinch their friendship forever using a unique, crazy, and funny friendship bracelet. You will have them beg for more and you may have to force them to go to bed.


Unicorn Eye Masks

Even it is not Halloween time; I bet children love to wear masks. Get some masks material and make them cutting, gluing and sticking. They will enjoy making their own masks, coloring them at their will.


Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

You can ask them to come early and ask them to make the cookies. Here, they can give any accessories or topping on it. After finished they can exchange the cookies and pick the favorite one.

Pillow War

Pillow War

Provide soft and cushion pillows to get them ready for battle! They will compete to defeat each other and be the winner. For their amusement, you can give the winner and loser some presents.

Pizza Time

Pizza Times

 It is a trick to feed them and having fun altogether. They can cook their custom pizza, topping or flavor. After all, you need to make sure all of the children get their share. Probably you imagine a total mess afterwards, but, considering that the children are happy as hell, you won’t mind to clean up.


Game Night

Undoubtedly, games must exist, whatever your party is. Sleepover is the one which desperately needs it. Go to nearest board game store to get affordable board games. Before you go home, check the parts cautiously, as small things may be missing during the packaging. Make sure the games are wonderful and extraordinary.  


Spa Night

Give an A class spa to relax for your teenagers before they step in to their bed. The service includes soaking feet while they drink juice and painting their nails. Wow, it’s a heaven on earth time!

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

Provide enough chocolate bar and beverages, to eat and drink for all night. The fun is they can make their own chocolate based on their taste and preferences. More sugar, different topping, hot or cool, big sized bar, love shaped, everything they want. Remember to put the marshmallows!



It is such a valuable thing in every party. You can give some different themed background and they will love to take selfies on each spot.


Photo Booth

This one needs beautiful, funny and even silly props. Prepare some fake moustaches, beard, funny sunglasses, unique hats and ridiculous masks. It will be memorable moments for the rest of their life.


No Boys Allowed

Well, I guess I don’t need to waste the time explaining. It’s all girls world. Painting nails, taking selfies, wefie, add some as you wish. Put millions of colorful bright balloons, big signs and also shining decoration.

Truth or Dare

Truth Or Dare

It is an ageless and fun game! It can make you shout, scream, laugh or even shocked! It is a time when they reveal their secret side. For us, it can make them know each other more and having great time together.


Midnight Snack

 Other than popcorn, you have to prepare snack to complete their gossiping time. It is always fun to talk about a cute and adorable guy at school when you stay up late with BFFs while you eating snack.



After the party, we are sure that the children have some meal left between their teeth. Get them to brush their teeth before go to bed. Some of the kids may think it is not fun, but their parents will absolutely on your side.

Well, that’s all we have to inspire your sleepover ideas. Remember, you can always modify them if you want. You can share your experience in the comment section below and feel free to add some great ideas. Good luck fellas!

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