Swing Set Plans

Swing Set Plans – For us as a parent of course always try how to make our childrens always happy, one of the ways that we can do is to make swing set for them.

there are so many ways you can make your children or grandchildren can have fun like by making them a swing device. will likely last for many years, as you make your own and design cost and quality planning.

To make your garden more pleasing and to give a pleasant gift to your children, swing set plans is a good thing to have. It is not only charming as a decor but also give a boundless joy to your children as well. You can make them happy only by letting them playing in your backyard, isn’t it?

However, you have to choose which swing set plans suit you well. You can measure what suits you based on the space you have, the materials you can afford, and of course the time you have to build this. So, which swing set plans is yours?


Swing Set Plans

1 Basic Wooden Swing Set Plans from HGTV

Basic Wooden Swing Set Plans from HGTV

first we will discuss the most simple and easy it is classic swing set. This swing set is really simple, because it only takes 2 swing and simple wooden frame.

For more details hgtv will provide a detailed explanation of what things you need and with more of color photos by step how to build. Read More

2 Free Swing Establish Set Plan from Popular Mechanics

Free Swing Establish Set Plan From Popular Mechanics

this free swing set plans is great choice for you who want to get shorcut and want to have swing set plans within a week. You do not have to hire a contractor, just make project from scratch.

With some kit and purchased lumber you can make it. suppose you’ll just spend $ 350 on lumber and some buck to pick up kits. The kits is includes bolts, screws, and brackets. Read more

3 Swing Set Plan from View Along the Way

Swing Set Plan From View Along The Way

if you have thousand buck budget, do not waste it just like that. You get more what you expected more than swing set plans for price thousand bucks.
View along the way can help you just how with the thousand buck you can get swing set for your kids based on popular style.They will give you detail explanation everything you need to build your own swing set plans including attached swing set, diagrams, photos and complete plans. Read more

4 Tree Swing Plan from Mother Earth News

Tree Swing Plan From Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News give recommendation old-fashioned tree swing for you who don’t like soo much project and waste more time. He will teach you how to build the old-fashioned tree swing that more give impression and so your kids or your next generation always remember you by.

All you need just some materials like hand saw, sandpaper, wood rasp, rope, fittings, rope, etc. But the most important is you have to choose right tree. the right tree characteristics is open ground, growing parallel and not so high off from the ground. be carefull! make sure you have chosen strong tree so will not break. Read more

5 Ana White’s Free Swing Set Plans

Ana White's Free Swing Set Plans

If you want a playhouse include swing set plan that can easy to make modification for stand alone swing set, this swing set plans may suite for you.

Without a playhouse, its swing set would also be used freestanding. So as the truss ends don’t sit completely, she give recommendation that tiny bit pulling the ends the legs out.//

6 DIY Clubhouse Play Set from RYOBI Nation

DIY Clubhouse Play Set From RYOBI Nation

This swing set plans will make them so happy since it seems like a real house, and inside, your children can play anything they want with their friend, while eating chocolate and cookies. Such a good place for them to socialize and to mingle with others!

7 Freestanding Swing Set Plan from All Thumbs Do It Yourself

Freestanding Swing Set Plan From All Thumbs Do It Yourself

Unlike the clubhouse swing set, it has no play area. But, this one will suit you who have a small backyard because it won’t take too much space.

Made by treated wood, it gives a solid look and strong structure. Moreover, there are some supports in this swing set plan, consist of the main beam located in the middle of the swing horizontally, two lateral and vertical supports, and also a pair of ground supports.

8 Homemade Swing Set Plan from Mother Earth News

Homemade Swing Set Plan from Mother Earth News
mother earth news

If you want a classing swing set plans that have a classic look and strong, with slide to make your children happier, then you can use this DIY Swing Set Plans from Mother Earth. Besides the slide, there is also a ladder and deck plate as a place for your children to socialize and looking down to see what happens under them.

9 Modern A-Frame Swing Set Plan from HGTV

modern a frame swing set plans from hgtv

With simple wood plank made for those 3 swings, not only give you a good place to take a photo, but also a good place to talk to your friends! But, this swing set plans is not too good for children under 5 years old, since they can easily fall without supervision. In addition, you must pay attention when you screw the swings.

10 The DIY ultimate Swing Set

Diy Ultimate Swing Set

Who said that outbound activity can only be done in some tourism site or theme parks? You can also do that activity in your backyard by this ultimate swing set plans.

This swing set consists of a slide, two swings, play areas, and also a net that connects one play area to another! This installation is challenging for your children and will amuse them as well! And another good thing is, it is made by wood so it looks natural and classic.

11 The DIY Friendly Swing Set

The DIY Friendly Swing Set
swing set plans

Maybe your children are too bored to swing alone. How about swinging together with a friend? To make that dream comes true, all you have to do is build this swing set plans!

You just have to follow the instruction carefully, screw all the brackets tightly, and install a regular swing and also a seesaw swing! You can buy a seesaw swing which has a good quality of ropes.

12. The Club House Swing Set

The Club House Swing Set

This swing set plans is absolutely adorable to consider. It has a building that is classified the club. And then there are slides and also swings affixed to the exterior.

Though this set appears to need a bit more ‘handyman’ skill. It still looks entirely achievable and like great deals of fun for the children.

13. The Dream Outdoor Wood Playset

The Dream Outdoor Wood Playset

Increase your children imagination skill with this woody swing set plans. It is not only made from wood and make it look classic and simple. Also, it has a big size and has four parts.

First part is a two-levels play area. It is wide enough to accommodate more than 3 children and let them play anything they want. Second, there is a bridge connecting that play area and a slide. Third, there are two swings under that bridge. And the last is the slide itself.

14. The Simple Wooden Swing Set

The Simple Wooden Swing Set

We guess maybe you till now don’t have area or perhaps wish to have actually a full blown swing set in your yard. Yet you wouldn’t mind having simply the swings.

It is actually a regular swing set plans. But who needs a complicated one if your backyard is small? You just need a regular one that can bring joy not only for your children but for you.

15. The Homemade Playset

The Homemade Playset

There is a climbing area and also play area, but not too big and has a simple square shape. Also, there is an attractive yellow slide between them and the swings. The support is strong enough for you to make swings with big planks, so not only for children, adults can play in this swing set plans too.

16. The Modern A Frame Swing Set

The Modern A Frame Swing Set

Are you searching for a swing established that would be simpler to construct? Well, after that check this one out. The style is fundamental.

But it attracts attention for the style also. And if you don’t prefer to have anything other than swings then this would certainly be a great choice becauses of that as well.

17. The DIY Swing Set

The DIY Swing Set

Sometimes, parents feel unsafe when letting their children play in the climbing area of the swing set plans. They are afraid if their children are not careful enough that they slip and fall there.

This swing set plans will overcome that worry. With the ramp, they can walk to the play area without slip or fall. Moreover, the play area looks like a minimalist and simple tree house, so that they can imagine being in a house of their own.

18. The DIY Playground

The DIY Playground

This swing set plans offers you a complete, but easy to build concept and also save for your children! As the swing set plans described before, this swing set has a ramp as a way for your children to get into the play area, a slide, and also two swings.

19. The Rock Wall Swing Set

The Rock Wall Swing Set

This swing set plans with rock wall really suit the children (or teenagers) who loves an extreme exercise! There is no play area, no slide, but there is a swing, and rock wall of course!

20. The Swing Set and Play House Combo

The Swing Set And Play House Combo
If your children want to have a private place to play, this is a good play area plus a swing set! This swing set plan consist of two simple swings, a stair that leads you to a playset with the high fence.

21. The Airplane Swing

The Airplane Swing

This is a swing all children are dreaming of! When other swing set plans offer regular shape and concept of swings, this one offers an airplane swing that can make your children feel like they are a classic airplane pilot.

Your little children will be so happy to swing on this red airplane! The installation is still, easy. You just have to build the supports made from wood/iron, then screw the rope of that airplane into the main beam. Voila, you have your unique swing set plans.

22. The Stand Alone Swings

The Stand Alone Swings

Maybe this swing set plans is too boring for your toddler, but as a house decoration, it is so classy. Moreover, if your house has a Japanese style, this is a good stuff to be built in front of your house. It also doesn’t take much space, therefore, rather than build a gazebo as decoration, you can pick this one.

23. The Wooden Playset Project

The Wooden Playset Project

This seems like regular playset with swing set plans, a play area, and a slide. But when you watch it carefully, then you will realize that there is something different about it.

What is it? There is a sandbox under the playset area. Your children will absolutely love to playing it and it will bring so many advantages. First, sand can enhance physical and cognitive development. Second, sand can stretch your children’s imagination. That is why this swing set plans is the good one to build.

24. The DIY Tree Swing

The DIY Tree Swing
This rustic swing set plans is simple, yet so sweet and brings a bunch of positive vibes. Maybe it is not as joyful as the swing set plans with play area and slide, but it can be a good decoration in front of your house.

25. The Simple Playground

The Simple Playground

The concept is the same with the swing set plans that has been mentioned before, but it has a good painting that makes you love to see it more than just one time.

First, let’s talk about the design. The swing set plans consist of a compact playhouse, slide, one swing, and also sandbox under the playhouse. But look at that maroon roof! The color blends nicely with the color of the woods. This is a good example of how you attract people with small detail!

26. The Wooden Swing Set

The Wooden Swing Set

This is a regular and classic playground that many people has built a swing set plan and we have mentioned it many times before.

But look at the detail. Besides the swings and the play area, there is a climb and a slide. What makes it different is the climb located beside the slide, when usually, the climb is located opposite the slide.

27. The Hanging Tire Swing

The Hanging Tire Swing

If you are low in budget but you want to make an ultimate pleasure for your children, then give them this tire-based swing set plans. This is the classic one, the swing set plans that maybe your parents ever had it too in their childhood. But, it is timeless and funny.

28. Free Standing A Frame Swing Set

Free Standing A Frame Swing Set

There is a net-swing that let your children swing while standing or sitting. That will make them happier and more relax since the net surface is so wide that you can swing thereby bringing some books, or maybe, chocolate and cookies to eat. Such a wonderful swing set plans!

29. The Electric Swing Set

The Electric Swing Set

It is a swing set plans that can turn the kinetic movement of the swing into energy. Yes, energy. The swing is connected into a box that can save electricity transferred from the swing’s movement. You just need to swing and swing to generate more and more electricity. It is such a good idea as new and simple home-based energy source!

30. The Solar Swing Set

The Solar Swing Set

In this picture, we have a compact swing set plans with swing, climbs, and a play area looks like a real house. But there is something more fascinating about it. The roof is using a solar roof that can save energy from the sun and change it into electricity. It can help us doing or activities, such as charging the phone, etc.

31. The Mega Outdoor Jungle Gym

The Mega Outdoor Jungle Gym

You can build this huge jungle gym that consists of a slide, claims, and also swings. The play area is located in the ground, and it is nice for your children to feel the ultimate outdoor sensation.

32. The Backyard Play Structure

The Backyard Play Structure

Beside the swings and the hanging belt, there is something unique about this swing set plans, and it comes from the slide. The slide looks like inspired by a caterpillar and its yellow color is so attractive that makes you want to play there every day.

33. The DIY BackYard Swing Set

The DIY Backyard Swing Set

This swing set plans appears like maybe lots of fun. Since it uses two simple and cheap plastic swings, as well as the hanging bed and slide, you do not have to pay that much. Moreover, you do not need to much wood to build the play area. And if you want to make this swing set plans look more lavish, you can varnish the wood.

34. The Swing Set That Goes Likely To A Playhouse

The Swing Set That Goes To A Playhouse

Better to call it a small house than a swing set plans, actually! The play area looks so compact and real that the structure is similar to the real house.

The swings are located between the vertical supports and the play area, and it will be a good stuff to enjoy when your children already bored playing in the play area.

35. The Tire Swing Playset

The Tire Swing Playset

The play area and slide look like regular play area and slide, but what makes difference is the swings themselves. In this swing set plans, instead of using the planks, it uses two tires for the place to sit and swing.

36. The Big Tire Swing Playset

The Simple Playground

What if the first tire swing set plans tires are too small for you? Then, use the bigger tires. The bigger tire lets your children sit on it comfortably. But remember, the bigger, the heavier. Just make sure that the main beam you used is strong enough to handle those tires.

37. The Swing Frame

The Swing Frame

If you want to make a swing set plans exclusively for your only child, the stand-alone swing set plans is a good idea.

It is simple. Not wonderful and magically joyful like the swing set plans with play area. But, it is classy and won’t take too much space on your backyard. Also, it is easy to build and you can choose the type of swing based on your taste.

38. Easy Backyard Swings

Easy Backyard Swings

You can build swing set plans with only a pair of straight vertical supports and the main beam. First, dig two holes as the place for the supports to stand. Second, after placing those two supports made from wood, fill the space around the supports with concrete mix. Wait until it becomes solid. To make it more interesting, you can change the planks into rubbers as places for the children to swing.

39. Swing Set Plans

This picture is not interesting to see but it is very useful. Why? Because not only give a good swing set plans, it contains real plans to make swing-set. And there is some stuff that you have to learn:

  • The angle of the supports: To make strong supports, you have to build it with the right angles as written in this swing set plans
  • Follow the steps: Do not ever read it randomly. Read it from above.
  • Pay attention to the details: The big parts such as swings and supports are important.
  • But still, pay attention to the other parts such as old pipe made for the hanging belts, the size of the tires, etc.

40. The Simple Swing Set Plans

The Simple Swing Set Plans

This is a good simple swing set plans that you can easily build. First, you have to measure the lumber. Second, after you have the lumber at the right size, then start to dig two holes as the place for two vertical supports. Connect those two vertical supports with the main beam. Last but not less important, tie the swings’ ropes to the main beam, and also tie them to the plank.

41. The Swing Set Plans

The Swing Set Plans

This picture shows you how to build a simple swing set plans. It is written in good detail so you can easily understand how to build a simple swing set plans. Do not forget to put two swings in the middle and to measure the beam, so that the swings set remains balance and you won’t get hurt when swinging.

42. The Super Fun Playset

The Super Fun Playset

Colours do not exist only to make some differences in this world. Furthermore, colors can affect people’s psychology. In this swing set plans’ case, all the parts are painted with bright yellow. What can it bring? Of course, it attracts people to play in it.

So, if you want your children to be joyful when playing, you can build a swing set plans full with yellow color. This is a regular playground and swing set plans, with slide, climbed, play area, and of course swings, but all of them are yellow! So bright isn’t it?

43. The Play Fort

The Play Fort

To build this swing set plans, first you have to think about the concept of the play area, then, give a lumber as main-beam for the swing. This one is good for you who has a small backyard but want to make a good quality of playground.


Not only swinging, pick and build the swing set plans based on your choice also can bring joy for you and also for your children! But remember to build it carefully so that it can be a safe playground for your children and their friends as well.

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  1. Nice blog. I think swing set is the best choice for kids backyard fun and can make a memorable childhood for kids. In my childhood, I have a swing set. It was my best memory of my childhood. so I want to give my kids a colorful childhood with a swing set fun. thanks for sharing a nice blog. I just back my childhood.

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