28 Classy walk in closet ideas : Design, Storage And Decorating

Looking for walk in closet ideas? Changing room or walk-in closet, is the best ally of our appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, the changing room will take care of both your style and clothes.

In addition, they usually become our best friends in the morning, which will give us comfort and help find what we are looking for faster.

Walk In Closet Design Ideas

But sometimes, we only have a very small or limited space to make a walk-in closet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it with great design and style, as we have described here.

1. Wood Walk In Closet With Cool Lighting

Wood Walk In Closet With Cool Lighting

Instead of complicated clothes to take in the walk in closet, then move to dress up to the room, why not put up the dressing table there? You can save time in dressing up and your closet is also more useful than just storing clothes.

If you are a shoe lover and have a large collection of shoes, you can place a shoe rack in the middle of the walk in closet. Make a collection of shoes as decoration and the main focus of your walk in closet design.

2. White Luxury Like  King Space

2. White Luxury Walk In Closet Ideas

Yup, there is nothing better than white, sometimes. Yes, you can decorate the walk in closet using the ‘holiday’ walk in closet ideas.

Choose a beige woven carpet, then paint the entire furniture using white and install wood panels on the ceiling. Don’t forget to add a rattan basket for storage of goods.

3. Walk in Closet with Accessories Display

Walk In Closet With Accessories Display

You can use the holes in your home and make a cabinet design that matches the shape of the holes. You can adjust the storage to the shape of the room and install a basket or rack to place your things.

4. Luxury Walk In Closet with Shoe Rack– Key to Shoes Storage

4. Luxury Walk In Closet With Shoe Rack– Key To Walk In Closet Ideas

Walk in closet is generally narrow and placed in a corner of the room so it feels dark and increasingly narrow. Try making a walk in closet in a windowed area for better lighting. Natural light will make the room feel spacious and clothes free from fungus and bacteria.

Even though your room is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a walk in closet. Just make a shelf and cabinet to make a partition for the corner of your room. Then wake up walk in closet and dressing table there. No need to install the door, just let it be bulkheaded.

5. Beautiful Walk In Closet with Glass Racks

5. Beautiful Walk In Closet Ideas With Glass Racks

You can also give glass as a divider between the bed and walk in closet. Besides being easy to do, glass will make your closet look attractive, modern and unique. However, you must keep the closet neat, yes, because all your things will be seen from the outside. This is an amazing walk in closet ideas.

Cedar wood, or what is known as cedar in Indonesian, is wood originating from Lebanon. This wood is slightly reddish in color so it is beautiful to look at. Another bonus: able to eliminate unpleasant odors, such as the smell of musty clothes or the smell of shoes, and anti-termites!

6. Big Space with Flooring To Ceiling Wardrobe

6. Big Walk In Closet With Flooring To Ceiling Wardrobe Walk In Closet Ideas

Put the sofa or love seats in the middle of the room walk in your closet. Your friends can sit in the middle when you are picking out clothes. You can also lie down and enjoy solitude surrounded by your favorite items. It’s fun, right?

Try choosing a sofa with a different color than the colors of other furniture in the room. This will give a touch of beautiful contrast. To add a touch of luxury to the walk in closet, add a chandelier in the middle of the room. You can install it on the island or sofa.

Choose a chandelier model and the right size for your room so it doesn’t feel ‘heavy on top’. If your closet is brightly colored, choose a chandelier with lots of crystal ornaments. If your closet is dark, choose a chandelier that is also dark in color with beautiful and unique patterns that stand out.

Given that walk-in closet is usually dark and narrow, why not just choose white for all furniture and accessories? White will make the room feel lighter and more spacious. Choose cabinets, drawers, shelves, sofas, until the white hanger. You can also add metallic accents to give a different touch to the walk in closet ideas.

Not only for women’s closets, white is also suitable for men’s closets. Hang all your clothes there according to color or gradation to make it look more beautiful and neat.

7. High-end Walk In Closet with Seating Area

7. High End Walk In Closet With Seating Area

If you choose a walk in closet that looks professional and gender neutral, please choose a dark color with a minimalist style. Choose shelves and cabinets made of wood and dark brown. Choose white hard ware, floors, and accessories so that there are contrasting colors.

Paint the walls with dark gray and light gray. Add a light brown carpet to provide a warm atmosphere.You can enter Scandinavian interior design that is simple but beautiful. The result is a walk in closet that looks neat, minimalist, but still beautiful.

Choose cabinet materials, shelves, and walls made of beige wood. Expand the area to hang clothes and try to make the drawers slim and uniform. Shelves can also be made neat and parallel to the entire room with this walk in closet ideas.

8. Wood Luxurious Walk In Closet Ideas

8. Wood Luxurious Walk In Closet Ideas – Improvement Of Walk In Closet Ideas

Woods and mirror can never go wrong. Different from the other walk-in closet which is always open, you can put a mirror on all the cabinet doors and closet drawers.

Your closet will look spacious and neat because all the clothes are invisible. Besides that you can reflect easily!. If you have to share walk in closet with a partner or relative of the opposite sex, you must make the closet look neat and separate from each other. This is the hardest part of walk in closet ideas sometimes.

You can make a walk in closet in the corner of the room so that the right side of his left has the same length. Choose one side for women and only one for men. Want to keep it genderless? Choose white for the cabinet, then black for the accessories, such as a sofa placed in the middle of the room. Carpet with a combination of black and white can also beautify it.

9. Small Walk In Closet Ideas

9. Small Walk In Closet Ideas

Don’t be too greedy about size. Not interested in walking in a closet that only has neutral shades, why not just play colors of walk in closet ideas?. Indeed, sometimes the color game will make the walk in closet feel crowded, especially if your clothes are colorful.

The trick is to choose a white cabinet and shelf. Make sure the cabinet for hanging clothes also has a white door. Shape colorful patterns on the ceiling or closet floor. Use colorful boxes or baskets to give a touch of color in the room. In addition, choose a matching chair with colorful patterns so as not to seem tacky and messy.

10. Large Deluxe With Modern Minimalist Design

10. Large Deluxe Walk In Closet Ideas

If we only have a few meters to place a cupboard or make a dressing room, then the best choice is to design and then order a cupboard that suits your tastes, needs and the space you have at home.

If we need to make a small room very useful, effective and efficient, then we need to choose a minimalist design and simple shape, which allows us to put more furniture in the space. Make a simple design, combined with several mirrors, which will be a unique blend and suitable for limited space with amazing walk in closet ideas.

11. Luxury Walk In Closet with Customized Cabinetry

11. Luxury Walk In Closet With Customized Cabinetry– Secret Walk In Closet Ideas

The best choice to be able to take advantage of the space that we have, is to build a special set of storage areas in this special one among walk in closet ideas, which allows you to have space for all your belongings, and help you avoid buildup. And to complete it, you can use several boxes or plastic containers, with different sizes.

So that the settings can be better and so that the design looks better, you can divide your room. There is no need to make massive divisions, sometimes just using a few colored borders such as natural wood edges in the corner of the room as you see in the photo above, will help you make a clear division of space, without taking up much space. Another good choice is to change the layout of your storage design.

12. Large Clothing Bench

12. Large Walk In Closet With Clothing Bench

To better utilize the space we have, we can create a multifunctional or versatile environment. Remember that your home is a three-dimensional area, not two dimensions. And, don’t limit your mind to the area or width of the area you have, but also use its height to maximize the use of your walk in closet ideas.

13. Wooden Walk In Closet Ideas with Dressing Island

13. Wooden Walk In Closet Ideas With Dressing Island

If you have a small house, then you shouldn’t let dead spots in it. You can use the corridor, corner or space under your stairs to place a cupboard where you can store the clothes you use regularly. You can also divide it according to season, to make a better arrangement.

14. Masculine Walk in Closet Ideas with Men Suits

Masculine Walk In Closet Ideas With Men Suits

You can make a small walk-in closet by using a simple structure and some hooks as shown in the photo above. Shapes like this will help you sort through items that sometimes stack up in the corner and take up a lot of space such as bags, ties and scarves.

15. Walk in Closet with Chest of Cabinets

15. Walk In Closet With Chest Of Cabinets

So that your wardrobe looks more stylish, then you should use your own design. Make sure the colors are attractive, have handles and shelves with contrasting colors, and you can add a little lighting on the top to give a more glamorous touch. Yup, this is the key to glamour walk in closet ideas.

Walk-in closet is a space for storing personal equipment such as clothes, bags, shoes, and others. Unlike a wardrobe or wardrobe, walk-in closet is more to the storage area that is tailored to the characteristics of the item, so it can be well coordinated and easy to store and search.

As the name implies, the walk-in closet allows users to walk through it. Well, if the user can get through it, surely its size is bigger than an ordinary wardrobe or walk in closet ideas. The walk-in closet is attached to the wall and cannot be moved or placed anywhere.

This space is usually a zone with a bathroom located in the bedroom, so it blends with the place to dress up. The process of bathing into one unit by choosing clothes and decoration, so that out of the bedroom is in a neat condition. To get maximum grooming results, the walk-in closet is equipped with a large mirror and bright enough lights.

16. Wood Luxurious Walk in Closet Ideas with Withdraw System

Wood Luxurious Walk In Closet Ideas With Withdraw System

Storage systems with retractable systems can help us to make better use of the space, with the benefit that they will only take up space when needed. Otherwise they will remain hidden, and make you have more space. You can add some texture to the design or color strokes to match your wardrobe to the room you have.

Or you can also choose a design or motif and print it on vinyl, and adjust it to your wardrobe. Walk-in closet also needs to be equipped with lights that turn on automatically when opening the closet door and taking clothes, the lights turn off after we close the closet.

We recommend using halogen lamps with bright lights or small fluorescent lamps with adequate light intensity to this walk in closet ideas, so they are able to show the original color of clothes in the closet. So, we do not mistakenly choose or make a mistake unified color matching.

Seeing its shape, the walk-in closet is made according to the user’s needs, the shape of the room, and the size of the room, so that the walk-in closet is made according to the order (customized). Walk-in closet is not only for adults, it can also be used for children and teenagers. Of course the size made also considers safety and comfort in wearing it.

17. Fancy Walk In Closet in Monochrome– The Best walk in closet ideas

17. Fancy Walk In Closet In Monochrome– The Best Walk In Closet Ideas

Black and white are simple and charismatic. You can put a shoe cabinet at the bottom of the stairs or some cupboard to store your jacket and jacket on the walls of the hallway or corridor of your home. Thus you will always have everything, and your house will be neat without having to reduce more space.

It doesn’t matter if your room is small, most importantly, don’t lose style. If what you want is a beautiful dressing room, you can choose a wardrobe with a bright surface material, and add a little lighting to create a spectacular room and walk in closet ideas design.

Your needs need to be carefully calculated before ordering this walk-in closet. Besides clothes, storage bags, shoes and accessories need to be prepared, such as belts, scarves, veils, watches, hats, and others. After registering the type of goods to be stored, determine also the amount and character of the goods. Do you need to hang the storage method, or placed in a cardboard.

To make a clean room, walk-in closet needs to use a closed door to protect it from dirt and dust. If there is a storage section that will be exposed, then there is no harm in the door being glassed or open. Indeed, sometimes there are items that are included as collections, which at any time are unsightly, this cabinet can be added with lighting and sliding doors or folding of glass as your walk in closet ideas.

18. Large Walk In Closet In Wood with Island

18. Large Walk In Closet In Wood With Island

Want to have an old-fashioned atmosphere in your walk in closet? select furniture and cabinets that have classic and bulky models. Also try coloring it all with dark brown paint. Since this room will look heavy and dark, add some yellowish light and window.

Don’t forget to install the window seat sofa under the window for one of your walk in closet ideas. If you use the term retail store, the island is a kiosk that is only a cabinet table. Like the shops in famous department stores, the island can also be used in your walk in closet.

You can install an island cabinet in the middle of the walk in closet. In addition to filling the void of the room, the island serves to store accessories. You can store, tie, watch, belt, or jewelry at the top of the island. Then use the glass as a lid to make it look like a store window.

19. Walk In Closet with Vanity Section

19. Walk In Closet With Vanity Section

Doors can be very useful for closing your storage area, but sometimes, they take up more space than is needed. Therefore, you can replace your door with a romantic cloth curtain. You will have a very soft, classic and even elegant decoration, without having to make big changes in your bedroom.

If your wardrobe is small, you can add some accessories nearby, or place some elements to close the room’s gaps. For example a simple walk-in closet that has a wooden cupboard, a dressing table with a mirror, and an area to hang your blazer, coat or jacket, where everything seems to be part of your room.

20. Large Walk In Closet with Carpet

Large Walk In Closet With Carpet

Basic or standard designs are usually considered boring. But in reality, they are more stylish and elegant. And to make them look better, we encourage you to use them in neutral colors, and with natural materials such as wood. This will make your environment feel lighter and neat.

What an amazing walk in closet ideas! You can also add carpet to make it more neat. After the needs and characteristics of the items to be stored are known, just pay attention to the volume. Can be formulated the size of the module that will be used on the walk in closet, the shape and size of the walk-in closet elements such as doors, shelves, drawers, and hanging areas. Modules are the size of each unit that will be used repeatedly.

No less important is the type and frequency of usage. Items that are often used are placed in a cupboard that is easily accessible, while items that are rarely used are stored neatly. The style and color of the walk-in closet can vary, to suit the style of the bedroom and bathroom. Besides being functional, walk-in closet can also look beautiful with the presence of the right lighting.

21. Walk In Closet with Suede Island Bench (To Boost Elegance of walk in closet ideas)

Walk In Closet With Suede Island Bench (To Boost Elegance Of Walk In Closet Ideas)

Want to know the secret to creating an invisible or invisible cupboard? Simple, you only need to replace your door with a mirror. This small change will make the whole room appear wider, and you will see your lighting illuminating all corners of the room. Perfect!

The door of your wardrobe will be your main accessory, and they will also help you decorate the room where they are placed. So choose a beautiful design that is consistent with the overall decoration of the room. And for this purpose wooden cabinets will be ideal, because they are very versatile materials.

22. Modern Minimalist Walk In Closet Style

22. Modern Minimalist Walk In Closet Style

If you have a small room, you can try by attaching a hanger on the wall of the room as clothes storage. In addition, put a level drawer or stacking at the bottom to store your daily shirt.

23. Luxury Walk In Closet With Mirror

23. Luxury Walk In Closet With Mirror

You can also use curtains to make your wardrobe more beautiful. Adjust the color of your room paint together, so it looks more beautiful.

24. Extravagant Design For Storage

24. Extravagant Walk In Closet Ideas

You can use this stacking drawer for storing your jacket, folded sweater or accessories. Because a jacket or sweater is better not to hang, the problem can make the material become stretchy quickly.

25. Wood-style Modern Ideas

25. Modern Walk In Closet Ideas

Simply with a steel coat hanger, and with a small drawer you can already have a boutique-style walk in closet ideas. You can keep the bag at the top that you have given the board before. This concept can also make your room look more spacious.

26. Shoes Rack Wooden Ideas

26. Walk In Closet With Shoe Rack

For those of you who are super tidy, maybe you can try this concept. Save the iron rack in the middle for storing shirts and pants. The left-right is given a hanger, and the bottom for storing shoes.

27. Wooden Storage Design For Clothes

27. Walk In Closet Ideas With Storage

Using a wooden cabinet can also be your choice. You can choose the type of cabinet that is partially open like this. Suitable for you who like simple walk in closet ideas.

28. Artful Organization With Black Wardour

28. Walk In Closet With Artful Organization

If you have an empty room, you can use it like walk-in closet ideas. You can choose a tall, open safe like this. This cabinet is suitable for you who have a lot of stuff, so it’s not messy anymore.

For you who like rustic themes, this concept can be tried. Just use a small iron rack for your clothes hanger, and add greenery on it. It can also add a small table on the side, for storing accessories with those amazing walk-in closet ideas. Also, you can design your walk-in closet ideas with Barndominium Floor, That would be Awesome.

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