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Soldier Booed By GOP Audience Over DADT Joins OH Marriage Equality Push

English: Ohio flag

English: Ohio flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captain Stephen Snyder-Hill, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, has joined in the effort to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in his home state. The catch, Snyder-Hill may not be a famous name, but he is a famous face. During one of the 2011 Republican debates, he asked the GOP candidates if they would reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

For that, Captain Snyder-Hill was booed by the audience.

Snyder-Hill is an Army reservist with eighteen years in the military, and the message that got him booed was recorded while he was on active duty in Iraq.

FreedomOhio is campaigning to overturn the 2004 ban on same-sex marriages that was placed in the Ohio Constitution. At the time, the ban was supported by 62% of the voters, and was part of Ken Mehlman’s push to get President George W. Bush reelected. The measure that FreedomOhio wants to put before the ballot in 2014 would not require churches or other religious institutions to perform or recognize same-sex marriages.



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