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Jesus Christ Gay? Don Imus Thinks It’s Possible

Jesus Christ is just so gay, right?  Er...maybe not.

Jesus Christ is just so gay, right? Er…maybe not.

Was Jesus Christ gay?

Let us review the evidence shall we…

1) According to the Bible, Christ never married.
2) According to the Bible, he spent almost all of his time surrounded by other men
3) Christ was quite the Liberal calling for the support for the poor
4) Christ starred in a musical on Broadway (alright, so it was by Andrew Lloyd Weber, but still).

Well, Kirsten Powers, conservative pundit, decided to phone into Don Imus’ radio show in order to discuss the fight between Laura Ingram and Bill O’Reilly, and they even discussed the use of the Bible in arguing over social issues such as same-sex marriage.

At one point, Imus pointed out “You know there’s a Gospel of Judas floating around. There were hundreds of gospels written, only four made it into the book. There was the Gospel of Thomas, Mary had a gospel, they all had a gospel. But Judas… there’s some indication there that Jesus may have been gay.”

Of course, Powers wasn’t really all that happy with that saying “Oh come on! That’s ridiculous.”

In truth, it would be impossible to find anything in the Bible to indicate that Jesus Christ was gay. While the Gospel of Judas, which is Gnostic in origin, portrays Judas as a close friend of Jesus and a hero, it may not have been written until the third century. Additionally, it may be impossible to actually find any hint of Christ’s sexuality in the Bible.

According to Jewish custom, Christ was suppose to be married since he was a Rabbi. This was not mentioned in the Bible, though indications are that it is there within the Gospel of Mary Magdeline.

Jesuit Priest James Martin told the Huffington Post that “There’s nothing in the Gospel of Judas, or any of the four accepted gospels, that shows in any way that Jesus was gay. He enjoyed the friendship of both men and women. And was affectionate toward them and showed emotion and wept over the death of Lazarus, so we know he was a loving person. As a human, [Jesus] had full human sexuality and like any human being he had sexual desires, but he was unmarried and celibate. And that is all we know about his sexuality.”

Imus is not the first to bring this up, but then again, Bishop V. Eugene Robinson of the US Episcopal Church joked about it on The Daily Show saying “Here’s a guy who — in a culture that virtually demanded marriage — was a single guy, spent most of his time with twelve men, singled out three of them for leadership and one of them is known in the Bible as ‘the one whom Jesus loved. Now I’m not saying Jesus was gay, but let’s be careful to rope this guy in for a husband, wife and 2.2 children model for family. He knew about families of choice, and so do LGBT people.”

Then there’s the fact that Jesus seems to love showing up in places like prisons. After all, it seems like people can’t go five minutes without finding Jesus hanging around a prison…and yes, that was a bit of ajoke.



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