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Marriage Moment Of ‘Aww’, Bride Passes Bouquet To Lesbian Sister

A Marriage Moment Of Awww

A Marriage Moment Of Awww

And now for a moment of awwww….no, not ‘awe’, ‘awww’…Natasha Frost recently got married. The Minnesotan decided to make a gesture that has made its way to YouTube. That gesture involved handing the bouquet of flowers to her sister Nitara.

The reason for the hand off and the gesture…hope that Nitara will soon get married as well. She said at the time:

“My sister [Nitara Frost] and Tabitha exchanged vows seven years ago, and they have this beautiful family. What I wanted to do is give them the bouquet in the hopes that Minnesota lawmakers will actually recognize the right for everyone to marry in [the state] and we’re hoping that happens this year so we can celebrate the final sister’s wedding.”

Here is the video:

I told it was a moment of awww.

Minnesota is debating marriage equality right now. How it pans out has yet to be seen. Minnesota is among the states to recently consider marriage equality laws. Rhode Island recently became the tenth state to legalize same-sex marriage, at least when Governor Lincoln Chaffee signs the bill.

Marriage equality has been gaining a great deal of support across the country even though opposition to it has been fairly strong in some locales.



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