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Pat Robertson Wants To Know Are Kennedy’s Law Clerks Gay?

"Careful, you don't know where that finger's been"- Airplane

“Careful, you don’t know where that finger’s been”- Airplane

Oh Pat Robertson. . .Apparently Pat Robertson cannot get passed the idea that a Supreme Court Justice might actually rule in favor of LGBT rights without, you know, having his work sneakily altered by his clerks who happen to be part of some gay cabal or something. And by Supreme Court Justice, he means Antony Kennedy.

Kennedy is probably one of the most consistently pro-LGBT Justices on the bench. In 1996, he wrote the majority opinion in Romer v. Evans which overthrew attempts to ban non-discrimination. In 2003, he wrote Lawrence v. Texas, overturning bans on sodomy. In 2013, he wrote United States v. Windsor.

On a recent episode of The 700 Club, Robertson asked his guest Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice something odd. He asked “Jay let me ask you about Anthony Kennedy. Does he have some clerks that happen to be gays?”

What this has to do with the price of eggs, we’re not sure.

Now, the Huffington Post notes that “Robertson’s comments may remind some of similar, if less subtle, insinuations made by same-sex marriage opponents in 2011, after it was announced that the federal judge who overturned California’s Proposition 8 was gay. Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, now retired, dismissed any claims of bias, however, as did the majority of legal experts.”

Except that we’re not sure how the two compare either because, in all honesty, Robertson’s comments really don’t sound at all familiar with the claims of bias out of the anti-gay groups following Walker’s decision. Now, if he were accusing Kennedy of being gay and in the closet, that would be a horse of a different stripe.



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One Response to Pat Robertson Wants To Know Are Kennedy’s Law Clerks Gay?

  1. Adamas

    June 29, 2013 at 9:07 am

    It does remind one of some of the stories about McCarthy, does it not?