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Gay Tax Payers are Subsidizing the Regnerus Study Hoax

Mark Regnerus, author of the fraudulent Regnerus study

Mark Regnerus, author of the fraudulent Regnerus study

Mark Regnerus’s notorious anti-gay paper from the so-called New Family Structures Study — as well as the junk science papers published with and in support of it — were published through the editorial offices of Elsevier’s journal Social Science Research, which is headquartered in the Sociology Department of the University of Central Florida.

In his Deposition in Becker v. University of Central Florida Board of Trustees, Social Science Research’s malignant editor Dr. James Wright confessed that public monies — UCF funds — are used to pay the graduate students who work for Wright during the school year as editorial assistants at Social Science Research. Wright and his Elsevier superiors are the decision makers, but the UCF graduate student assistants have insider information about the editorial process — for example, they know exactly who peer reviewed the Regnerus and Marks papers — and they do the lion’s share of the journal’s grunt work — Wright confessed that on average, he only works three or four hours per week for the journal.

In Wright’s Deposition, we learn that Becker’s attorneys asked Wright about his communications with Regnerus concerning the New Family Structures Study prior to Regnerus submitting his paper.

UCF attorneys, however, intervened, and told Wright that answering that question would violate his confidentiality agreement with Elsevier.

We already know that Regnerus’s funding agency representative Brad Wilcox steered the anti-gay Regnerus package to Social Science Research. Had Wright conducted his editorial duties honorably, then releasing his full communications with Wilcox and Regnerus about the NFSS prior to Regnerus’s submission of his paper would not be an issue.

The bottom line here is that public funds were used to help launch the Regnerus hoax as an anti-gay weapon, and now they are being used — (via UCF devoting attorney time to the Becker case) — to help Elsevier and UCF hide the truth about the hoax from the public.





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