Best Easy Painted Rock Ideas For Beginner Who Want to Try at Home

There are so many things that you can make if you want to add value to your home decoration. You can even make your own decoration during your leisure time. Maybe, you have no vacation plan during your holiday, so it is time to make something unique. What can you do to make your life more fun? If you are a creative person, why don’t you create some decoration from tiny things? For instance, you can use some rocks for creating small decoration. Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on making the best easy painted rock ideas.

How to make simple and Easy painted rocks ?

Now, you know what to do when you have a day off and this must be so much valuable. Simply, you can collect some tiny rocks that you can find around your house. Then, wash them using clean water to get rid of the dirt. Meanwhile, for the tools, you can prepare some equipment such as:

–    Paint Maker

–    Acrylic Paint

–    Outdoor sealant

–    Paint Brushes

–    Spray Paint

After you prepare everything you need, then you can start the project, but you may need some easy painted ideas for the first try. Let us consider that you have your own ideas for the decoration that you will apply to the rocks. Next, you can follow these steps to begin decorating or painting.

Step 1: Take some pieces of rock, but we recommend you to choose some flat rocks that will be easier to decorate. Or just take some random rocks and pick the best one according to you.

Step 2: Take a spray sealer and then seal the rock in order to make the surface of the rock become smoother.

Step 3: After that, you can begin to paint the rock using the color your love. You can show your imagination. For instance, you can make such a minion face shape on the rock. So, take yellow paint and start to brush. You can also use an outdoor sealant that will protect the painted rocks from the water.

Step 4: Finally, your painted rock is done and it really looks awesome. Next, it is your decision to put the painted rocks in any places you love. You can just attach the rocks on your home wall to make the wall look extraordinary or you can just put them on a special rack.

best easy painted rock ideas

Rock Painting Ideas


Now, you finally understand how to make such a beautiful rock for decoration purposes. But, you probably do not have enough ideas for the next project. So, you may take some of these following ideas if you want to create more beautiful painted rocks.

Owl Rocks

Owl rocks

The first simple and easy painted rock ideas goes to owl rock. Owl Rock is a cute rock painting in which you can make a face of own on the rock. Simply, take your favorite color like white, black, and brown, and paint them on the rock.

Brilliant, Shiny Heart Rocks

Brilliant, shiny heart rocks

If you want to show a romance using rocks, then you probably can consider heart painted rocks using several color options. Simply draw some simple heart shape image and then add some dots using various colors around.

Googly Beast Rock Magnets

Googly beast rock magnets

This can be the cutest painted rock idea but it may also look scary. Googly beast rock magnet is painted with a beast face which has one eye and long bing fangs. It will not look scary since you paint them on rocks with some cute colors like red, blue sea, pink, and even violet.

Basic Shapes and Letters

Basic shapes as well as letters

You can take some pieces of rocks and paint them with some basic images such as a bug, ribbon, cake and even create a word using some rock combination. Simply, paint one rock with “G”, and then the next rock with “O” and “O” and then “D”.

Animation Animals Rocks

Animation Animals

Another easy painted rock idea that you can try is the animation animal rock that will look outstanding with various color painting. Well, you can collect some rocks and then simply paint them with various background colors and then draw some kinds of animals on the rock.

Blackboard Message Rocks

lackboard message rocks

If you think that colorfully painted rocks are too feminine, then you probably can try to use a neutral accent. Simply, paint the rock with a black background and then write a word on each rock using a white accent.

Lady Bug Rocks

Lady Bug Rocks

Ladybug rock may look realistic when you choose a perfect shape round rock. Simply, you can pick black, red, and white paint to decorate the rock and start to draw a ladybug face and body. This will a great idea for wall decoration that will surprise everybody.

Tic Tac Toe Painted Rocks

Lady Bug Rocks

Tic Tac Toe is a simple game that you also play using a painted rock. Simply, take some tiny round rocks, and then draw each rock with X and O letter. Next, you can play on a board with your friends without spending a lot of money.

Cat and Dog Painted Rocks

Cat and Dog

The next outstanding and easy painted rock idea comes with cat and dog rocks in which you can use white, brown, and black colors to paint them. You can decorate the rock with the dog face and cat face. It will really look cute when you can create the face of Tom and a white dog.

Superhero Simple Rocks


If you are a Marvel superhero maniac, then you can try to make some decorations using some rocks that you can paint with superhero symbols. You can try to draw a rock with a blue background with an “S” for the symbol of Superman. You can try other ideas such as Captain America, Batman, and much more.

Angry Bird Colorful Rocks

Angry Bird Colorful Rocks

The next cute and easy painted rock idea goes to angry bird rock that most of the kids love. If you want to make some simple toys for your sons, then you may draw some angry bird character faces on tiny rocks using various accents.

Peeper Rocks

Peeper Rocks

It is a nice rock decoration that is suitable for Halloween with its scary face.

Ofrenda Skull Rocks

Ofrenda Skull Rocks

Skull will no longer look scary because you can paint on rocks with beautiful colors.

Bird Rocks

Bird Rocks

Bird rocks are designed with some bird faces with some color painting.

Abstract Painted Rocks

Abstract Painted Rocks

It really looks beautiful despite it conveys no meaning because you determine the meaning.

Scary Face Rocks

Scary Face Rocks

Collect some rocks that you can paint with some scary characters which have big teeth.

Colorful Lady Bugs

Colorful Lady Bugs

Decorate your flower garden with some ladybug rocks in various accents.

Random Designed Rock

Random Designed Rocks

You can create many random items on a rock with some beautiful colors.

Night Scheme Rocks

Night Scheme Rocks

Draw some object on small rocks as if they get light from the stars.

Neon Tree Rocks

Neon Tree Rocks

Neon Tree Rock is really beautiful because you can create shiny colorful tree images on small rock.

Polka dots, spirals, and wiggly lines

Polka dots, spirals, and wiggly lines

if you want to draw as you wish, maybe this idea is suitable for you. You can freely draw with no restrictions, rules, or anything else that limits your space.

Fairy Houses Rocks

Fairy Houses Rocks

this is perfect for you who like to imagine, watch animation, and gardening. You can express your hobbies into Fairy Houses Rocks. So your garden has fairy nuances.

Chicken Rock Ideas

The Best Rock Painting Ideas 5

It’s look real, right? Even if someone look it, he will guess that rock its the real chicken. The things that must you do its create that based on the picture.

Garden Markers

The Best Rock Painting Ideas 11

Do you boring look your garden so so? You can also using the rock for decorate your garden. It’s can use for sign of area which kind of fruit or vegetable planted.

Intricate Bohemian Hearth Rock

Intricate Bohemian heart rocks

You can try this cool Painted rock. First, you have to understand the bohemian design and apply it to this rock. It’s look complicated but not difficult. You just try to make it.

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