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Lesbian Marine With Severe PTSD Harassed By Evangelical Nurse At VA

Esther Garatie is a hero, a Marine Corps veteran, and a lesbian. It is this that has caused her problems. You see, Esther was suffering from severe PTSD with accompanying suicidal thoughts and she wanted help. She went to a Dallas-area VA hospital to get that.

Instead, what she got was some Evangelical Christian telling her that she was a sinner because she is lesbian.

Esther is still with us, but let us hope that the nurse has moved on to someplace a bit more suited to her actions like a church.

Esther told the Dallas Voice that:

I included information about my medical discharge injuries, while serving active duty, and that I was suffering from severe depression and possibly PTSD. I heard my name called, “Esther.” I got up and walked toward the voice of the woman, who barely looked at me, and called me “Sir.” I followed her into her office and before I sat down, politely said, “Actually, it’s Ma’am…. My name is Esther.” She sat down and looked at me, and her first question to me was, “Are you a Lesbian?” I honestly stopped for a moment in shock, not knowing what to say. Nowhere on the form, I had just filled out, did it ask me anything about my sexual orientation. I was so confused! I answered honestly, “Yes, I am gay.”

Alright, yes, that is actually an important question because it could impact psychological treatment. As for calling Esther ‘sir’ instead of ‘ma’am’, well, that is also explainable in that many female officers do choose to go by ‘sir’ instead of ‘ma’am’.

Of course, this was not a slip up. In reality, it was just plain rude. It goes downhill from there:

At this point I wasn’t really sure what to think. She then began to ask me about my depression and anxiety, and I became very emotional. This was why I was there, because my depression had gotten so bad that I had had horrible thoughts of suicide previously, and knew that I needed professional psychological help. Her second question to me was, “Have you asked God into your heart? Have you been saved by Jesus Christ?” This is when I realized that I was no longer a United States veteran in her eyes, I was just a homosexual.

Here is part of the problem, Esther is a Christian. Of course, according to this nurse, she would not be the ‘right’ kind of Christian, but that is besides the point. Of course, by this point, Esther must have been close to livid. She went on to explain:

The fact is, I was raised in a Non-Denominational church for most of my life, and consider myself to have a very personal relationship with God. I was saved, baptized, twice actually. The first time I was a child and it was my parent’s decision, so I asked to be baptized again when I became a teenager and was able to make that decision for myself, and ask Jesus, again, into my heart.

It went on:

She continually pointed at her office door, the one all I wanted to do was run out of, and she said, “When you walk out this door, you need to pray and ask God for whatever his purpose is for your life, for him to show you, and bring you to his light.” Ironically, this is something close to what I have prayed for every single day, since I left the military service, and had just prayed for that morning. I had been praying for whatever God’s will was for my life, for him to show me the way and use my life to best service Him and His message. This is the moment when she told me that “…maybe God’s plan for your life is to choose to return to the light, and then you could ‘help’ your friends, who are still in darkness and going to Hell, back to the light. When I started practicing medicine there was actually a diagnosis for homosexuality, but they’ve gotten rid of that now, since Obama.”

Actually, the DSM III did away with homosexuality as a mental illness. Alright, this is the military, an they tend to cling to ideas like homosexuality is bad for a very long time. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been dead for almost two months now, but there are some who are going to cling to it like there is no tomorrow, but that is because, in their eyes, there is no tomorrow.

Justin Griffith noted that:

Aside from being extremely offensive, the nurse’s statement doesn’t even make sense. Unless she is both very old and very young at the same time. Homosexuality has not been ‘treated’ by psychologists in several decades. The repeal of DADT is months old… What a bizarre thing to lie about in order to take a pot-shot at the Commander In Chief.

This nurse actually thought that Esther Garatie was not only a pamphlet away from being fixed… she thought that Esther would be just as enthusiastic as her about telling her lesbian friends the ‘good news’ about escaping an eternity of torture.

What a psychopath.

She needs to be FIRED. Sign the petition that Esther’s friend started. Every signature sends an email to this Nurse’s bosses (and their bosses) calling for the Firing of Nurse Pandithurai.

That she does. There is a difference between believing in something, using religion in order to heal, and preaching at someone who is in need of help.



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6 Responses to Lesbian Marine With Severe PTSD Harassed By Evangelical Nurse At VA

  1. Teri west

    May 28, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Ok. That nurse needs to be fired from the VA. Her questions and comments about this soldiers sexuality had absolutely nothing to do with her nursing duties and why she is a nurse at the VA. This needs to be reported to the IG or EO at the VA. We don’t need such people like this nurse treating our veterans especially those vets suffering from PTSD or who may be suicidal. This nurse was negligent in her duties and needs to be fired. MSG West.

  2. Gift Resa

    November 10, 2011 at 3:02 am

    Blessings on Officer Esther, may this Gay Christian feel the love and warmth and protection of a God who loves you just the way you are. Yes, you can be gay and Christian and gay and any faith. God made you just the way you are, no mistakes there and yes, tell your friends.

    Shame, shame, shame on this nurse who abused her position

  3. rENEE hUNT

    November 10, 2011 at 2:44 am

    This is disgusting.

  4. Mary Ellen Mayo

    November 7, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    I emailed the public affairs dept at the facility in question and expressed my displeasure at how LCpl Garatie was treated. I’m the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who saw combat during the Tet Offensive and was exposed to Agent Orange. Anybody who messes with a vet has,
    as we say in the south, done tore with me…

  5. Richard Noordijk

    November 7, 2011 at 11:16 am

    I am appalled by this story!! I am a “born-again” Christian who also was abused by my “fellow believers” in the past. I was falsely accused of sexual abuse towards my only child, my beloved son Derrik. We survived 14 years of waiting out the ensuing cort order and today we remain strong in our relationship but the damage to my son’s emotions was deep and the torture I endured, both personally and socially has been deep and lasting. Christians are NOT given any right to dogmatically attempt to “save” or “change” that which they do not understand!!! The Bible does not even teach that!!!
    This woman should be removed from the position to repeat such offensive actions.
    God help us if we don’t intervene!!!
    *hugs* to Esther and keep praying to your Lord for guidance as HE will listen and not turn you away, hun!!!

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