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N.H. Police Chief Killed Serving a Search Warrant

Police Chief Michael Maloney

Last evening (4/12/2012) a suspected drug trafficker in Greenland New Hampshire greeted officers from the state attorney general’s drug task force with gunfire when they arrived at approximately 6:00 pm to serve a search warrant.

Cullen Mutrie killed Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney (48) in that first volley. He critically injured Detective Scott Kukesh (33) of the Newmarket police department and Detective Jeremiah Murphy (34) of the Rochester police department, shooting both officers in the chest. Also injured were Detective Gregory Turner (32) of the Dover police department, with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and Detective Eric Kulberg (31) of the University of New Hampshire police department, with a gunshot wound to the arm. Both officers were treated for their wounds and released.

After a mostly silent eight hour standoff outside Mutrie’s home a tactical team sent in a surveillance robot. It soon located both Mutrie and a female companion, both dead of gunshot wounds in what appeared to be either a murder-suicide or double-suicide. Investigators are on the scene, trying to determine when and how they died.

Chief Maloney, father of two and a grandfather, was just eight days from retirement, after serving as chief of the Greenland Police Department (all seven of them) for the last 12 years of his 26-year career in law enforcement. Those who knew the chief well, while grieving for the passing of a fine man, were not surprised that he was the first officer at the door.

“It’s a very difficult night for New Hampshire, and my thoughts and prayers are with the family of Chief Maloney,” New Hampshire Governor John Lynch said. “He was an extraordinary individual who demonstrated tremendous courage in a very difficult time, and he really serves as an example of why all of us need to appreciate and respect what law enforcement does for us every day in New Hampshire.”

The Governor ordered flags lowered to half-staff throughout the state Friday. The elementary school in Greenland was closed.

We extend our sympathies to the family of Chief Maloney, and our prayers for the speedy recovery of the four wounded officers.



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