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Welcome to the Christian Thought Police State

English: Schwörstadt: Catholic Church Deutsch:...

English: Schwörstadt: Catholic Church Deutsch: Schwörstadt: Katholische Kirche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several businesses are seeking to prevent their employees from having necessary medical services based upon two things- 1) the medicine can also prevent pregnancy and 2) their religious beliefs assumes that women are subhuman property incapable of rational or spiritual decisions and are simply the equivalent of the land owned by their husband.

Let us start with Hobby Lobby. They sued to stop the enacting of the contraception mandate in the Healthcare Reform Act and were told by the Supreme Court that they were not blocking it going into effect. Hobby Lobby now faces a fine of up to $1.3 million a day. According to Kyle Duncan, general council for their lawyers at Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty, “They’re not going to comply with the mandate. They’re not going to offer coverage for abortion-inducing drugs in the insurance plan.”

The drug they are referring to does not actually induce an abortion, but that is something that they really are less than interested in actually getting right. In truth, these Christian Thought Police seek to impose their view that life begins at conception. This is an idea that has been in existence for some seven hundred years and is based upon the belief that women were little more than fields for men to plow and plant with his seed.

Other Catholic business owners have also been pushing this idea that they are capable of standing aloof from the laws of the land. They claim that it is a sin to help others pay for something that they see as sinful. The real question is, why are they not withholding their tithes to the Church? Apparently, it is not considered a sin by these people to rape a child and keep it covered up, and yet, that is exactly what the Catholic Church has done.

Theologically speaking, are these men and women any less culpable in the sin of rape and lust if they continue to support the Catholic Church? They seem to only care about hurting women and keeping women from being seen or treated as actual human beings.

Recently, there was a woman raped and murdered in India. Had she not died, it is possible that the men who raped and beat her would have never stood trial. India apparently has some very big problems regarding women and rape. Another woman took her own life after being hounded by police officers who wanted her to drop the charges against her attacker and even to marry him.

This is the thinking of many Christians as well, and many Catholics. Do not think about getting an abortion. Do not think about being gay. Do not think about doing anything ‘sinful’. That is what so many of these Christianists want. They want a country legislated to bring it in line with their views of society and to hell with everyone else.



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