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Gay Couple Largely Kicked Out Of NY Catholic Church

Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of New York

Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of New York

Apparently the Roman Catholic bishop of Rockville Centre never got the memo from Cardinal Timothy Dolan about being more inclusive towards LGBT people, including married same-sex couples. Cardinal Dolan is the Archbishop of New York which covers the diocese of Rockville Centre.

Nicholas Coppola and his husband have been effectively kicked out of the St. Antony’s Roman Catholic Church in Oceanside, NY where Coppola had been serving as a religious education instructor, lecturer, altar server and visitation minister for homebound members of the church. He also served as a member of the Consolation Ministry and St. Vincent de Paul.

Coppola and his husband David had been out, including out to their priest, for years, but the problems began after the two married in 27 October 2012, and someone sent an anonymous letter to the bishop informing him about Coppola’s involvement and his wedding. In a meeting following Mass on April 4th, Coppola was told that because he had entered into a civil same-sex marriage, he could no longer serve in the parish, as that marriage violated church doctrine.

He obviously isn’t the first.

Queering the Church noted that:

Pope Francis is setting a clear example from the top of the church that pastoral sensitivity and service to all those in need, are of vastly greater importance that doctrinal purity. The recent statements by Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl suggest that they are ready to follow his lead.

It’s time for Bishop William Murphy too, to get that memo. His diocese, Rockville Centre, is technically a suffragen diocese of Cardinal Dolan’s own Archdiocese of New York, which makes Dolan Bishop Murphy’s immediate superior. One letter produced an immediate response from the bishop. Perhaps a deluge of letters in objection to Cardinal Dolan, challenging him to demonstrate his fine Easter words with action to match, could result in an appropriate letter from him, to Bishop Murphy – demanding that Mr Costello be reinstated in his valuable ministry and service in the parish of St. Antony’s , Oceanside,

The Roman Catholic Church is rapidly being left behind by their own parishioners who refuse to continue their anti-gay beliefs.



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One Response to Gay Couple Largely Kicked Out Of NY Catholic Church

  1. Scott Rose

    April 4, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    These people are confused. Pope Francis has no intention of dropping the Vatican’s malicious anti-gay bigotry and neither does Dolan. The Catholic Church is the world’s single largest anti-gay hate group. For a gay person to remain within it, only enables it as a hate group. The issue here is not the person who tattled on the gay within the Church; the issue is the moronic gay who was enabling the Church’s malicious heterosupremacy by remaining as a member of the world’s single largest anti-gay hate group.