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Regnerus Whines and Lies at RNA Conference

Mark Regnerus- hired by the anti-gay groups to do a "scientific" hit piece.

Mark Regnerus- hired by the anti-gay groups to do a “scientific” hit piece.

On September 28, 2013, the religious anti-gay bigot Mark Regnerus — (copiously documented as being a serial liar) — was part of a panel at the Religious Newswriters Association’s annual conference, held this year in Austin, Texas.

Regnerus’s announced panel topic was “Beyond the Rainbow: Supreme Court, Marriage Equality and Faith.”

Conference organizers gave this additional description of what was to be discussed by the Regnerus-inclusive panel: “This panel will explore current issues in marriage equality and faith groups, how some are reconciling it with their faith, with the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s fight for marriage equality within how others are promoting LGBT rights as a matter of justice.”

An MP3 file of the panel session can be heard here.

RNA officials so far have refused to confess who invited Regnerus the serial liar to their conference, and why.

Initially, they had invited Regnerus along with Dr. Stephen Sprinkle of Brite Divinity School, an out gay, equality-affirmative person, but without telling Dr. Sprinkle that Regnerus too had been invited. When Dr. Sprinkle learned that Regnerus would be on the same panel, he canceled his participation and said that he felt the organizers had set him up.

Subsequently, GLAAD let the conference organizers know about Regnerus’s long record of lying from the standpoint of being a religious anti-gay bigot. Three pro-gay people of faith wound up participating in the panel. However, they each spoke individually for about twelve minutes and then at the end, took some questions from the audience.

Tweeting from the conference, the New York Times’ Laurie Goodstein said that it was an apples and oranges panel, with Regnerus out of place.

To be sure, Regnerus opened by saying that he had been invited to talk about religion, and that he was going to disappoint by instead talking about his research.

Goodstein also tweeted this: “Critic finds document: “Mark Regnerus Media Training,” and he’s using what he learned at #RNA2013 

To clarify that; Public Information Act requests to Regnerus’s University of Texas at Austin turned up a media training sheet where Regnerus was taught to hide his religious anti-gay bigotry while discussing his study.

Regnerus — with a tone of bitter sarcasm — opened his remarks by referring to his study and himself as being discredited and debunked. He also said “It’s fair to say I’ve seen my last raise for a while.”

And, this religious anti-gay bigot, who attacked and demonized all gay-headed families with his hoax study, asked “Who said civility is dead?”

Nobody should be fooled, however, by Regnerus’s claim that he has a cash flow problem. Together with some of his fellow religious anti-gay bigots, he has set up The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture. Dr. Philip Cohen has published a scathing indictment of that, and similar groups, in which he says:

“The overarching project is large-scale tax evasion and media manipulation in the service of political and religious ideology. As the foundations launder their political contributions through tax-exempt “charities” like these, they build a legitimate facade for disseminating their message to gullible (or culpable) media, and bolstering the careers of their ideological foot-soldiers.”

Regnerus says that even more than “harassing blogs” written by what he fatuously has called “n’er-do-well bloggers,” what really got to him was when Dr. Paul Wright contacted him, telling him to take his, Wright’s name off of Regnerus’s post on the religious blog Patheos.

It was this reporter who alerted Dr. Paul Wright to Regnerus’s abuses of his good name.

Hilariously, during the RNA conference, Regnerus whines that in publishing on research on gay people, it’s a matter of “Are you trusted, or are you not trusted”? — as though there were any basis for trusting Regnerus, the serial liar.

Among the reasons Regnerus is not trusted, is that he lied in his paper by claiming that his religious anti-gay-bigot funders played no role at all in the design of his study.

Need another example, to be convinced that Regnerus is a serial liar?

In October, 2012, he confessed that he does not know about his survey respondents’ parents sexual orientation.  Logically, if a researcher does not know about the sexual orientation of his survey respondents’ parents, he cannot claim that he did a study on “gay parenting.” Nonetheless, in September, 2013, writing for The Atlantic Wire, Regnerus referred to his “gay parenting study.”

Interestingly, also, at the conference, Regnerus confessed that with his hoax study on gay parenting, he is guilty of engaging in “sociological warfare.”

At the end of the panel session, Jeffrey Weiss, a contributor to the Religion News Service and the Dallas Morning News, asked Regnerus about “the moral valence of data.”

In response, Regnerus came out with a whopper of a lie. “I tend not to insert myself,” he alleged, “in forums about, you know, where people are discussing the study. And I didn’t want to enforce a particular meaning on those numbers.”

As far as Regnerus allegedly not wanting to enforce a particular meaning on the numbers in his anti-gay hoax, let’s remember that in an amicus brief, he told the Supreme Court to find against plaintiff Edith Windsor, partially on the basis of his “gay parenting study,” even though Edith Windsor does not have children.

Then too, writing in Slate, Regnerus has asserted that the “political take-home” of his anti-gay hoax study “may suggest that the household instability that the NFSS reveals is just too common among same-sex couples to take the social gamble of spending significant political and economic capital to esteem and support this new (but tiny) family form while Americans continue to flee the stable, two-parent biological married model, the far more common and accomplished workhorse of the American household, and still—according to the data, at least—the safest place for a kid.”

If that isn’t “enforcing a particular meaning on those numbers,” what is it?

Moreover, Regnerus has eagerly and often “inserted himself in forums” where people are discussing his study — but exclusively where they are discussing it from the point of view of how to use it in political gay bashing. For example, Regnerus has “inserted” himself into the so-called Love & Fidelity Network’s annual conference — where he appeared with his fellow NOM shill Robert Oscar Lopez, and with his funding agency representative Ana Samuel — a malicious, religious anti-gay bigot — where they discussed his hoax study. Regnerus also inserted himself into a NOM-Ruth Institute forum where his study was discussed in gay bashing contexts.

Additionally, Regnerus inserted himself into an interview with the notorious religious anti-gay bigot Jim Garlow, during which Garlow claimed that Regnerus’s study proves the truth of the Bible. Garlow, for his part, has said that he is willing to die to keep LGBTers from achieving equality.

Meanwhile, though, when the New York Times asked Regnerus about the connection between his religious faith, and his hoax study on gay parenting, he said that to answer would not be “profitable.” Elsewhere, however, Regnerus the religious bigot and serial liar has confessed: “I want my students to recognize the connection between my faith and my work.”

I e-mailed Jeffrey Weiss to ask if he acknowledges that Regnerus lied to him at the RNA conference. Via e-mail, Weiss replied:

“Having not reported directly on his research, I’m not going to comment on what I’ve not investigated myself. I will say that I thought his answer to me was not particularly responsive.”











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One Response to Regnerus Whines and Lies at RNA Conference

  1. Claude

    October 4, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Thanks for another exposure of the serial liar and whiner Regnerus. I wish Scott Rose had been invited to participate in the RNA conference. Regnerus gets a free ride among too much of the media.