6+ Contoh Report Text : Hewan, Pekerjaan, Tentang Alam dan Lainnya

Contoh Report Text

Contoh Report Text Report text merupakan salah satu jenis teks untuk menggambarkan suatu objek tertentu. Objek yang dideskripsikan bisa sangat beragam, mulai dari hewan, tumbuhan, dan lain sebagainya.

Namun, biasanya deskripsi dari report text masih sangat umum. Untuk memahami lebih lanjut, berikut adalah contoh report text:

1. Contoh Report Text Tentang Hewan Laut: Ubur-ubur

Contoh Report Text Tentang Hewan Lau Ubur Ubur

Contoh report text yang pertama adalah menggambarkan soal hewan laut, yaitu ubur-ubur. Sesuai dengan kaidah penulisan report text, contoh ini akan menceritakan gambaran umum tentang ubur-ubur:

Jellyfish are marine animals that have a shape like sn umbrella and their bodies are soft like jelly. Generally, jellyfish size is from 2cm to 40cm, but in large types of jellyfish are up to 1 to 2 meters.

They cannot only live in the deepest ocean but also on the surface of the ocean. According to their classification, jellyfish are not included in the type of fish because they are invertebrates.

Jellyfish consist of about 200 species and divided into several orders, such as Coronatae, Rhizostomae, and Samaeostomae. The most well-known jellyfish is Semaeostomae that has 4 oral tentacles.

Jellyfish has no head and their mouth and anus are in the same hole. A hole that functions as a mouth called oral and a hole that function as an anus called aboral.

Jellyfish have tentacles filled with nematocysts by their sides. Nematocysts are cells that run piercing and injecting poison into their prey. Their poison can only be used once but can be replaced within 48 hours.

The nematocyst is a very effective weapon because one nematocyst is able to immobilize arthropods and small fishes.

Jellyfish moves using the muscles that pull its body, so the water in its body cavity will come out and push it.

There are many different ways of how they get food, such as by hunting for prey or absorb organic substances that dissolve in water. Moreover, they filter food particles in water and gets nutrients from symbiotic algae in their cells.

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2. Contoh Report Text Tentang Makanan Tradisional: Gudeg

Contoh Report Text Tentang Makanan Tradisional Gudeg

Contoh report text berikutnya adalah yang makanan tradisional. Sesuai dengan tujuan dari report text sendiri yaitu untuk mengungkapkan tentang suatu objek. Oleh karena itu, contoh ini akan menerangkan gudeg sebagai objek laporannya dengan contoh sebagai berikut:

Gudeg is a traditional Javanese cuisine from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.

This traditional food is made from raw and young jackfruit or in Javanese called gori. The ingredients of gudeg are palm sugar, coconut milk, and additional spices. Those ingredients give a reddish-brown color to the dish.

The taste of gudeg is sweet because of a variety of spices. Moreover, it has delicious taste according to the tastes of the Javanese people in general.

There are several types of gudeg: dry, wet, a la Yogyakarta, a la Solo, and a la East Java. Dry gudeg has only a little coconut milk so it has a little sauce while the wet gudeg has a lot of coconut milk.

The history of gudeg in Yogyakarta began at the same time as the form of the Islamic Mataram kingdom in the Kotagede area around 1500s. Gudeg actually does not come from the kingdom itself but comes from the people.

Due to the long cooking process, in the 19th century, not many were selling gudeg. Gudeg became so popular and was widely sold in the 1940s when President Sukarno built the Universitas Gadjah Mada until now.

3. Contoh Report Text Tentang Bencana Alam: Gunung Meletus

Contoh Report Text Tentang Bencana Alam Gunung Meletus

Contoh report text yang ketiga akan membahas tentang gunung meletus. Bencana alam ini akan digambarkan secara detail melalui contoh berikut ini:

Volcano eruption is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the deposition of magma in the bowels of the earth and is ejected by gases that have high strength. A volcanic eruption is one of the most devastating natural disasters.

The phenomenon of a volcanic eruption begins with activity at the boundary of the earth’s plate that experiences significant changes in pressure and temperature.

So, that it is able to melt the surrounding rock material, commonly called magma or incandescent liquid. Magma is formed through extremely hot temperatures in the bowels of the earth.

In a relative depth, very high temperatures can melt all the material in the bowels of the earth. Magma will break through the surrounding material through the hemisphere that approaches the surface of the earth.

When these materials melt, they produce gas that will mix with magma. This gas and magma simultaneously explode and form a hole commonly called the main hole.

The impact of volcanic eruptions on the environment can be both positive and negative impacts. The negative impact is in the form of direct hazards that can be felt by humans and living things, such as toxic gases, volcanic ash, and pyroclastic fallout.

Positive impacts that can be felt are the land becomes fertile and material coming out of the bowels of the earth can be used as people livelihoods. Moreover, this can become geothermal energy, natural tourism areas, and water resources.

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4. Contoh Report Text Tentang Tempat Wisata Situs Ratu Boko

Contoh Report Text Tentang Tempat Wisata Situs Ratu Boko

Tempat wisata biasanya dijadikan tema report text. Pasalnya, report text biasanya menggambarkan hal yang berkenaan dengan fenomena alam maupun buatan manusia. Contoh dari report text dengan topik tempat wisata yaitu sebagai berikut:

Many people mistakenly believe that Ratu Boko is a temple, like most temples in Yogyakarta. In fact, Ratu book is a royal or palace complex, so that some people call it the Ratu Boko Palace.

Ratu Boko is located on a hill, which is around 195.97 meters above the sea. This palace has a beauty that is very interesting if seen from the relics that exist according to various sources.

Ratu Boko is one of the former civilizations of a kingdom that was very advanced in her era. This can be seen from the existing building forms at Ratu Boko.

Ratu Boko is also one of the favorite tourist attractions because of its beauty and exoticism. This palace is located not far from Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta, which is only about 3 km to the south.

Between Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko, both of them have a correlation. According to legend, the site of Ratu Boko is a palace owned by the father of Roro Jonggrang.

It is estimated built in the 8th century by the Buddhist Syailendra Dynasty, but it was taken over by the Hindu Mataram kings. The owner transition caused the building of the Boko Palace to be influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism.

5. Contoh Report Text Tentang Teknologi: Smartwatch

Contoh Report Text Tentang Teknologi Smartwatch

Report text biasanya menyajikan informasi yang umum kepada pembaca. Untuk membantu memahaminya, dapat menyimak contoh report text berikut ini:

So far, there has been a smartphone, smartTV, and now smartwatch. The term “smart” attached to an electronic object generally means that the device can be connected to the Internet or other electronic devices.

Smartwatch can run basic functions like a smartphone, such as can get notifications, weather, GPS, email, SMS, incoming calls, and much more.

A Smartwatch has to always be connected to a smartphone so that the features work great. Users no longer opening a smartphone that stored in a pocket or in a bag to see SMS, email, or incoming telephone calls.

The users can simply access the Smartwatch to run the functions. Generally, a Smartwatch is paired to a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

After connecting to a smartphone, users can run all the features provided by the Smartwatch. Commonly, Smartwatch can only work with smartphones that use the same operating system.

Android Smartwatch is only suitable for android smartphones. Smartwatch from Apple, for the example, is iWatch that is only suitable for iPhone smartphones.

However, there are also Smartwatches that only work with certain types of smartphones even though they use the same operating system.

It is the same as the Smartwatch from Samsung, the Galaxy Gear is only suitable for smartphone brand from Samsung.

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6. Contoh Report Text Tentang Radio

Contoh Report Text Tentang Radio

Report text biasanya bersifat ilmiah karena berisi fakta hasil penelitian. Salah satu contoh report text yang sesuai dengan kaidah tersebut bisa dilihat melalui contoh berikut ini:

Radio was originally used as a one-way communication tool; its use is also more for military purposes even until today.

It is a very sophisticated communication technology in its time, until now also communication technology basically used existing concepts in radio.

Radio is a technology used to transmit signals with certain waves or known as electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are the result of modulation and radiation from electromagnetic.

Uniquely, these radio waves can propagate in the air and in a vacuum. So the invention of radio technology is the most important invention in the history of human life.

David E. Hughes developed the notion of radio and electromagnetic concepts in 1878. Starting from there, other studies emerged that developed radio technology.

One of the most famous and instrumental figures in the development of radio wave technology is Rudolf Hertz. He is the one who proved that radio radiation possesses or carries all wave properties.

The works of the radio are quite simple and this can be explained straightforwardly. Radio waves carried or emitted by carrier waves, radio waves are reflected by the air in the earth’s atmosphere, precisely in the ionosphere.

At this later, radio waves are reflected back to earth and captured by the signal-receiving tower. Therefore, the range of the radio is very far, even to outer space.

Itulah 6 contoh report text yang dapat dijadikan referensi. Masing-masing report text memiliki topiknya sendiri yang didalamnya berisi fakta-fakta hasil penelitian maupun observasi. Semoga dengan contoh tersebut dapat memahami lebih jauh lagi mengenai report text.

Contoh Report Text

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