31+ Most popular Mudroom Ideas – Design and Decorating 2019

Best Mudroom Ideas – If you want to design or decorate your room, you may want to decorate your mudroom too. In this case, may want to look the best mudroom ideas. Before we discuss about designing and decorating your mudroom, we will examine mudroom closely.  I am sure that if you ask an Australians, they may not understand with the word of mudroom. So what is mudroom actually is?

A mudroom or mudroom is a kind of entry room that separates the outdoors and the indoor of your house. The term mudroom is only popular in the US. Not all Briton understand about this term but the concept a mudroom is there. Mudroom in the UK may have similar function with utility room in the back part of the house or conservatory at front porch where the postman inserts the mail to the letterbox.

This room is usually covered with glass windows almost at all side. The second doors of this room lead in the main room. In UK mudroom often associated with utility room where you keep your washing machine, dryer, sink and so on.

Initially, you only can find a mud room in northern American Home. Basically, a mudroom is a compact space where all the member of the family can place their dirty shoes after outdoor activities. A mudroom is usually located on the side or on the back of the house. The mudroom can be used as the second entrance to the house. As the second entrance, the mudroom is never located in from of the house. This particular room is located either on the rear or on the side of the house.

The primary purpose of the mudroom is to make our home clean. This particular room prevents mud, dirt,, and rain to go further to the houses. Additionally, the mudroom can be a great place to keep the misplacing belonging of the member of the family.

If you want to design your own mu room, you will need the best mudroom ideas. The fact is that designing a mudroom is easy. However, before you start your project, you have to know that you need to create a space that can accommodate all the member of the family needs.

The family who love sport may need larger mudroom as the need to keep their sports equipment like a surfboard, skies, bike and so on. On the other hand, families with young children may need open cupboard and open storage to keep children belonging. Some family places some baskets with name tags in it to remain and help the children to keep their personal belonging.

Basically, your mudroom is the extension of your home. Therefore, sound design and decoration is essential for your mudroom. These are few things need to consider when you design and decorating your mudroom:

  • Seating

After a big day out, you need to sit down for a while and to remove your shoes before entering your home. Choosing the right a chair with build in storage feature is the best choice for mudroom chair. If you want to create a cozy setting, you can add some colorful cushion on it. This will not only make comfort for anyone who sit on it, but also provide additional ornament to the room

  • Storage

Remember that your mudroom can be used as a storage room too. In this case, you can put some a row of the hook for jacket hats and also an umbrella. You can also add some a coat rack on your mud room. For the small item, you can use different size of a basket of our choice. To keep all shoes in order try to place a shoe cabinet too.

  • Flooring

There are wide ranges of flooring that you can choose. However, you need to choose specific flooring type that easy to clean and water resistant. Tiles are perfect flooring for mudroom as this toe of flooring is easy to clean and water resistant too. If you live in a cold climate area, adding panel radiator is always recommended.

  • Lighting

Every room in our home need proper light, and your mudroom are no different. There are many lighting systems available. However, if you have large size mudroom, you can choose a pendant light and to place in the center of the mudroom. If you like you can choose a wall lamp that has a similar effect with pendant light system.

MudRoom Design and Decoration Tips

Fall is approaching. It is time to prepare all the member of the family with fall gears that they need. Soon muddy boots, coats, and gloves will become essential accessories for all members of the families who want to go out. When they come back usually they will just place their winter gear anywhere they like. This will make your house look clutter and untidy. In this case, optimizing your mudroom functionality is very important.

For the homeowner who wants to create and organizational area that will help all the member of the families getting in and out of the house, there are a few things that need to be considered. Your mud room will help you to organize your home more effectively

  • Mud Room functionality

As we all know that not all the house have a mudroom. Small home usually just skip a mud room. The fact is that the mudroom is a very important room as this room help the homeowner to organize their belonging easily. Even you have small size mudroom it will be helpful for the homeowner.

People who live in a cold climate, they need to wear cold winter gear. All kind of winter gear like a glove, coat, umbrella and other types of winter gear need to be stored in the right place where you can reach it easily for future use. In this case, the mudroom serves perfectly for this purpose.

  • Picking the right location

If the front entry is suitable fall the guest to enter your house, mud room should not be located in front of your house. Ideally, your mudroom should be located at the rear or our home. If this is not the case, you can use any of the sides of your home for your mudroom location.

The fact is that can place your mudroom in any corner of your house as long as not in front of the house. Some homeowner who want to utilize their mudroom for laundry purposes, they often place their mud room on the basement (if this is possible). Laundry room on mudroom that located on the basement is a smart choice as you will not make all the room get wet after washing.

  • The layout of your storage options

The fact is that mud room serves a various function. However, I believe that there is two main function of the mudroom. Mud room prevents dirt and water entering your inner part of your house. Secondly, your mudroom serves a place where you can store various items that you will use it outside, but you don’t want to keep it inside your home. Dirty and wet shoes are a perfect example of this.

As we all know that sometimes we spend more time to find shoes of our kids. The shoes kids often misplace anywhere in the house. If you have proper storage in your mudroom, you will not only able to go out with your kids quickly but at the same time, you can save our valuable time for looking for missing one side shoe. Before you decide to make your own mudroom, you need to think on how to arrange your storage that will help the entire family member storing their belonging.

  • Don’t forget aesthetics

The homeowner who design and create mud room usually only concentrate on its functionality. Therefore, the aesthetic of the mudroom often neglected. Remember, that your mudroom is not a different room of your house. The fact is that room is an additional room in our house. Therefore, you have to treat this particular room just like any other room in our house. Detail attention should be given to design and decoration.

To make your mudroom more interesting, you can paint your mud room with a color that you love, adding some ornament to the painting is always recommended. In this case, will help your mood room look more inviting. However, there is a basic role in painting our mud room. The color of our mudroom should have the same tone with the color of your room. Why should be like that? Well, the answer is simple. Your mood room is part of your room.

The mudroom is a significant room in our house. This particular room is made to prevent dirt and water from entering the house. Additionally, the mudroom is also helping the homeowner to organize all the families’ member belonging easily. As part of your home, your mudroom deserves the same attention as any other room in your house. If you want to make your mudroom beautiful, you have to decorate it properly.

The Best Mudroom Ideas 2018

Mudroom Hallway Makeover with Board and Batten

Mud Room Hallway Makeover With Board And Batten

Many often we found that a mudroom hallway is a boring place less decoration. If you want to transform your boring hallway into useful practical and stylish one, you can use board and batten. Board and batten with good design and decoration can add some charm to your hallway instantly.

Board and batten are the best solution for a plain wall to make them more exciting and beautiful. Good news is if you have carpenter basic skill, you can design and made your board and batten by yourself. You should not be worry with your skill as there are many online tutorials for this. Just go to the internet and search for how to do this job.

Beautiful and Neat Mudroom

Beautiful And Neat Mudroom ideas

As we mentioned earlier that your mudroom is an extension of your home, therefore, you need to pay to detail attention for design and decoration. Adding some decoration to the wall can add a special charm that mud room needs. To add beauty and functionality, you can add some cupboard and drawers, and you need to place it on the back wall. If you have a window on the wall, you can give two big cupboards and put them on both sides of the window.

Beautiful Mud Room with Small Space

Small Space Mudrooms

Everybody obviously loves a room with ample space. However, you don’t need to be upset if you have a small mudroom. The fact is that proper design and decoration can make your small mud room look larger than it’s actual size. Moreover, you can mix various color ornaments to make your small mudroom more beautiful and elegant. Small room will not prevent you to have beautiful mud room that you need.

Simple and Beautiful Mudroom Setup

Simple And Beautiful Mudroom Setup
source decoist.com

There is no doubt that room setup play a major role in creating beautiful and elegant room and the mod room is no exception. Mud room setup doesn’t need to be complicated. The fact is that simple setup can add more value to make your mudroom looks more elegant. For functionality purposes, you can place cabinet drawer to store small items, hooks for scarf and coats. A floor-level compartment will not only make your room look bigger but also very useful to store your shoes too.

Take a Seat in the Mudroom

Take A Seat In The Mudroom

As we mentioned earlier that one of the primary purposes of the mudroom is to prevent any dust and dirt entering the inner part of your home. A mudroom is a place where you can remove your dirty shoes after outdoor activity. For this purpose adding sitting section on our mudroom is very important. You can comfortably sit while removing your shoes. Before you enter your home, you can keep and store your boots underneath the bench available. This is a clever way of storing good in limited space. Some big house too sometime has small size of the mud room

Entry Room with Creative and Efficient Design

Entry Room With Creative And Efficient Design

Some time mudroom has a similar purpose of an entry room to the house. Most people love to be greeted by a stylish, clean and well-organized entry room. After all tiring day activity, you will feel more relax when you enter the room with a beautiful and well-organized room. It is that keeping room organize is not an easy task especially when pets and kids are around. However, it is also not impossible either. If you make some great effort, you can make your entry room neat and tidy as you need.

7 element that makes your mudroom perfect

The 7 Elements Of A Perfect Mudroom 1

Front entry is a part of our home where all the guest use to enter your home. Mud room, on the other hand, is a secondary home entrance that usually located on the side or rear of the house properly design mud room help the homeowner to organize their home quickly. To serve its purpose mudroom should have this 7 element:

Hook and rack

Hook And Rack

Adding hook and rack allows you to hang, hats, Coats, scarves, and umbrellas. Hanging such thing on the proper place will not only make your home tidier but at the same time, you also make your room look bigger.


Dresser To Mudroom Bench

God mudroom design should be equipped with a bench. Before entering your home, you need to sit down and remove your shoes. If you wish you can add some tray underneath your bench to store your shoes and sandals.  The combination of a bench and tray are a smart way of space saving.

Lockers or Cubbies

Lockers Or Cubbies

Open locker or cubbies one of the most important features in the mudroom. If you have enough space, you can have many lockers so that every member of the family has their own locker to store their belonging. For better organization, you can arrange your stuff accordingly. High storage for only seasonal items while shoes, coats, and shoes you can place on lower storage


Entryway Closet Makeover

For small size mudroom, you cannot put a big size closet. However, designated closet in the mudroom is suitable to store various thing like cleaning supplies, sports equipment and anything that you want to keep out of sight. Keeping them on the closet will not only store them in the right place but also allow you to access it back for future use.

Mudroom Laundry Machines

Mudroom Laundry Machines

You may place your washing machine in the basement, but if you want to access your washing machine easily, you can put it in the mudroom. Placing your washing machine on the mudroom will not only allow you to access your washing machine quickly, but at the same time, you can wash your dirty linens without dirtying the rest of the house. Therefore many families who decide to place their washing machine in the mudroom.

Mudroom: Before and After

Mudroom Before And After


Blue Mudroom Sink Design Ideas

If you have dogs and other pets, you may need a bigger sink for hosing your pets. Additionally, a utility sink is useful for quick washing cloth, cleaning up a craft and paint as well as for gardening purposes. Try to choose the latest sink that offer excellent durability and easy to clean too.

Proper flooring

Mudroom Proper Flooring

Choosing the right floor is very crucial especially for mud room. In this case, you are advised to use tile flooring. Tile flooring is durable and easy to clean make it suitable for the busy mudroom. Lastly, a bonus feature for your mudroom is radiant heat to make winter season feel warmer.

White MudRoom with Classic Touch

White MudRoom With Classic Touch

In term of mud room color theme, you can choose a wide range of color theme of our choice. Each color theme offer different advantages and disadvantages. However, if you have difficulty making your mind, you can choose white theme color for your mud room. White theme color mudroom will not only make your mudroom more but at the same time, it gains more natural and classic look that you need. White theme color will make your mudroom stand out. An additional feature like a small bench with a cozy pillow with a similar color accent,  cabinet drawer, and several hooks will not only make your mudroom look beautiful, but also serve their original function.

Mudroom with Compact Cupboard and Drawer

Mudroom With Compact Cupboard And Drawer

Everybody wants to have spacious room. However, there are only a few homes that have a large size room. If your mudroom is not so spacious, you have to be smart designing your mudroom so that they can serve their purposes. In this case, compact cupboard with drawer help the mudroom look more spacious.  For a small family, a small mudroom is fine as long as you can organize our belonging properly.

Beautiful MudRoom with Drips Station for Shoes

Beautiful MudRoom With Drips Station For Shoes

If you pay detail attention to your home design and decoration, you should not ignore your mud room. Our mudroom is part of your home. Therefore, designing and decorating your mudroom is essential. The drips station for shoes is a great mudroom design and decorations that will not only make your mudroom stand out but at the same time also serve its original purposes.

MudRoom with Natural Décor

Mudroom With Natural Décor

As we mentioned earlier that mud room decoration is essential. As part of your home, mud room deserves to be decorated as beautiful as possible.  There are wide ranges of mod room decoration theme.

Today, natural theme decoration is trendy among the homeowner. More and more people add a natural element to their home decoration.  If you love natural theme decoration in your room, you can use the same theme to your mudroom too. Mud Room with the natural theme will not only create a peaceful atmosphere but at the same time will make your mudroom stand out.

We have discussed the mudroom and anything related to it. I hope that The Best Mudroom Ideas given above will inspire you to create your own beautiful mud room that you need. I hope that this article will help the homeowner who looks for inspiration to create beautiful mud room that they need.

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