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Lesbian College Student Asks Mila Kunis To Final School Dance

Mila Kunis at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego.

Mila Kunis at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mila Kunis may be comfortable kissing other girls for the big screen, but how does she feel about escorting a young college senior to her final dance at Hollins University. Kirsten Bledsoe, said student, decided to invite her celebrity crush, Mila Kunis, to her final dance at the school, and is throwing in a six-pack of Blue Moon beer.

Recently, Kunis told BBC Radio reporter Chris Stark that she never turns down a date. Joke or not, Bledsoe decided she had nothing to loose and told The Daily Beast that “Why not make a video asking her to my last school dance?”

“Blesdoe has had a crush on Kunis ‘since publicity began for Black Swan in 2010,’” The Daily Beast reports, and it should be noted that Kunis’ character in that movie was shown kissing Natalie Portman’s character as well. Blesdoe noted about Black Swan and Kunis that “people expect her to do comedies, but Lily is dark, mysterious and dramatic.” Blesdoe is also a fan of Kunis’ work on Family Guy, where she voices the long suffering Meg Griffin. No word if she appreciates the work that Kunis does for Robot Chicken.

The Daily Beast noted that:

With help from fellow student and film major Ashton Witt, the pair set out to make a video that just might catch Kunis’s attention. “I don’t know if Mila will say yes if the video reaches her,” Blesdoe said. “I do think that if she chooses to acknowledge it she will be kind and funny if not willing to go. The biggest conflict, I think, would be her busy schedule.”

But what if Kunis does say yes? Well, Blesdoe joked that “First of all, I would not pass out upon meeting her,” and then added “I would really like to just have a semi-casual evening hanging out with her. To get a seat at a table, have a couple drinks, and speak with her and enjoy her company.”

Still, for this student social activist, this is still great. She stated “I am gay. Any attention the video gets is a great way to highlight LGBTQ awareness in a rural Southern state.

Blesdoe has some kind words to say about Kunis, though. She said “She is very grounded, and she is always herself. She is private, but she is real. She has a great sense of humor, and, you know, she isn’t bad looking either.”



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